4 Wild Places in the World Where You Can Admire the Beauty of Nature

If you need to take a break from city life, then a trip might be just the thing for you. The ideal would be to regain contact with nature, enjoying enchanted wild places in the world and breathtaking scenery. If this is what you need, here you might find some ideas for your next destination.

Wild Places in the World: The Amazon

Visiting the “green lung” of the world is an unforgettable experience, especially for those who love adventurous journeys. Usually the tours start from Manaus. There you can sail along the Rio Negro and reach the heart of this unspoilt region, the Xixuaù nature reserve. A trip to the Amazon is an opportunity to live in contact with the Caboclos, the peoples of the reserve. Moreover, you can go hiking in the forest or along the rivers. In this way you will meet many species of animals that live only here.

Be careful, however, when planning your trip. Rely on experienced guides, including local guides. There are also tours by environmental associations, which will help you discover conservation projects to protect this wonderful but constantly endangered corner of the world.

Indonesia: Sumatra and Borneo

Sumatra and Borneo, off the coast of Southeast Asia, are the only two wild places in the world with orangutans. That’s why you shouldn’t miss visiting these places and one of the national parks if you love nature. The tropical forests of Indonesia, like those of the Amazon, are also threatened by deforestation. However, there are still corners where you can discover the wonders of the primary tropical forests and the animals that live there in freedom.


A safari in Africa is one of those experiences you have to do at least once in your life. You can choose between Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, and Namibia. They all have spectacular landscapes, very different from each other, such as deserts, hills, forests, waterfalls and rivers. It is a unique opportunity to be in touch with nature and admire herds of animals in their habitat. Not very cheap maybe, but really worth it.

Wild Places in the World: Patagonia

Another place for all adventure lovers is Patagonia. This immense and wild region is between Argentina and Chile. If you take a tour here, visit the Valdes Peninsula, a flat steppe of over 400,000 hectares declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A natural paradise, from whose shores you can spot whales, killer whales and sea lions. Patagonia is a very beautiful place, with immense spaces and very special scenery, steppes, forests, lagoons, valleys. Not to mention the imposing mountains of the Andes with their perennial glaciers.

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