Reuse Soap Leftovers Thanks to These 4 Original Ideas

In the shower, on the edge of the bathtub, near the sink, in the kitchen. Soap leftovers accumulate everywhere in our homes and we often don’t know what to do with them.

Why throw them away? We can instead use them for creative recycling. In this way we can reduce waste, save money and give a second chance to objects and materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. If you want a bit of inspiration, then here are some original ideas for reusing soap.

Reusing Soap Leftovers: Body Sponge

Soap leftovers and old pantyhose are all you need to create an original body sponge. Make a small bag from the tip of the pantyhose in which to collect the pieces of soap. When the bag is full, you only need to knot the open end. At this point you will only have to pass the bag under the water when you are in the shower. Then you can use it as a soap sponge or body glove, which can also have a slight exfoliating function.

Pesticide for Plant Aphids and Insects

An excellent solution to reuse the leftovers of Marseille soap is to make a DIY pesticide. Simply grate it finely and put two tablespoons of it in 6 cups of hot water. After melting the soap, let the liquid cool and pour it into a sprayer. The soapy water will be perfect as a pesticide for plants, especially against aphids. Remember to use it once a day after sunset on leaves and stem.

Multipurpose Spray Cleaner

Dissolve 3 ounces of soap into 4 cups of boiling water after reducing them into small flakes. Leave to cool, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and then pour the liquid into a spray container. This recipe is perfect for making a DIY multi-purpose detergent, simple and above all economical. Always keep it handy, it is also suitable for cleaning tiles and floors.

Anti-Moth Tablets with Soap Leftovers

If you think that the anti-moth products on the market are too chemical and give off a bad smell, a good natural alternative is soap tablets with lavender essential oil. Dissolve the remnants of the leftover soap in a saucepan and add a few drops of lavender balsamic oil. Pour the mixture into a metal mould or a small recycled tetra-pak container. Let it cool and solidify for a few hours. At the end you will have your new moth soaps for cabinets and drawers.

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