Do Not Throw Corks Away – Recycle Them Creatively

When the bottle of wine runs out, there comes the question: how do I dispose of corks? It is actually not very clear. Cork is a natural and biodegradable material, so it is a shame to throw it away. In fact, it is ecological, resistant and suitable for many uses.

Giving a second life to things, especially to what we consider “waste”, is a great way to reduce our environmental impact and save money. So let’s discover 5 ways not to waste this precious material.

Corks Keychain

You can use cork to create an original keychain – and one that does not sink! Just think about it. What would happen if on a boat trip your house keys ended up in the water and at the bottom of the sea? Start by piercing the cork with an iron wire. Then pour some glue into the hole you made, then insert a ring screw. Once the glue has dried, simply insert a key ring at the waist, and you’re done!

Bath Mat

Cork is a perfect material to make a bath mat because even if wet does not mold. You will need a lot of corks for this – from 150 to 300, depending on the desired size. To start with, cut the corks in two (vertically). Get a waterproof fabric base, then glue the caps on top with hot glue. Observe the drying time of the glue before using the mat.

Corks Pin Board

You know the reminder board, the one where you stick post-it notes, shopping list and other things to remember? Before buying it, try to make it yourself at almost no cost and in perfect “shabby chic” style. All you’ll need is a few corks.

As a basis for your project you can use an old door, but even a simple frame is perfect. You just need to remove the glass. You can use the whole caps or cut them in half, and glue them with vinyl glue mixed with water, forming the design you prefer. Let them dry for at least one day.


Don’t you ever know where to put hot pots and pans? Cork is a great material to make a trivet with. In fact it is resistant, light and does not spoil even when wet. Get a dozen or so corks and cut them in half. Combine them, giving them the shape you like best, with hot glue. If you want, you can finish the outline with string to mask any inaccuracies.

Corks Pots

Finally, you can use this material to create ornamental pots. Prepare 4 panels (i.e. the 4 sides of the pot) by gluing 4 rows of 8 caps each. For the 4 corners, prepare 4 vertical columns with 6 caps one on top of the other and glue them to the ends of the panels. Now close the vase, gluing the panels, and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. For the bottom of the vase, make another panel with 4 rows of 6 caps, insert it inside the vase and glue. The pot is ready!

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