Diwali is a festival we Indians celebrate to bring peace and harmony to our Family and Friends for the rest of the year.While were busy celebrating Diwali and burning crackers to glory

we forget about the the hospitals near by where patients are trying to sleep with painkillers and sedatives.

We forget about that asthmatic friend or family member who sits huddled behind locked doors .Scared.and breathless.

We forget about the babies and old people in our locality who cannot take such amount of sound pollution

and we're hardly bothered about the dead dogs we find around the locality

next morning

The noise from firecrackers has a more deleterious effect on animals who have a more sensitive sense of hearing than humans. Pets such as dogs and cats, as well as stray cattle in and around cities are most affected. Voluntary and non-profit organizations such as People for Animals educate the public about these issues.

Recently there have been several governmental and legal efforts in India to combat the problem. The Supreme Court of India, observing that "the right to peaceful sleep is a fundamental right of the citizens", has banned firecrackers between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. during the Dasara and Diwali festivals. While strict enforcement of this ban is not yet in place, the effect has nevertheless been very positive.

The Central Pollution Control Board of India has banned firecrackers with a decibel level of more than 125 at a distance of 4 meters from the bursting point. There have also been state-level efforts to ban the very loud "1000-walas" and "hydrogen bombs" fireworks.

There have also been efforts by some non-governmental organisations to educate schoolchildren about the dangers of firecrackers, based on the argument that it is children who influence their parents to purchase them, and that they are the ones who eventually light them. The cumulative effect of these actions has been a noticeable reduction of noise during Deepavali.

The usage of "rockets" near apartment buildings has also given rise to many injuries. No law prohibiting this has been passed.

Let them enjoy the festival as much as you would love to..light a lamp..share a sweet..please say no to crackers!!!

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