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As of late, Warner Bros. has been screwing up thier DC Comic adaptions. Such great characters such as Catwoman and soon Constantine, have been destroied in their films. The concepts that make them cool have been taken away and we are left with shadows of what the characters are. The studio's next target is Green Lantern.

The studio's idea to make Green Lantern more marketable is to turn it into a comedy starring Jack Black. Green Lantern is NOT meant to be a comedy!!!!!!!! It is supposed to be a sweeping space opera (in the vein of the original Star Wars Trillogy) that shows the ongoing conflict between good and evil. It is supposed to be an intergalactic epic, not a satire on the super hero genre.

Green Lantern shouldn't become a commentary on super hero film genre. It is one of the pillars of the DCU, therefore, it should be treated with dignity and respect. We will work at all costs to stop Green Lantern from becoming a joke.

We do not want to see

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Firmas Recientes

  • 23 enero 2019101. Devano
    I support this petition
  • 09 diciembre 2015100. Ricky B
    Just think about it the power of the ring powered by the will and mind of the wearer
  • 10 noviembre 201599. Owen Mcgee
    comedy? god no.
  • 08 noviembre 201598. Daniele B
  • 14 octubre 201597. Johnny N
    WB = ***EoA***
  • 14 octubre 201596. Nat A
    Online petitions don't work, but I'll sign out of respect for the author.
  • 25 agosto 201595. Javier T
    Hall Jordan is the only true green lantern and should be given the honor to be the lead if there is to be a movie
  • 14 agosto 201594. Jonathan F
    please make a serious film. I'm not a gl guy but don't make the character a loser
  • 05 agosto 201593. Ken C
    Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men those should be the models for which this movie is made. Instead it wishes to follow in the footsteps of Howard the Duck and become a king sized flop. Don't do it!
  • 10 julio 201592. Chris M
    save the movie!!!!!!do it right!!
  • 14 junio 201591. Josh F
    Do not make this into a comedy because it isn't and recast the role, Jack Black is a fat lardass clown.
  • 11 junio 201590. Erik Graham
    I support this petition
  • 24 octubre 201489. Justin C
    I support this petition
  • 14 septiembre 201488. Ben P
    Don't do it!!!!!!!! For god's sake DONT DO IT!
  • 25 agosto 201487. James G
    I support this petition
  • 20 agosto 201486. Joseph B
    One of Comic's iconic characters, who deserves a serious rendition onto the movie screen.
  • 27 julio 201485. Rupi B
    I have already decided not to watch Catwoman. I would also not watch what is being proposed. Make a good sci-fi GL movie.
  • 21 julio 201484. Daniel T
    This film needs to be made for both creative and commercial reasons, given the current success of super-hero franchises, it has an established, eager market. Green Lantern is also a hero unlike others currently doing the rounds, the potential for a great
  • 17 abril 201483. Paul J
    At least Singer is directing Superman!! I am a hardcore DC Fan, the WB is letting Marvel walk all over them. They have stayed true to their characters, gee, what an original concept!
  • 14 febrero 201482. Tony Horn
    I dissaproove of the Gren Lantern "comedy"
  • 27 enero 201481. Chris M
  • 18 diciembre 201380. Travis J
    I support this petition
  • 12 octubre 201379. Craig A
    Well I guss it's expected that Green Lantern to be a comedy. All the other DC Movies are comedys. I sure as hell laughed at these not-ment-to-be comedys: Catwoman, Steel, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Superman 3 & 4. If I am forgetting any I'm s
  • 09 octubre 201378. Ben G
    Although I enjoy Jack Black as a comedic actor, it would be a shame to cast him as GL. I agree with many of the made previously. The character and persona of GL should not be changed by a board room decision as an attempt to sell movie tickets. It is my
  • 14 abril 201377. Lancehead Blackburn
    I support this petition
  • 30 octubre 201276. Mixon Cooley
    Please don't!
  • 26 octubre 201275. Brian O
    See Wizard Magazines Ultimate Green Lantern article for a good and updated take on what the movie should be about.

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