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Hello, fellow Digimon fans. I'm sure you're all familiar with the show on Cartoon Network, Toonami. Well, I would really like it if they showed Digimon on Toonami. Think about it: it would mean back to rushing home from school to watch Digimon and they might start all over from the very first episode! Wouldn't it be great to relive all those wonderful adventures? And Cartoon Network is incredibly trustworthy. They would never stop showing Toonami on weekdays and they would definetly never change their great name to a corny one. Like they changed Fox Kids to the Fox Box. *shudder* If providing entertainment is truly Cartoon Network's top priority, they will show Digimon on Toonami and never cancel it. If you sign this petition, you can help bring that amazing, incredible, action-packed yet heartwarming anime show to Cartoon Network. There are litterally thousands of Digimon fans out there who would be far beyond thrilled if Digimon appeared on Cartoon Network and started on the very first episode. So sign this petition and help join the cause! Thank you.

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Objetivo de la campaña
394 / 1000

Firmas Recientes

  • 23 enero 2019394. Devano
    I support this petition
  • 03 diciembre 2015393. Amy R
    Digimon is the BEST anime. I'm talking about the old stuff, like seaons 1 and 2. They never show the old stuff anymore! Its all this new stuff that has NOTHING to do with the original digimon...anyway, whatever toonami is, i totally agree with the OLD dig
  • 27 noviembre 2015392. Peter M
    Digimon: Digital Monster's is a show that teaches the value's of friends and the lesson of teamwork. Showing on Cartoon Network would allow all of us to share it again.
  • 29 octubre 2015391. Rena Murillo
    Oh, I love Toonami! I always watch DBZ and I watched CC when it was showing... i was so disappointed when it was cancelled... but Digimon would be awsome! I don't know what UPN is at my house, but I love Toonami and it would be totally awsome if they laun
  • 27 octubre 2015390. Spencer Ponce
    Digimon rock season 1-4
  • 07 octubre 2015389. Linita Barber
    i like
  • 29 septiembre 2015388. Rizz Marshall
    Digimon RULES!!
  • 24 septiembre 2015387. Justin Jamesleet
  • 15 septiembre 2015386. Veegirl Hensley
    Please put it on toonami! I live in my own world of nothing but digimon! If you put it on toonami I would watch it every day as long as if it aired at 3.00 o-clock or later. Otherwise I would miss the show..... Oh please don't air reruns! =-D
  • 09 septiembre 2015385. Terry Holden
    I would really like if digimon was on toonami because it would be easier for me
  • 12 agosto 2015384. Janet Arellano
    Let's bring them to Toonami!!!
  • 03 agosto 2015383. Robert Galloway
    digimon is the best show ever
  • 29 julio 2015382. Betty Higgins
    why not put it on?
  • 27 julio 2015381. Starflash Salas
    I love Digimon, but I don't get to see any of the first three seasons or the 4th because it comes on before I get home from school. Also the creators never told what happened to the kids in the third season. They never said if they ever went back to the d
  • 25 julio 2015380. Meilin Hays
    Please show Digimon! I would just love to see seasons 1 & 2 again! ^_^
  • 22 julio 2015379. Jessica F
    digimon 02 is the bomb
  • 13 julio 2015378. Bubba Parker
    This new cyborg 009 show looks so stupid. especially for a lot of us teens who watch toonami. Rorouni Kenshin is the coolest show i have ever found and you guys are getting rid of it with some stupid cyborg show. Now Digimon is coming into the picture?!!
  • 07 julio 2015377. Heather C
    It would be so cool if they put Digimon on Toonami.
  • 30 junio 2015376. Darlene C
    I think its a totally cool idea.
  • 28 junio 2015375. Tiffany W
    I loved digimon ever since it came out!!!! And I really do miss watching it.
  • 31 mayo 2015374. Wargreymon
    I think that toonami should get more stuff like dragonballzgt and digimon and get rid of those boring shows like gundam crap! digimon and shows like it would be thebest![unlike pokemon!
  • 19 mayo 2015373. Hidamyu Stephens
    Toonami is better with real Anime! Digimon is a classic, not like all that new stuff that's really bad like Transformers and stuff (no offense to those of you who like it...)
  • 12 mayo 2015372. Linda Schneider
    show season 3 and season 4, UPN keeps starting over
  • 13 abril 2015371. Ryan Lucero
    we need digimon on ytv in canada and it would be great to see digimon on toonami for the people in usa
  • 06 abril 2015370. Jonathan Wall
    I would really like that, meaning digimon on Toonami that is, and that they would exchange with He Man, because now they giving reruns of He Man the Catoon that is.
  • 06 abril 2015369. Andrain J
    I am a huge fan of Toonami and putting Digimon on is the very best way to make it the only thing I'll Watch!! as Digimon is the best Anime and I wish I could still watch it but a T.V. network that I'll keep out of this (FOX!!!!!) Sold it and I don't Get U
  • 07 marzo 2015368. Joseph V
    It'd be cool to see Digimon on Toonami. I hope it happens...

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Cartoon Network Inc.


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