Yeh Bharat Desh Hei Mera sign now


The President of India,

The Prime Minister of India

The Chairperson,UPA

The Leader of Opposition,Lok Sabha

The Home Minister

The Law MMinister

The Chief Justice of India

The Chief Justices of High Courts

All Judges,Magistrates,Police officers and Law makers in India,

Amit kills Rinku and hangs himself on the basis of suspicion, ...

These two are victims of ...

Women-Empowerment in biased/cruel/revengefull way.

Even killing men to increase the women:men ratio is justified. Right!!! Its survival game for

Ministry of Women welfare supported every national/non-national party whatever color they are.

Women's success: Indigestion to men. Men dont know "what women wants" you see. US has to teach us on these.

Sometimes success is having more and more men/women in life. Athithi devo bhava.

Ultimate achievement is to teach cruel men a lesson. Is society pillared by male ? NO. It is

dominated by male. culture/dharma has to be interpreted as "damage to women" by making them as property of men

and movable non-convertible-asset.

Friend culture: friends are forever, friends are better than parents, brother, sister, husband, wife,

children. Friends give more freedom you see. Mantra-"Dearest Friend, I love to soooo much,

Call me whenever you need me, I can do anything for you". Most used/misused concept.

It is called managing Costumer Relationship career growth.

Women's FIGHT for more and more equality. It is a terrible fight. No surprise if a grownup girl debates

why cant she be bare chest like her brother. EQUALITY !!!. Exact equality.

So marriages are either a gay or lesb marriage. Shadi to barabari walon mei hoti hei bhai.

Genetics are changing. Soon you will be confused to name your kid Ram or Seeta. Chakka culture.

Everybody is equal. In one of the AOL courses you are asked to forget that you are male or female.

It is called breaking the barriers. Ah haa haa.

Amitab,Aishwarya as ROLE-MODELS. Remember Amitabh having sexy dance with Aishwarya,

gyrating-hips, pelvic-thrusts with just-just covering nipples. Yum,Yum,Yum.

Spiced with Jaya's smile and claps. Giving and making up their best smiles. Learned/trained smiles.

These guys are using their popularity to destroy the ethics,family-values to earn lot and lot.

Remember how this lady's thighs were on the show and her sex acts in lot of films. What for.

Sex is more in film than bed. These insensitives have already spoiled the definition of BAHU/Graha Laxmi.

Everyone is happy if they have MissWorld bahu. ;) because graha-laxmi dont show their lotioned cleavages

and shining thighs.

It is more of a respect and comfort to have a obedient-dog like creature as husband.

Atma suraksha ke liye bhi kaam aata hei. Fortunately society still needs them.

Sell everything to bring indian economy up.

Showing/Exposing buttocks,breasts,private parts in cinema to make quick buisiness.

The coverage of these parts are cent/percent in terms of screen-space and time.

All the members in the family (from 6 to 60) go to clap on these shows, he he hee.

The scene is the elder generation is corrupted with lust. The younger generation has to pay the price.

Lot of Grandfather's favorites are life FTV. They have become impotents, lost morals.

The youngers have nothing to expect good from them.

Parent's lust makes their children go out of their way to gain monitory success and SHOW-OFF in society.

In-Laws needs satiation of their lust first than their childrens'.

Kanya-daan is for sale now. No daan, it is Kanya-sale. Tender notice: "Salary more than $10000....; more the

better, have own car (maruti please excuse), big house bigger the better.

Should be able to give more freedom and more luxury to kanya, We dont believe in dowry, we are socially responsible,

Preferably independent parents (why do need you them anyway parent-in-laws are there)".

Educated parents should not treat their daughters as girl/women. It is sin.

The UGLIERs are in the making and yet to come. Keep reading the news. Next is just the next door.

Then gradually it becomes a normal affair. Nobody will write so much in the forum and waste time. ha ha ha.

If all these are chalta hei and more to come then why to mourn the deaths. They are indeed NATURAL deaths.

As per the modern dictionary they have become scraps.

Isnt it. If indian economy has to grow and compete with US, then somebody has to pay the price as the life itself.

Tomorrow some among us. Its a creation of fast life and early deaths in making.

Nacked shows in media/cinema gaining applauses for the intelligence/creativity with no ethics/morals.

TimesOfIndia is popular and caters to younger generation because it is almost a porn mag and also a daily ;).

Surveys on KISS, SEX, DATING. A drop of pee is enough to soil the kheer.


Homosexuality, BPOs, gay marriages, parent-abusing, incest, molesting, divorces are still better than

terrible death like these. Lets accept this and get along the flow. Because more and enhanced are yet to come.

Remember APJ-vision-2020.

Computers cannot work if they are clogged by the object called relationships. Computer never dies, it becomes scrap.

Now there is nothing to base a relationship from. Everybody is independent in everyway. Standing on their own legs.

Others legs are no more needed. Taking birth is still a biological PROCESS un-fortunately. Otherwise there

was no need to spread the legs. Anyway parents, brother, sister, children are only in their meanings. Vegetables

never realised this but still they are happy. They are no way less botanical/biological than us.

Marriage is a good time-pass btw. An effort to preserve the culture. One night stand.

There is always a better one waiting.

So so so so ....

Culture remains a history-book, glorifying INDIA.

Jaha daal daal per sone ki chidiya karti hei basera, Yeh BHARAT desh hei mera.

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