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X3 was a poor attempt at creating the final in a trilogy. It had poor direction and a poorly written script. Characters were changed from the previous movies so that their personalities did not carry on from previous instalments. In fact, it is blatantly obvious that someone new created the film. How could 20th Century Fox and Marvel allow this production to be created, released and distributed around the world? X-Men was one of the few comic/cartoon to Movie franchises to successfully capture the X-men universe in an entertaining and believable way, only to allow a third movie that should have been made for quality rather than quantity. The entire movie was unacceptable due to:

- It should have been an X-MEN movie, not a platform for the branching of spin-off movies (ie: Wolverine and Storm)

- It should have continued the story from the second movie in a fashion that was relevant and believable with the X-Men universe.

- Other developing, integral, characters from the first two movies should have been further developed, not removed from the story line ie: Rogue (Anna Paquin), Jean Gray (Famke Janssen) and Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

- Characters previously developed, or developing, powers should have been represented in a similar, consistent manner ie: Jean Grey ended the second film with her powers escalating, showing that her psychic power was so extreme and concentrated that it emanates from her body as if she were on fire.

- The trailer should not have falsely advertised certain mutant involvement in the story, creating hype within the fans, when certain mutants barely constituted a less than significant proportion of the films entirety.

Isn't Hollywood about making money? Why did the story end like this? I can't believe it could possibly continue, those characters left can't carry a whole movie. I think a remake is in order. A better written story, would be more like this:

The mutant war is happening, all about the cure.
cutting back in time, Jean re-emerges earlier, but is found in a coma and stays that way. (so she's found at the start of the movie, right after the end of X2 with Xavier sensing her).
Xavier causes the X-men to forget that they found Jean because he is unsure as to whether he can bring her back as "Jean Grey".
Rogue is allowed to know that Jean is there as Xavier tries to explain how he could help her with her powers at the risk of causing the same fate.
He tries to help her understand that he believes she id capable of understanding and controlling her power without his help.
Rogue does not believe him.
6 Months later, Xavier is still trying to fix Jean, still trying to bring her out of the coma, but not allow her "alternate" personality to escape.
Xavier experiences difficulties because the "Phoenix" has grown in power, thus halting his attempts of fixing her mental barriers.
Rogue accidentally lets it slip that Jean may not be dead.
Scott confronts Xavier upstairs, while Wolverine breaks into Jeans confinement area.
Xavier and Scott come downstairs to see Jean, only to find that Jean has escaped, Wolverine is one the floor.
Xavier tries to locate her and stop her, psychically, but the Phoenix breaks loose of Xaviers attempts and goes on her rampage. She goes to her home.
Xavier senses something happening, only to return upstairs to a commotion about the cure being released to the public.
Rogue wants to know if it's true and if she can take it.
Storm tells her she's not broken, there's nothing wrong with her etc.
Xavier and Magneto arrive at Jean's childhood home only to find the house in ruins and her parents nowhere to be found.
Xavier and Magneto part ways.
Xavier searches for Jean with the psychic enhancing power of Cerebro while Magneto locates her with his mutant sensing ally Callisto.
Magneto and Cyclops find her at Alkali Lake churning the water.
The Phoenix persuaded by Magneto's cause, joins his side while possibly harming Scott/Cyclops in the process.
Magneto builds his army.
Scott and Wolverine argue to save jean, but The others aren't to sure.
Rogue considers taking the cure, taking off to the clinic.
The plan is set that they must stop Magneto and possibly Jean if there is no other way.
In the Search for Rogue, Iceman finds her at a clinic, persuading that she is important to the team, the cause and that he would have her no other way.
Rogue returns, because she is needed in the war.
Magneto and Jean with their Army wage war on the prison.
Scott, Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Kitty, Iceman and Beast (plus a few of the extras) fly to the prison to stop Magneto.
The plan gets in motion, mutants after the boy with the cure, the fights outside with cure guns etc.
During the fight, Cyclops who's taking cover, puts his hand down on a "cure needle" thus rendering him normal with no powers.
The Phoenix watches over at the effort the others make, knowing she could do it all with little effort.
Kitty gets the boy on his way to being rescued from the prison.
Xavier goes into the depths of the Schools underground...to cerebro.
Rogue helps Iceman put out the flaming cars by borrowing his power.
An unnamed mutant charges at wolverine with great strength, beating him up, so rogue goes in to help.
Holding on, she acquires his super strength, accidentally crushing parts of him as her new power causes her to dig into him, making her hold on longer.
Rogue kills him, sucking all his power and life force.
Flame guy charges in for a one on one, rogue offers to help, but iceman does it himself.
Rogue experiences traumas as the man she just killed "echoes" in her head and her strength prevents anyone from getting close to her.
Wolverine works as a team to bring Magneto down, using the cure.
The phoenix, appalled at their quick demise, goes in to end it, obliterating the military reinforcements.
Rogue, recovers enough to become comprehensive
Building up her power, The Phoenix unleashes it upon the island. Rogue, Wolverine, and Scott move into position.
Storm evacuates the survivors along with kitty and the "cure" boy.
Xavier places the cerebro helmet on his head and focuses.
The Phoenix, in her war path of destruction, builds up momentum, creating a water barrier around the island, swirling it up into the sky
Wolverine, Scott and Rogue wait, shielding themselves from the Phoenix's path.
Scott rushes in to her and is pushed, violently away from the Phoenix, as she turns her focus onto Wolverine.
Wolverine distracts her, healing her attempts to de-molecularise him.
Xavier comes in using Cerebro to mess with Phoenix's head and distract her.
While distracted, Rogue rushes in to steal Jean's power.
Sucking the power from Jean, rogue experiences trauma due to the level of control she requires for the new power, weakening Jean.
Rogue is unable to hold on any longer as the power escalates so she can't control it, thus releasing it on the area around her, twisting the molecular structures of artefacts/debris in the area.
While the Phoenix is weakened, Xavier uses the power of Cerebro to control Jean and slowly, but surely...just in the nick of time, recreate barriers to keep her sane.
Recovering, Jean falls to her knees crying while Scott runs to her aid, before Logan. She sees his eyes and they kiss and hug.
Wolverine goes to Rogues aid to find her unconscious, but alive.
Later, Rogue wakes up unscathed with iceman at her side.
Jean comes to her and says that She was brave to make that choice and that the world has her and her power to thank for being able to stop her from destroying everything - thus comforting Rogue.
Cutting to the scene with the former magneto, he sits at the chess board staring, seemingly waiting for an opponent.
Xavier rolls up, and begins to play and magneto expresses his gratitude for Xavier's friendship (in this time of change/need).
But Xavier sees that Magneto is still dealing with his weakened state, as if in a trance.
But as Xavier wheels away, magneto moves the touch one of the chess pieces and slightly wobbles it.
Xavier stops, half looking back, realising, the cure maybe not so permanent.
The end.

And a movie with this script overview would still allow for what happens to Mystique and other mutants in a total movie length of 2hours minimum, preferablly 2 hours 20 minutes and it would be much better recieved by the public as well as meeting or exceeding the expectations placed on this sequel.

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