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To Stephenie Meyer,

The Twilight series has millions and millions and millions of fans around the world. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn are four of the most succesfull books in the history.
I had a campaign to ask you to finish Midnight Sun, and I received 57 messages from 10 countries (USA, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, England and New Zeland) in only one month. I stopped the campaign because I had no time, but I really know that I could receive hundreds of messages from a lot of fans who really like Twilight and really want to see Midnight Sun finished.
Nobody can know how much succesfull Twilight is. It started in 2005, but every day the success is bigger.
There are many people who are disappointed and very sad because of your "little" scene. You have been very childish. Here is one of my campaign's message:

"Ok, no embromation here.
Stephenie, I have a thing to say: you have been very childish and youre making a big scene. If you wanna make me laugh, give me chocolate
Millions of fans are very furious with your scene. This scene never was necessary. You could ignore the illegal texts online and continue the book. But NOOO, you really needed to make this scene. Ha ha. Im laughing out loud. What a RIDICULOUS thing.
I have no comments.
Zoey McKell
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia"

I agree with Zoey McKell. Your scene isn't necessary and you made millions of people sad and furious. You lost many fans.
Do you really want a proof? Okay, here are two more messages:

"Hello Stephenie Meyer!
I wanna tell you something: Twilight is a good series to everybody. Well, Im 27 years old but Im here wanting more Twilight books :D
I understand your reasons, but just think about your fans, Stephenie. There are millions of fans around the world, and they are disappointed. Read Twilight in Edwards perspective must be fabulous. I really really really want to read Midnight Sun and the other books (Breaking Dawn in Edwards perspective must be fabulous and perfect :D)!
Please, keep writing this book!
Giulia De Luca
Florence, Tuscany, Italy"

"Hiya Stephenie!
Well, your books are on the other side of the world, Twilight is a success here, in Japan. I and my friend really love your books! Well, I send this message to ask you: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, finish Midnight Sun! I am very very very anxious to read Twilight in Edwards perspective. Steph, I know why you dont wanna write Midnight Sun anymore. But, please, just think about your fans! I never read Midnight Sun, only because I know youre furious because the book is online. Im sorry for you, but forget it and go ahead! All your fans are supporting you!
Midori Nagai
Tokio, Kanto, Japan"

One from JAPAN and one from ITALY. And the Italian woman is 27 years old. There's not age or country for the success of Twilight. Children, young and adults -from USA, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Australia, Russia, England and a lot of countries- love Twilight. Isn't it enough to keep writing the book? Do you really need the rest of the messages?
I know you are very sad with the illegal copies of Midnight Sun, but I and you know that it's not enough to disappoint all this fans.
Midori Nagai is right. FORGET ALL THIS SITUATION AND GO AHEAD! I know you're a strong woman, so WHY are you doing this? You have been very childish. Be an adult now!

Read Twilight in Edward's perspective will be a fantastic experience. There are a lot of people who agree with me.
I want you to know that I read each book SIX times and when I made this text I was reading Twilight for the 7th time. Impressed? So, read this:

"Steph Meyer,
Im your fan. I love the Twilight Series, and Im not alone. There are millions of people in the world who loves Twilight. I know a girl who read all the 4 books 17 times. Its true. SEVENTEEN times. Each book. I read them 3 times, and I really love the history.
Millions of people love the books. So, why are you disappointing these fans? There are a lot of people who hates you now. Why? Only because you are so sad. Sad. Ha ha.
Oh my God, forget the moment when you saw the illegal copies in the internet! There are a lot of people who didnt do nothing but have been affected. I understand your reasons to stop Midnight Sun, but you have been very childish. My God. Very very very childish.
Your furious fan,
Lisa Jones
Scottsdale, Arizona, USA"

Oh yeah. She knows a girl who read all the 4 book SEVENTEEN times. Each one.
And she's right, there are a lot of people who hates you know only because of your scene.
Well, there are fans who never read Midnight Sun, and fans, like me, who only read when you put the manuscript on your website. They are the marjority of the people who you are disappointing. Don't do it, Stephenie. You will be SO sorry. The day when you will finally see how many people you are disappointing is coming and is so near. But when you finally open your eyes, it will be too late. A lost fan doesn't come back.
I really want to open your eyes before that day. I don't have the marjority of my old campaign's messages now, but here are the ones what are with me:

"Hi Stephenie Meyer!
My name is Nathaly Collins. I send this message to ask you: do you know what many fans of Twilight are thinking right now? Ill tell you. Some are thinking about New Moon. Some, about Edward. Some, about cheese. But the most are very angry. Well, why are they angry? Theyre angry because you have been childish! You need to forget it and go ahead. If someone put Midnight Sun in the internet without your permission, dont be interested in this situation. Ignore it and go ahead. You disappoint many people when you are childish. Am I offending you? Oh, Im sorry. But its truth. I cant change it. But you can change. Forget the situation. Go ahead and finish the book. Millions of fans are thanking you for it.
Nathaly Collins
Seattle, Washington, USA"

"Hello Stephenie!
Im Maria and Im from Mexico. Im 14. I really really really love the Twilight series!
But Steph, WHY dont you finish Midnight Sun? Ok, I know you are very sad because anybody published the manuscript without your permission. But I say: is it enough to disappoint millions of fans? Im furious. Its not right! Many people want this book, do you care about they? Just be fair. You dont need to disappoint anyone.
Your fan,
Maria Gonzales
Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico"

"Stephenie, I think the same of Maria Gonzales. I want to know if your reasons to stop Midnight Sun are enough to disappoint so much fans. Im very very very furious. Youre not a child, why are you making this scene? Twilight is running around the world. All the world loves Twilight. Do you really want to make the world angry? I really hate this situation. You start the book, then someone put it online and you make all this scene and stop the book. The consequence: millions of disappointed fans and many fans are furious, Stephenie. Isnt it enough to finish Midnight Sun and realize many fans dream?
Jennifer Roberts
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA"

"Steph, (can we call you like this?)

Your books are absolutely wonderful they express what most of us want to live: a big love like Edward and Bellas.
In her text, Bella tell us her feelings about Edward, and know it is very pleasant. But we think that all fans (children, young and adults) wanna read this history in Edwards perspective and understand his feelings about Bella. After all, how many books with a vampires feelings did you read?

So, we ask you: please, finish Midnight Sun! (:

By Helena Dupin and Henrique Barbosa
Brasнlia, DF, Brazil"

I understand why you stopped to write Midnight Sun. But Stephenie, do you think you're right? I know you are very sad with the illegal copies of the book in the Internet, but you have millions of fans who are disappointed. There are many fans who never read Midnight Sun, or only read when you put the manuscript on your website. Two of these fans are me and Liz. You are punishing who didn't make anything. I understand your reasons, but it's not right. If you don't want to finish the book, it's okay. But just think about it. You have been very unfair to many people, do you really need one more proof? Good luck in your choice, Steph.

-Lynn Swantt

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