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Dear Vince McMahon and ALL of WWE Staff

We, your loyal fans of WWE, have had enough of Triple H's politics, and we have also had enough of how you screwed Bret "Hitman" Hart, the best down to earth wrestler this business has ever had to offer. And how you treat the fans by rubbing in how you guys screwed Bret over the years and how you say Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Excuse me? how is that true when HBK dropped the belt in January of 1997 because he had to go home and find his smile? Well its clearly shown that he still hasn't, and the fact that he did it because he would never put Bret over for the title. And the fact that you NEVER turn HBK heel anymore, which you should since he always will be in Canada. I maybe an American, but i watch your shows because of Bret, and not because of Triple H's politics, we, the fans of Wrestling and the WWE, want this nonsense with HBK to stop now.

If you do give Triple H or Stephanie McMahon control over Creative Writing, you might as well call your Monday Night Raw show as "RAW is HHH" and while your at it, and you will see how many fan signs of "SPOILERS: Triple H Wins" every week. You guys are hurting your own show, you release like 10 wrestlers. And you also will not let wrestlers do there own moves anymore because there "dangerous" since when the hell was wrestling NOT dangerous?

You guys make The Hurricane look like a disgrace of his former self, he cant do the Superkick anymore because HBK whined and cried that he stole his move, so now you gave in to HBK *like you did in 1997* and now no one can do that move? Its also sad that Hurricane cant even do his FINISHING move anymore, the Vertebraker, you have ruined so many careers because of your politics, that its sad... lets look at the list of careers you ruined, shall we?

Owen Hart
Bret "Hitman" Hart
Tommy Dreamer
The Hurricane
Sean O'Haire
Bill Goldberg
Ultimo Dragon
Lance Storm
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Diamond Dallas Page
Johnny Stamboli
Matt Hardy
Shannon Moore
Val Venis
Paul London
Dean Malenko
Parry Saturn
Dawn Marie

So many careers, ruined or wasted, it makes me, and many other people sick. Test's career was going sky high when he was about to be married to Steph, but not until Triple H decided to stick his nose in his business, since then, Test's career went downhill and he never was able to climb back the hill he once was at the peak of.

After all these career's being ruined, you want to ruin more career's? If you do, then put Triple H in as the head of Creative Writing, and see how fast NWA TNA knocks you guys flat on your face. There sneaking right up behind you ask we speak, they don't give a crap about stupid silly storylines like you guys, if you guys dint worry about mic talkers, Rob Van Dam would and SHOULD be the WWE Champ already, he has paid his dues for so long, yet you REFUSE to push him.

Quite frankly, the Brand Split has also made WWE look like shit, look at the ratings you guys now get in your PPV's, no one is gonna watch a Smackdown Only PPV, or RAW Only, they want it all, we loved it when you guys brought Smackdown so we could see The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind, and all those talented entertainers 2 nights a week.

We are sick of this, and we are SICK of Triple H's politics, hes also trying to ruin Randy Orton's career by not letting be him champ, he thinks he owns the WWE. and we the fans, have HAD it, we do NOT care about big storylines and stuff, we watch because we love the wrestling shows that are put on by REAL Wrestlers and Entertainers, and if Triple H or Steph becomes the Head Writer, that means Triple H will be the champ pretty much forever, and ALL of us true wrestling fans except the ones who aren't true wrestling fans, will boycott watching WWE.

I mean we might as well stop watching, because after all you did put Pete Rose in the Wrestling Hall of Fame over Bret "Hitman" Hart or Hulk Hogan.

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