Wrongful Indictment and Conviction of REVEREND STEVE WILSON, an Innocent Man - DROP ALL CHARGES! sign now

We, the undersigned, come forth and move the office of the Kentucky Attorney General to initiate an IMMEDIATE investigation into the office of the Commonwealth Attorney of Barren County Kentucky (as well as supporting agencies- Cabinet For Families And Children, Lifeskills, and KSP) for what we believe to be the shameful mishandling of a case by that office in both an ethical and legal manner. The specific case is that of Reverend Steve Wilson. Case Number: 03-CR-00341. We believe that Rev. Wilson is an innocent man who was railroaded through our court system without regard to either ethics or justice!

We base the grounds for our request for an immediate investigation in part on statements made by the former assistant Commonwealth Attorney for Barren County (Ken Garrett), along with others, in an article published by the Glasgow Daily Times on November 30, 2003 pertaining to Mr. Garretts abrupt resignation from his post and also on evidence we, the undersigned, believe the Commonwealth Attorneys Office had full knowledge of BEFORE ever bringing this case to trial that would have shown that there was clearly slanderous and malicious intent toward Rev. Wilson by his wife prior to and at the time of these false allegations.

According to the Glasgow Daily Times: (November 30, 2003)

Ken Garrett abruptly left his post two weeks ago, citing ethical and legal reasons.

The Commonwealth Attorneys office has come under scrutiny in recent months in the wake of a rising number of indictments

Garrett claims rules of criminal procedure were not always followed.

A videotape shows a circuit judge admonishing the Commonwealth for withholding witness statements from defense counsel

Withholding exculpatory evidence is a constitutional violation, said Walter Baker, a local defense attorney and a former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice.

Other criticisms of the office include the number of indictments, which has risen from approximately 400 two years ago to just over 600 this year.

The Commonwealth has also been criticized recently for pursuing cases in which little existing evidence was available.

It appeared as though I was being used to prosecute cases where there was insufficient evidence, said Garrett. He said he was required to try several cases which he believed should not have been brought for indictment.

Last month a Barren Circuit Court Jury deliberated only five minutes before finding a man accused of child abuse not guilty.
If a Commonwealth Attorney cant evaluate a case any better than that they dont need to be prosecuting, said attorney Jeff Herbert.

He said (attorney Jeff Herbert) a prosecutor wields enormous power and has the ability to destroy lives when bringing indictments that can have both an economic and mental impact.

The Commonwealth for whatever reason has over-indicted, said Baker.
He said the Commonwealth has indicted persons for more serious crimes than the facts seem to support. If charges had more closely matched the crime, the Commonwealth might have gotten more convictions, Baker said.

Davis defends her track record.

Sometimes we have to bring cases to a jury to determine what a community expectation is, said Davis

We, the undersigned, have the expectation that there would be NO case that would be brought before a jury by the Commonwealth Attorneys office without sufficient evidence. We also have the expectation that a proper and credible investigation would take place before ANY case would be brought before a jury to insure that an innocent person would not be falsely accused and wrongly convicted in our courts! We believe there was a rush to convict in the case of Reverend Steve Wilson by the Commonwealth Attorneys office without sufficient evidence and with the intentional disregard of evidence (the known malicious intent of his wife toward Rev. Wilson) by the prosecution for what we believe could only amount to a self-fulfilling purpose.

At the time the Commonwealth Attorneys office brought Rev. Wilsons case before the jury for an indictment, we believe the Commonwealth was fully aware that Rev. Wilsons wife (Tonnya Wilson) had at an earlier date (Feb. 17, 2000) admitted that she had made false sexual allegations against Rev. Wilson pertaining to her own child in an attempt to discredit him in his position as minister at church because she was mad at him at the time.

Following is a set of Chronological events leading up to this case, each one taken in isolation might not have had enough weight or bearing on this case to have made a substantial difference, but when put together, as should have been done in a proper and credible investigation by the prosecution and supporting agencies in a case such as this, they would have been crucial facts in showing Tonnya Wilsons relentless and malicious intent toward ruining her husband and the lengths at which she was willing to go to in order to do so. We believe that if the red flags that were painfully obvious in this case had been properly investigated that the ONLY conclusion that the Commonwealth could have come to would have been to have never taken this case before a grand jury.


Statements made by Tonnya Wilson according to telephone notes taken by Rev. Alfred Newton, Jr., General Secretary & Treasurer, Church Of God Mountain Assembly on November 15, 1999: Accompanied with these notes, We the People of the Commonwealth, have added what we believe to be blatant contradictions and discrepancies in Tonnya Wilsons statements to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly.

Tonnya Wilson stated to Church Of God Mountain Assembly on Nov. 15, 1999: 5 years ago Steve molested her daughter (Contradiction: Tonnya Wilson told worker for Cabinet For Families and Children on Feb. 17, 2000 that she had made false allegations against her husband in an attempt to discredit him in his position as minister at church because she was mad at him at the time. (According to Cabinet report, Tonnya Wilson was NOT the one who initially reported the alleged abuse of her daughter to the Cabinet- which she would have had every opportunity to do had it really occurred because she was also called in by the Cabinet for an interview on the allegations that her son, JDL, had made regarding Rev. Wilson on Dec. 09, 1999). Cabinet worker wrote in his report (regarding allegations of abuse to HL) that child was of age and therefore was able to speak in regards to allegations. Child indicated that abuse from Rev. Wilson (her step-father) had never taken place at anytime to KSP, Lifeskills, and the Cabinet worker. Cabinet worker wrote in the report that Tonnya seemed to have behavioral problem in regards to using child as tool to seek retribution against Rev. Wilson by making slanderous accusations against him.) According to the Cabinets report, the person who called and made the initial report stated that Tonnya Wilson had stated to them that she had left her husband in 10-99 because she had caught Steve Wilson sexually abusing her daughter, (We believe this was yet another variation of the story told to different people by Tonnya Wilson to ruin her husband).

We, believe that through her actions here, Tonnya Wilson had one specific and intentional target audience for her false allegations of abuse to her daughter that she reported on Nov. 15, 1999 and that was the Church Of God Mountain Assembly in order to discredit her husband in the eyes of the church. This is what she had indicated had been her intention to the Cabinet For Families And Children on Feb. 17, 2000 when the Cabinet had contacted her. We also believe that Tonnya Wilson did not come forward and report the alleged abuse of her daughter to the Cabinet For Families And Children at that time or at any previous time because the abuse NEVER occurred. Tonnya Wilson, by her own admittance, made the allegations of abuse against Rev. Wilson to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly in Nov. of 1999 to begin her malicious plot to ruin him. We believe that it was not in Tonnya Wilsons plan or interest at that time to involve the authorities in her scheme against her husband. That would come at a later date.

Tonnya Wilson stated to Church Of God Mountain Assembly on Nov. 15, 1999: that son JDL was told by Rev. Wilson to not tell Tonnya about stuff in garage or the new shotgun, or he (Rev. Wilson) would break both of JDLs arms. (Tonnya Wilson stated in her affidavit to family court on March 7, 2000 that the information which she related to the court by affidavit on November 10, 1999 was derived from her son, JDL, that JDL (age 13 at this time) had since admitted to Tonnya Wilson that he was untruthful to her and that the statements made by him to her were not correct. She further stated that her fear of possible injury to herself or her children resulted solely from the untruthful information related to her by her son, JDL, and that had she been told the truth by him, she would not have had the fear expressed in her affidavit nor would she have sought the Emergency Protective Order.)

Tonnya Wilson stated to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly on Nov. 15, 1999: She believes that Rev. Wilson is suicidal, claims Rev Wilson had said to her that he would kill himself before he would go to jail for what he had done to HL. (Again, Tonnya Wilson makes statement to Cabinet For Families And Children on Feb. 17, 2000 after being contacted by that office, that the abuse to her daughter never occurred by Rev. Wilson, that she (Tonnya Wilson) had made up the allegations herself to discredit Steve).

Tonnya Wilson states to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly on Nov. 15, 1999: On 11/10/99 Tonnya Wilson was granted an Emergency Protection Order and on 11/15/99 was granted a Domestic Violence Order. (Again, Tonnya Wilson later states in her affidavit on March 7, 2000, that the information that she related to the court by affidavit on Nov. 10, 1999, was derived from her son, JDL, who had since admitted to her that he had been untruthful).

On march 6, 2000: According to Church Of God Mountain Assembly: A letter was sent to Rev. Wilson and the Glasgow Ky. CGMA as to the findings of the 2/27/00 meeting ( a meeting that took place as a direct result of Tonnya Wilsons false allegations to them on her husband, Rev. Steve Wilson). Reprimand, counsel and directives were given in the letter.

On march 7, 2000: Tonnya Wilson presents sworn affidavit to family court that she and her husband are reconciled and are desirous of resuming their joint marital residence and living together as husband and wife. She goes on in her affidavit to say that the information which she related to the court by affidavit on Nov. 10, 1999 was derived from her son, JDL (age 13 at this time), JDL had since admitted to her that he was untruthful to her and that the statements made by him to her were not correct.

We believe that by Tonnya Wilsons actions she plainly showed that she was not yet completely satisfied with the decision of the Church Of God Mountain Assembly in its reprimands of Rev. Wilson. We believe it is because she had not accomplished fully what she had first set out to do and that was to discredit her husband and to ruin him in the eyes of the church. Therefore, we believe she reeled Rev. Wilson back in to the relationship in order to complete her plot against him (Church Of God Mountain Assembly made their decision on reprimands for Rev. Wilson on Mar. 6, 2000 - Tonnya Wilson signed a sworn affidavit to family court stating her and her husband had reconciled on Mar. 7, 2000 - the day after the Church Of God Mountain Assembly made their decision).

We believe that Rev. Wilson loved his family and was happy to have it back together and he was unaware that his wife, Tonnya Wilson, was continuing to plot and scheme against him in order to ruin him. We believe that Tonnya Wilson felt at that point that she needed even more allegations against her husband to insure that he would be completely ruined in the eyes of the Church Of God Mountain Assembly as had been her intention all along. As time went on the plot began to thicken.

In Sept. 2001: Allegations were again made regarding Rev. Steve Wilson. At this time, however, they involved Ms. Smith, a church member, who came forth and accused Rev. Wilson of actions unbecoming a minister as to his attempts to engage in a sexual relationship with her. Ms. Smiths husband was at that time assistant pastor in Rev. Wilsons church (Ms. Smiths claim was that Rev. Wilson had sexually attacked her). (Again, these allegations by Ms. Smith were very similar in nature to the earlier false allegations made by Rev. Wilsons own wife in that the intended target audience to hear the allegations was again the Church Of God Mountain Assembly, not the authorities.)

On March 5, 2002: A letter was sent to Rev. Wilson (from Church Of God Mountain Assembly) stating that his actions were in violation of their Constitutional Bylaws.

We believe that Tonnya Wilson had been willing to take whatever measures necessary to accomplish her goal of ruining her husband with the church, even to the possible extent of it involving accomplices in her plot.

We also believe that the facts support that Tonnya Wilson repeatedly lied about serious issues that ultimately carried heavy repercussions for Rev. Steve Wilson when believed, as was the case with the allegations regarding her husband that she related to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly about the alleged abuse of her daughter. We believe that Tonnya Wilson repeatedly used her own children as tools (as reported by the Cabinet worker on Feb. 17, 2000) in her attempt to ruin her husband, Rev. Steve Wilson.

Problems again surfaced for Rev. Wilson involving his oldest step-son, JDL (now 16). JDL, the one who had, according to his own mother, lied about Rev. Wilson making threats to him in the past (Nov. 1999) which allegedly resulted in her seeking an Emergency Protection Order against her husband , (JDL) was allegedly renting and viewing porn to the extent that there were large satellite bills due to it. When confronted about this by his mother (there was a witness to at least one confrontation between JDL and his mother, Tonnya Wilson, on this matter-dated May, 2003), there was again trouble brewing for Rev. Wilson.

JDL began pointing the finger at Rev. Wilson in connection with the pornography in order to get the blame off of himself (this type of behavior of lying and putting blame on others for his own actions was common for JDL-supported by documents from Lifeskills in Rev. Wilsons file 03-CR-00341) Again, it was JDL, who was getting the porn from the internet and watching it on television, not Rev. Wilson.

On June 18, 2003- It was reported to the Cabinet For Families And Children that allegedly Rev. Wilson had threatened JDL with harm or death if he disclosed that he had been watching pornographic material over the internet. (It was JDLs own mother who had confronted him (JDL) earlier about renting the porn while she and Rev. Wilson were out of state.) (There are also statements to prove that at the time the porn had been rented Rev. Wilson was out of state). There were sworn statements that JDL was discussing with his friends on the school bus how easy it was for him to get porn.

On June 19, 2003- Cabinet For Families And Children receives an allegation that Rev. Wilson had allegedly sexually abused both HL and JDL. The allegation of abuse to HL was the same one that Tonnya Wilson had conveniently disclosed to the Church Of God Mountain Assembly in Nov. of 1999, but failed to report to the Cabinet even when given every opportunity to do so. Further, when interviewed by the Cabinet about the alleged abuse she told them that she had made up the accusations herself against her husband in order to ruin him.

We feel that we have reason to believe that when this same allegation of abuse (of HL) came to the Cabinets attention for the second time, the Cabinet was already aware of Tonnya Wilsons own admittance of making up the allegations at an earlier time (supporting documents in Rev. Wilsons file 03-CR-00341). We, therefore, believe this would have been an obvious and overwhelming red flag and should have obligated the Cabinet to look much closer into the circumstances surrounding these present allegations. We believe the previous statements made by the childrens mother in regards to making the false allegations were not only ignored from this point forward, but the statements made by the children (teenagers) were taken at face value and there was never a credible investigation launched.

We further believe that if they (Commonwealth Attorneys office, the Cabinet For Families And Children, Lifeskills, and the KSP) had done any type of proper investigation into this matter at that time, the long sequence of lies and deceit would have unraveled for them then just as they have at this time and there would have been clearly no reason to have ever put this man on trial. We believe that instead of a proper investigation ever taking place that the statements made by the complainants were indeed just taken at face value and the snowball effect began that ultimately sent an innocent man to prison.

We believe that most, if not all, of the above mentioned information was either in the possession of the Commonwealth Attorneys Office or would have easily been made available to them if they had taken the time and effort to initiate even the flimsiest of an investigation into this case BEFORE taking it before the grand jury. For that reason, we believe that a grave injustice has occurred in our court system and the responsibility of that taking place lies solely on the shoulders of the Barren County Commonwealth Attorneys Office. We believe that the Commonwealth should have been concerned that the entire case they built against this man was formed on a foundation of nothing more than lies and deceit! We believe that Reverend Wilson never had the opportunity to even see the sight of justice before this case, during this case, or following this case!

We believe that for the Commonwealth Attorneys office (as well as supporting agencies such as The Cabinet For Families And Children, KSP and Lifeskills) to have had knowledge of the fact that Mrs. Wilson had made slanderous accusations and had malicious intent toward Rev. Wilson in the past and to continue to push forward with this case was nothing less than a form of malicious intent toward Rev. Wilson by the Commonwealth Attorneys office, as well as the supporting agencies.

Given the amount of lies, deceit and malicious actions on the part of the complainants as well as their mother relating to this case, we believe that if the proper investigation had taken place (which we do not believe ever occurred) then before the prosecution could have possibly moved forward with a case such as this, it would have had to have first ordered that a mental evaluation be performed not only on the complainants in this case, but also on their mother as to their mental state.

We believe this case would be a classic example of what has become known as the S.A.I.D. Syndrome (Sexual Allegations In Divorce) as well as PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) and most likely even border-line personality disorder. We believe another factor (that could have played a major part in helping to alienate JDL and HL from Rev. Wilson who had up until that point been a father figure to them) that must be added in this twisted set of circumstances is that these childrens (the two complainants- JDL and HL) biological father suddenly reappeared in their lives after not being allowed to be a part of their lives by their mother for many years.

According to a letter written to the court by Shari Alexander, a teacher of one of Tonnyas children, Tonnya had led her to believe over a span of five years that Fred Priddy, (Tonnyas second husband) had abused his own son, JML (who is also Tonnyas son), two of his other children and possibly JDL and HL (Tonnyas two oldest children-they would have been Fred Priddys step-children at the time). Ms. Alexander went on to say that the accusations being made regarding Rev. Wilson at that time seemed too familiar to the accusations Tonnya had previously made to her regarding her former husband, Fred Priddy. Ms. Alexander had not come forward during the trial and she apologized for that. She also made reference in her letter to the time when Tonnya had allegedly solely only gotten the EPO against Rev. Wilson because her son (JDL) had lied to her. According to Ms. Alexander, Tonnya was telling her at that time that Rev. Wilson had several guns, was dressing in camouflage and stalking them. Also according to Ms. Alexander, Tonnya had made outlandish statements about Fred Priddy's behavior (told that he would wear her underwear and ask her to do things that she felt uncomfortable doing and that he had driven by their house dressed in womens clothes.)

We believe this case was one that should have never been brought before a jury. The ensuing trial itself was riddled with lies and errors! When giving testimony at the actual trial, JDL (the 16) was asked if Rev. Wilson was circumcised, (which would have been a very relevant question given the allegations) JDL answered yes when in fact Rev. Wilson had not been.

After Rev. Wilson was sentenced he continued to ask the local court for a new trial and was repeatedly denied, even when there was new evidence for the defense that came to light before sentencing that, according to Rev. Wilsons attorney, Mark Stanziano, which absolutely WOULD have made a difference in the verdict. Rev. Wilson had to spend two and a half years in prison for a crime that he did not commit before his case was overturned for a new trial (scheduled for Oct. 2007) by the Kentucky Supreme Court citing error in the local court. According to sworn statements there was at least one juror who had been sleeping during the trial! Rev. Wilson has maintained his innocence throughout this entire ordeal.

We are at this time requesting an immediate and thorough investigation into ALL matters concerning this case (03-CR-00341) by the Kentucky Attorney Generals Office. We believe that granting a new trial for a man who was known to be innocent from the start is NOT sufficient action! We are requesting that the pending new trial of Reverend Steve Wilson be set aside and that ALL charges be dropped on this INNOCENT MAN! How much more should this man suffer for a crime that he DID NOT commit! We encourage anyone interested in looking further into this case or any other case to do so for themselves - 03-CR-00341 - IT IS PUBLIC RECORD. Our conscience must not allow us to sit idly by while cases such as Rev. Wilsons are overlooked and an innocent man is sent to prison for the rest of his life.

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