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The entertainment industry is not concerned with so-called morality, social formalities, rights etc. This is about the high-strung money hungry rich with Versace bags, Lamborghinis and luxurious mansions pretending to be victims. They could care less about morality. Wealth. Possessions. Self-indulgence. Those are their concerns.

Perhaps if the millions of dollars they take from our pockets everyday was going to a better cause such as the eliminating the suffering, death, war torn misery and the list goes on and on...of the crisis we face. Maybe then, we would think twice about pirating goods.

Think for a moment. What has the industry done for us? Yes, they provide us with entertainment, movies we can enjoy or despise. Its a matter of opinion. Nevertheless, is it as valuable to us as clean air and water? Absolutely not. Many live for music. Music is an incredibly important part of life for many just as film. However, are musicians suffering? Are they worried about paying their rent on time? About feeding their families? No. Celebrities and those that work within their circles have no right to protest where OUR money goes.

Celebrities can join whatever charities they like, donate whatever they please and pretend they are concerned with the depression in the world. Its when they donate a few thousand to a charity (Which IS great until...) and the next day purchase an outfit that costs as much as a years worth of rent for the average person. Mind-boggling!

In life, many terrible occur every second. People are begging for money, being evicted and seeking shelter and a decent meal. Do you look at them and wonder why they are trying to feed off you when you worked for your money and the roof over your head? What happened within society that makes it possible for someone to be homeless go bankrupt to steal? Its no secret these things are ignored. Its been a shameful issue for ages.

You seem to forget that without those that work hard and have their lives and the wellbeing of others to put first the industry would cease to exist. Will we tolerate intimidation? No! We will fight against it. You claim your rights are ignored. What about ours?

Complaining about torrents and not receiving the millions you have become so accustomed too? Really? Are you all so blind? Is it so hard to embrace our rights to share to not feel robbed by the music, movie and those that provide us with software costing up to THOUSANDS of dollars. Would we feel the need to take part in file sharing if we didnt feel robbed? This only pushes us away more. It angers us and those industries that detest file sharing will only lose more money as more backs are turned against them!

You divide this problem into RIGHT and WRONG. When comprise is key. Why are you so unwilling to do so? It is because our opinions dont matter to you. Our feelings, our reasons and anything that has to do with our rights dont matter. As long as we, buy whatever YOU want us too. In the end the problem isnt solved it only becomes a bigger problem. Nothing changes and the cycle will continue.



We hereby give notice to the industries eager to adopt severe methods of oppression on customers. Our rights have been overlooked. We request that you take prompt action to remove or disable your misplaced judgment and reconsider the civilized quality you seem to have lost. Compassion and the ability to compromise. Failure to do so will result in boycotts, protests and a perpetual discredit that will plague your industries and eradicate your prized prosperity.

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. We have signed this petition displaying that our strength in numbers and our rights have a say in this matter. We respect and greatly value the labor put into what is shared. Nonetheless, the lack of respect towards us has not escaped our attention. Please advise us regarding what actions you take towards legalizing file sharing. We understand your position and trust you will not consider our suggestions unduly strict.

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