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Petition of Concerned Citizens
to their Governments and Media
for Relief from the Instigation of Wars,
and to this end, for a World Peace Week
to be observed each year from Nov. 5th to 11th.

Given, that

The world community, the peoples of the United States, the United Kingdom, and all other nations of our planet, desire peace and abhor war;

The recent atrocity of illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq forced upon the world community by deceit and blackmail has exploded the myth that modern wars, even those waged by developed nations, erupt from spontaneous and natural causes;

Current and historical research never fails to unearth evidence showing each of the major and minor wars of the modern great powers to be the fruits of concerted machinations by aggressive and powerful elites;

The brief listing in the appendix shows that one of their most effective means of instigating wars and pretexts of wars is the engineering of real or fake provocations and symbolic attacks on their own citizenry;

This criminal tradition has continued uninterrupted and undisturbed for at least 400 years in the English-speaking world, since the hatching of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605, which is still celebrated in Britain as Guy Fawkes Day, Nov. 5th, without the great majority of English people ever learning that the plot originated with their own government;

Extensive influence over media and formal education by the aforementioned clique has kept us, the world's people almost entirely ignorant of these true facts about war;

Our peace movements have thus been largely ineffectual, as good intentions with ignorance have never been a match for a cunning hold on the levers of power, and indeed, problems are not solved without knowledge of their causes, nor by attempts to prevent them in the abstract, without identifying their authors;

Our society has been indoctrinated to glorify war and despise peace, as exemplified by the presence of six holidays of a martial character on the US calendar, without a single holiday dedicated to peace;

The accelerating military adventures and wizardry of mass destruction in the hands of a visibly irresponsible faction represent a grave and present danger to the survival of the majority of us, the world's people,

So that the safety of the human race can no longer be secured by blind trust in such self-appointed leaders and spokesmen, but only by the most widespread understanding of these grave facts,

We therefore, in view of these urgent and grievous matters, require and hereby


That the week from November 5th to November 11th be named National Peace Week respectively World Peace Week by the Congress of the United States, the Parliament of the United Kingdom, the General Assembly of the United Nations, and its constituent governments, in recognition of the true significance behind the holidays celebrated on November 5th, Guy Fawkes Day in the UK and November 11th, Veterans Day in the US;

That the members of the educational and media professions celebrate and promote this Peace Week, and encourage discussion of the facts set forth in this petition,

That the world's governments secure peace for their people by building bridges of neighborly and mutual trust between nations, and reduce their military and secret service establishments to the minimum, securing us from abuses and dangers and loss of freedoms;

That the US and UK governments withdraw their occupying forces without further procrastination from the territories of Iraq and Afghanistan;

And we address this petition to the following worthy entities, to whom the signed petition shall be delivered:

Members of Congress of the United States, Members of Parliament of the United Kingdom, and Delegates to the United Nations;

As well as by way of broad means of publication to:


Representatives of the World's Print and Electronic Media

The Individuals and Organizations who support Peace and oppose War.



Signing this petition does not imply agreement with the petition author's viewpoints as stated in the preamble or appendix, but only support for the actions petitioned, subject to eventual comments or amendments of signer.

Nothing in this Petition shall be construed as prejudicial against the American or British people per se, but only against those suspected of instigating war, who may be presumed to be a small but powerful clique.

Overview of war provocations by the dominant Anglo-American powers.
For most of the 14 provocations listed below incontrovertible documentary proof is
widely available; while for a few incidents, such as those in 1898 or 1916, there exists a strong preponderance of the evidence.

1605 Guy Fawkes duped into the Gunpowder Plot to incite war with Spain
1846 US commandos cross over the Rio Grande to provoke a war with Mexico
1898 US blows up the USS Maine to start a war with Spain
1916 US & UK send Lusitania to the torpedoes to get US into WWI
1930's Wall Street, Bush clique finance the Nazi war machine
1941 Japan is provoked into attacking Pearl Harbor to get US into WW2
1950 Dulles (US) gets South Korea to attack the North and say the North attacked first
1962 Operation Northwoods: US military plan to blow up an airliner and blame it on Cuba
1964 Gulf of Tonkin: US fabricates attack by North Vietnam to escalate war
1979 Brzezinski (US) lures Soviets into Afghanistan trap
1991 Bush Sr. lures Saddam into Kuwait, fabricates "incubator baby deaths" to start Gulf War
2001 WTC blown up in covert operation, blamed on Taliban, anthrax blamed on Iraq
2003 Bush Jr. lies about WMD to attack Iraq
2005 Bush Jr. tries to start war with Syria and Iran

Original Text Document located at

Initiated in the State of California, October 25th, 2005

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