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To: Shane Filan, Mark Feehily, Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, and all interested Westlife management:

This petition is from your loyal American and Canadian fans. It explains our desire for you to release your products here and to see live shows on our soil. This petition also explains that Westlife fans can and will help if you, in turn, make some real promises and compromises to us.

The first thing is that each signature in this petition shows that we support you. We love your music and we stand by you 110\%. This proves that you absolutely have a large fan base here already; A fan base that is ready to work for you!

This petition shows that each person who signs it, has a real desire to see you in North America. We want your albums, singles, and DVD's released here. We want live shows. We don't want to have to pay 3 times the original album price as we are currently paying to simply purchase your CDs. We don't want to have to fly to Europe and Ireland anymore just to have the chance to see you live in concert.

We as U.S. and Canadian fans know that you can't just magically release a CD or tour here. Below are some suggestions from us fans and what we will do in return if you give us the tools and the motivation to do so.
North American radio has been luke warm at best in playing Westlife in high rotation, except in the Adult Contemporary market, where "Swear It Again," "Flying Without Wings" and "World Of Our Own" are still played often on stations in this format. When your fans mention your name to the "average" radio listener in the Adult Contemporary, Hot Adult Contemporary, Top 40 markets, and to DJ's, they remember these songs and the album "Swear It Again."

Westlife are known to those living in the U.S. and Canada. If Westlife were to release an album here, or at the very least, were to release one single here and give us, your street team and loyal fans, the most important tool, a current body of music to promote you to Radio and to the general public, we feel we could help you build a large radio listening audience. When "World Of Our Own" was released to radio in 2002, we knew very few details and we were not even sure it was even going to happen. One day, it was suddenly released to radio and the fans never had the right tools to help promote and request the song to radio. There was no hype or excitement leading up to its release, and no real incentive for fans to even want to participate.

Westlife fans here in North America know it could be different. We however, cannot achieve anything in the North American radio market without guidance from you. We need the promotional tools and the right contacts. Most importantly, we need a current single or album! If you can commit to us an album, or even just a single and the guidance we need, we will be more than happy to hit the streets and the internet full force and make noise and new fans for Westlife.

The Westlife Street Team USA and Canada have been active since early 2002 in helping promote and support Westlife. They and any fans involved are committed to Westlife's success in the North American market. However, past promises of CD releases and radio tours that never came true have made many of these fans lose faith in Westlife's word. We feel in order to renew their faith in Westlife, Westlife need to give them some sign or support in their efforts.

We realize a full tour is out of question, but many fans here desire to see Westlife live. Why not do a few small acoustic shows on the east and west coasts of the USA and Canada? They would not have to be elaborate. May your North American fans suggest Westlife do shows in the style of the House of Blues, a 1000-2000 person capacity venue? These shows would be thanking your loyalist of fans and satisfying their desire to see you live. And better yet, if concerts were planned around a single or album release it could gain you press and radio promotion. American and Canadian Music Directors would see you are serious about getting your music to the people. Plus, it renews your fans enthusiasm for you, and in return, they will be willing to work much harder for your success.

We have conducted polls for Westlife's benefit on what the North American fan base believe would be a good single to reintroduce Westlife to our market. We have also asked about the cities where fans would commit to coming out for shows. We hope in return for our work already, Westlife might seriously consider our earnest suggestions.

Aside from releasing albums or doing live shows in North America, there is a real desire by U.S. and Canadian Westlife fans to see Westlife on TV and DVD. For example, had the fan base here known in advance Westlife were performing at the World Music Awards in Las Vegas, we could have e-mailed and phoned the shows producers and chosen network expressing our desire to see them as part of the live broadcast. We may have been able to influence them enough that Westlife could have gotten a fantastic reintroduction to the U.S. and Canadian television audience.

We all desire to buy and own all of Westlifes DVDs. The average North American citizen can't view Westlife DVD's on our equipment, nor have the money to purchase equipment that will make it viewable. Why not release your DVD's in NTSC format as well as PAL? North American fans could enjoy them as well. It satisfies them and makes you more money in the process.

The bottom line is that we want Westlife here in North America. We have worked hard in the past, and will work even harder in the future. We have a dream that Westlife will break North America. If you guys want to break it, and will commit to doing so, then we have the motivation to help you. Otherwise, it's a lost cause. We want you here more than anything. Give us a commitment and we will work harder than ever to make it happen.

The Undersigned

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