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We Condemn Militant Threats Against Iran

In the wake of the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (more than 650,000 humans) and continuing instability resulting from the US occupation of Iraq, Iran now is threatened by US military intervention.

We believe that the discontent with, and opposition to, the ruling theocracy in Iran does not mean that the Iranian people support military operations against their country by the US or any other foreign powers. Iranians still remember support of the US and some other EUs countries to Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was the outcome of Imperialism and now Iraq is victimized by its new leaders in the name of Bushism.

Now, military presence of USs war ships in the Persian Gulf is a big threat to the region and the world. Iran is a country three times larger than the population of Iraq. The human costs of any US military intervention in Iran will prove to be much higher than in Iraq. This is a war for energy in the region and for extension of new consumption markets, not for human rights or security for the world.

Any invasion or bombing of Iran by foreign states, will empower militarism, religious fanatics and fundamentalism over Iran and the region and then will erode democratic and human rights grounds and institutions in Iran.

Sociologists Without Borders (SSF) believe that war is not compatible with democracy. As Max Weber wrote, war means use of violence and force against civil society. Therefore,War for Democracy or, as Antonio Negri puts it, War for Peace!is paradoxical. In democracy lies peace and, in fact, violence by the abuse of the term democracy will legitimize violence! The history of democracy shows that it is not exogenous phenomenon, but it depends on indigenous parameters in the society and is compatible with peace, humanistic ideas and security. We cannot reach peace or democracy by shooting at brains! Globalization accompanies world hegemony. Globalization, as Samir Amin has noted, is an anarchical empire. In this anarchy, neo-liberals, cartels and multi-national corporations have become the world dominant class and play the basic role in global policies. Today, militarization of the world in the name of new world order is formulated as democracy while they have militarily aimed their guns at democracy!

Call for Women! In Iran, more than 35 millions women have been suppressed by unequal laws and poverty. They need, like all women everywhere, to change laws and better their conditions.

Call for Children! In Iran there are more than 35 millions children under 18 (50 percent of total population), and more than 20 millions students in the schools and universities. They want, like all children to see happiness, security and freedom in their future according to their talents.

Call for Academicians, Sociologists and Without Borders Activists! In Iran there are many scientific associations and academicians who want to change unequal conditions and to establish the security and freedom that will expand science and technology, and to participate in world science and humanistic technology but not militant nuclear weapons.

Call for Peacemakers, Human Right Activists, Int. Associations In Iran, there are many human rights activists, peacemakers, socio-cultural NGOs who want to change society for the better. Peace, equality and human development. We want to protect the rights of children and women, religious minorities and ethnical minorities of Iran by participatory democracy.

We are all together We condemn the militant presence of war ships of US in the Persian Gulf and any invasion of them to Iran. We condemn and oppose any militant fundamentalisms that want to lead Iran and the region to misery and tragic wars. We stand united for justice, for peace, for democracy, for human rights, and we stand united in the pursuit of human solidarities without states and rulers dividing and exploiting us. We know that such a world is possible!

Ali Tayefi
Judith Blau
Alberto Moncada
Paulo Martins

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