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DATE: 01/11/2011
TITLE: Why we should not accept the implantation of Microchips in the coming years.
WRITTEN BY: Samantha Ann Fellows

Microchips mean new technology, the ability for the government to track all of your medical records and track where you are. This is a invasion of privacy, and isnt right. There are many people that have already been implanted with these tiny microchips. The government is requiring that ALL airport and government employees submit to a microchip implantation.
Hidden in the health plans they are wanting to make it a mandatory option to implant these microchips into OUR bodies! What makes the icing on this cake of disaster, is that OBAMA supports this!! Here below, is an article, from www.spychips.com saying that Wisconsin has already issued a ban against forced microchip implantation!


May 31, 2006

Groundbreaking Law Spotlights Opposition to VeriChip
Civil libertarians cheered yesterday upon news that Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed a law making it a crime to require an individual to be implanted with a microchip. Activists and authors Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre joined the celebration, predicting this move will spell trouble for the VeriChip Corporation, maker of the VeriChip human microchip implant.
The VeriChip is a glass encapsulated Radio Frequency Identification tag that is injected into the flesh to uniquely number and identify people. The tag can be read silently and invisibly by radio waves from up to a foot or more away, right through clothing. The highly controversial device is also being marketed as a way to access secure areas, link to medical records, and serve as a payment device when associated with a credit card.
"We're not even aware of anyone attempting to forcibly implant microchips into people," says Albrecht. "That lawmakers felt this legislation was necessary indicates a growing concern that the company's product could pose a serious threat to the public down the road."
Although the company emphasizes that its chip is strictly voluntary, recent statements suggest this could easily change. VeriChip Chairman of the Board Scott Silverman has been promoting the VeriChip as a partial solution to immigration concerns, proposing it as a way to register guest workers, verify their identities as they cross the border, and "be used for enforcement purposes at the employer level." He told interviewers on the Fox News Channel that the company has "talked to many people in Washington about using it."
The company has also confirmed it has been in talks with the Pentagon about replacing military dog tags with VeriChip implants.
Wisconsin's anti-human-chipping law comes at a particularly bad time for VeriChip Corporation because it has an initial public offering of its stock in the works, McIntyre observes. "The company has been losing millions of dollars and has been counting on public acceptance to stem its losses and prove its future. The people have spoken. They don't want RFID devices in their flesh, and we expect other states will join Wisconsin in prohibiting forced chipping."
Albrecht and McIntyre have dogged the VeriChip Corporation, revealing medical and security flaws in its human chip and warning about its serious privacy and civil liberties downsides in their book "Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move with RFID."
Wisconsin's new law was introduced as Assembly Bill 290 by Representative Marlin D. Schneider (D) and was passed unanimously by both houses of the Wisconsin State Legislature this spring. The law makes it illegal to require an individual to have a microchip implant and subjects a violator to a fine of up to $10,000 per day.
(All Credit Given to (www.Spychips.com) and the creator and publisher of this article)

Think again, our president and government approve of this! Implanting microchips into our bodies! I wouldnt want that to happen to my family, friends, myself or other people. We are not animals, we are human beings. We have a voice, the ability to tell people what is wrong with us, or where we are going! 2000 + people have already been implanted with the micro chip. Dont let this be you!

Below, is a website you can go to for some pictures of what the micro chip looks like, and how they implant it into you.



RELIGION: Some believe that it could be the mark of the beast, but right now, we dont really have any liable proof until the time comes to implant them into us.
In the coming years, the government wants to make it mandatory for the VeriCorp microchip to be implanted in every human.
Here are a few websites that explains this theory:


MYTHS - MIND CONTROL: Others believe that the VeriChip will be used as mind controlso basically, we will all be walking, talking, robots. Here is a website that tells you more about this myth.


MY LAST WORD - This is our president that is approving of this blasphemy! DONT LET THEM IMPLANT THIS CHIP INSIDE YOUR BODY! This is against gods creation, and its just wrong! Also, its invasion of privacy. Would you dare take a shower, thinking the government knows exactly where you are. Or, taking a vacation on a private beach in Tahiti, and thinking the government knows exactly where you are?

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