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This is a petition to remove the newly elected council members from the 2007 Wabash Valley Pagans Council of Elders Elections ( the govenerning body of the group)

Reason this petition was started:

Unethical Rogue actions that the new leadership has taken and for causing major and drastic changes to the group without consulting anybody on said changes for being dishonest and betraying the founders and the membership of the group and for many other reasons but that alone should be enough.

Below is a letter for a concerned member of the group additional details and information is avail upon request. contact greg fultz @ [email protected] for a URL to a public address that describes in detail why the resignation of the current leadership is not just requested but REQUIRED!

To Whom It May Concern,

Those of you who have been paying attention to the group will know that there is a new council of elders, or board. However, what has not been mentioned is how this came about. I know that some of you enjoy the group as it is now, but I would like you to take a moment to think about where it came from. If you dont think that this applies to you, then please throw this away, but if you are interested, please continue on. Im sure you will find this very enlightening.

The WVP group started almost one year ago, after having hived off from the Terre Haute Pagans for reasons unimportant to this current case. The founders of the WVP, Tobias Sullivan and Andrea Heine, created a Council of Elders that, for better or worse, helped to bring order and focus to the group. So it had been for one year, and though it has had its ups and downs, the Council remained true to its objectives.

Recently however, certain members of the council, perhaps its safe to say, the last remaining members of the council, saw fit to enter an agreement with State of Indiana to take the name of the group and create it anew in their own likeness. Trifling, I know, but please remember that the actions of the council must come from the majority, and in truth, this action was NOT sanctioned by the entire council. In truth, it was brought about behind the backs of those council members and founders who have hence left the group. Four names appeared on that legal document: Mike, Jennah, Mitch (who was not a member at the time), and Jeannie (the Chair who has no vote whatsoever). So, as you can see, only two members of the council passed this, against the regulations brought to you, the members, by the council itself. That in itself should show you the hypocrisy that leads you.

Secondly, emails about the betrayal have been sent to the current chair, who saw it fit to file grievances against the author of said email, and they were answered with the expulsion of said member. Files have been charged, fraudulently, against that member, claiming that they were threatening and debasing. I can assure you that this is false, and should you inquire, you will find a copy of the emails on record.

Lastly, the process of election to the board was that the member to be chosen was, in fact, a member and not simply the husband of a member. Now this member has surpassed all of you and has become a moderator of the site without following proper protocol. Do you find this to be fair? Are these the types of people you wish to lead you? Think long and hard on your answer.


A concerned Witch

A word of note, this petition is in no way shape or form directed @ Andrea ( the last remaining founder of the group in leadership she is the only one that has done no wrong and has kept her honor and intergrity threwout this crisis but her fate hangs in the balance as well because my fight will likely get her forced out as well.)



Thank you!

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