Victimisation to Convert to Christianity sign now

Hon'ble Justice Shri S. Rajendra Babu
Chairperson National Human Rights Commission,
Faridkot House, Copernicus Marg,
New Delhi, PIN 110001

Dear Sir,

This is a case of me being a born Sikh being victimised and forced to convert to Christianity. The facts of the cae as filed befor the Honorable 10 ACMM court Mayo Hall Bangalore are as below:


P.C.R.NO. /2008


Son of late Dalip Singh
Aged about 47 years
Residing at No.41/13,
First Floor, Eshwara Layout
15th Cross, II Stage


# 1B, Suvarna Darshan
47, 2nd Main Road
Gandhinagar, Adyar
CHENNAI -600 020.

Represented by its Managing Director
Captain Shibu Isaac

Aged about 46 years,
# 1B, Suvarna Darshan
47, 2nd Main Road
Gandhinagar, Adyar


The Complainant states as follows :

1. That the address of the Complainant for the service of all notices and other processes of this Honble Court is as stated in the cause title above and also that of his counsel SREEVATSA ASSOCIATES, at No.50, II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore -560 038.

2. That the address of the Accused for the same purposes is also as stated in the cause title above.

3. The Complainant states that he was working as a Regional Manager with the First Accused and his first posting was in the month of December 2006 at Hyderabad and served there until June 2007 rendering his services to the best of his ability and knowledge and to the satisfaction of the Accused Company. Subsequently on 24th July 2007, he was deputed to Gurgaon where the Company intended to open a Branch and a house was provided to him by the Accused Company. .The copy of the Lease Agreement is produced herewith and marked as ANNEXURE A.

4. The Complainant submits that the Accused Company kept on assuring that it would find a suitable place to open a branch office at Gurgaon and complete the necessary legal formalities to commence the business. The Accused Company also paid the salary upto October 2007. As assured, the Accused Company did not choose to open an office upto January 2008 and also stopped paying the salary from November 2007 onwards.

5. The Complainant submits that ever since June 2007, he was mentally harassed on various counts by the Second Accused the Managing Director of the Accused Company. The Second Accused was in a habit of sending porn e-mails and e-mails with an intention to preach Christianity thereby degrading and insulting the religious sentiments of the Complainant who is a born Sikh. Further, the Second Accused repeatedly used to call the Complainant over the phone and tried to influence him to change his religion to Christianity. Further, the Second Accused used to often call the Complainant over phone and also send e-mails pertaining to homosexuality thereby trying to induce him to have a homosexual relationship with the Second Accused. This inhuman attitude of the Second Accused could not be resisted by the Complainant as he was working under him and for the fear of losing his job. The copies of the e-mails pertaining to preaching of Christianity and porn articles are produced herewith and collectively marked as ANNEXURE B

6. The Complainant submits that though he made requests that he was not interested in such activities, the Second Accused threatened that he would have to face dire consequences and also threatened to sack him from the Company by making false allegations to see that he did not get any job in the same field elsewhere. Soon after the Complainant expressed his unwillingness to oblige his unjustified and illegal demands, in the month of November 2007, he abruptly stopped even paying the Complainants salary which he was legally entitled to receive, without assigning any cogent or proper reasons. The Second Accused also stopped paying the rentals to the accommodation provided to the Complainant for the month of January 2008, thereby leaving the Complainant in a fix. The Complainant was totally crippled both financially and mentally and without any other alternative he had to leave the premises provided by the First Accused to Bangalore. Before leaving to Bangalore, repeated calls were made by the Complainant to the Second Accused who refused to respond.

7. The Complainant submits that soon after the Complainant reached Bangalore, he again tried to contact the Second Accused to inform him that he had to leave Gurgaon as he was helpless and the keys of the house were handed over to the land lord. But to his utter shock and surprise, the Second Accused received the call and when he came to know that the Complainant was speaking he did not respond. Without any other alternative, the Complainant sent an e-mail to the Second Accused stating that as the first Accused did not pay the salary for 3 months and for having not paid the rents for the month of January 2008, he was forced to come back to Bangalore as he had no other alternative. The Second Accused did not even bother to reply back.

8. The Complainant submits that on 20th March 2008, as usual, when he was reading the Times of India newspaper, to his utter shock and surprise, found a Public Notice published by the Advocate of the First Accused Company with his photo inserted informing the public that the Complainant had absconded and committed dereliction of duty including embezzlement without even serving a Termination Notice or a Show-cause Notice. The copy of the Paper Publication is produced herewith and marked as ANNEXURE C. Immediately he contacted his Advocate and asked him to cause a legal notice to the Accused requiring it to give a public apology and pay a sum of Rs.10,00,000/- as damages, failing which, he would initiate both civil and criminal action for damages and defaming his character in the society. The Accused through their Advocate caused an untenable reply denying the allegations to the said notice. The copies of the notice and the reply are produced herewith and marked as ANNEXURES D & E respectively.

9. The Complainant submits that even after his return to Bangalore, he is receiving threats from the Second Accused thereby restricting him to report the matter to the police. It is also pertinent to note that the Second Accused has threatened that he would eliminate the Complainant if at all he tried to take any legal action against the Accused. This has totally disturbed the Complainant who is now living a life with fear for his life. Moreover, after the publication of the Public Notice in the newspaper, the Complainants request for obtaining a job was rejected by many companies. Added to this, the Complainant has lost all his relations, well-wishers and friends who are targeting him as a person of criminal mentality. Due to this unwarranted publication, the family relationship has also strained thereby causing him mental agony, pain and suffering. The effect of the publication has such grave impact on the Complainant that he is finding it difficult to lead a normal life in the society.

10. The Complainant submits that of late he has realized that though he was forced to leave the Company due to the inhuman behavior and actions of the Second Accused, the First Accused is still showing the landline 921-2807919 and mobile phone number - 9971067919 which personally belonged to the Complainant while at Gurgaon, as the contact numbers associated to the Company at Gurgaon which branch never existed. Similarly, the Accused are using the personal phone number 040-40150294 of the Complainant in Hyderabad, which they are not legally entitled to do. It has also come to the knowledge of the Complainant that the residential premises which was used by the Complainant has been vacated and handed over to the landlord, the Accused are misrepresenting the public by showing the said premises as their branch office. This clearly indicates that the Accused are in the habit of misrepresenting the facts to their advantage and thereby cheating the public. Added to this, the Accused are also operating out of a particular premises in Bangalore whereas their Labour Registration Certificate reflects a different address where the companys branch office does not exist. The copy of the R.O.C. Certificate and the Labour Registration Certificate are produced herewith and marked as ANNEXURES F & G respectively.

11. The Complainant submits that the Accused have harassed him to an extent that he has lost confidence in himself. The actions of the Accused inducing him to join the company and later without paying his monthly salary and rents which he was legally entitled to, thereby caused wrongful loss to the Complainant and have constituted an offence punishable under Section 418 of the I.P.C. Further, the indecent approach made by the Second Accused by sending porn e-mails and trying to induce the Complainant to indulge in homo-sexuality with him and also sending e-mails and demands made to the Complainant to convert himself and to profess Christianity has caused him mental harassment and insult. The Accused have committed offence punishable under Sections 292, 294 and 298 of the I.P.C. The act of falsely publishing a Public Notice intimating the public with the Complainants photo thereby degrading and defaming him in the society without any justifiable reasons, constitutes an offence under Section 499 punishable with Section 500 of I.P.C. The Accused also repeatedly has indulged in threatening the life of the Complainant in the event if any legal action is initiated. This has created fear and panic in the mind of the Complainant thereby curtailing his peace and harmony and he is unable to lead a normal life. This constitutes an offence of criminal intimidation punishable under Section 506(b). Hence this complaint.

WHEREFORE, the complainant prays that this Honble Court may be pleased to take cognizance and issue summons to the Accused and punish the Accused for the alleged offences in accordance with law, in the interest of justice.



This complaint was filed on the 27th of June 2008 and the next hearing is on 5th July 2008 at the 10th ACMM Mayo Hall.


I would like the NHRC also to take cognizance of my complaint and help me in this matter.

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