His Majesty,
King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,

Dear Your Majesty, Assalamalaikum Wa Rehmatllah Wa Barkatahu,

May Allah's peace and blessings be upon you and may Allah grant you good health and protect you, Amen

This is an urgent petition to your Majety on behalf of thousands of Saudis, GCC countries, global readers of Arab News to intervene and restore the dignity and honor of one of your favorite journalist Dr. Khaled Al Maeena, the former Editor in Chief of Arab News, who was 'fired' on the instigation of the CEO of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG)Azzam Al Dakhil last week. The action was unjustified and deplorableand has sent shock waves all around the world.

This is not the way the company should have done to humilate the decorated journalist of Saudi Arabia who has the good will of the Saudi government.The action of the company smells foul and conspiracy and perhaps a act to hurt you indirectly. All said it is an shameful act. Who can deny the valuable contributions of Dr. Khaled Almaeena in promoting and defending the Kingdom for more than 35 yers at all international forums?

We make this earnest appeal to our beloved Majesty to restore the honor of Dr. Khaled Almaeena and recall him back to head the newspaper which will suffer drastically.

Thousands of expatriates and Saudis across Saudi Arabiam Gulf and world over were shocked at the sudden and unfortunte sacking of a towering Saudi personality Dr. Khaled Almaeena, the former Editor in-Chief of Arab News. Who can dispute the fact that the longest serving Editor in Chief of a newspaper had been instrumental in uplifting the sales and readership of the newspaper during his 30 years service in two innings.

Now as well wishers of Arab News, millions of readers and Saudis would like to know the truth and truth alone beyond the firing rather than resignation theory of Dr. Khaled Almaeena by the Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG) management. Why this fake statement of resignation when it was not true.

Its more of a kind of nausea when the SRMG management stoops so low as to cut off the phone lines of Dr. Khaled Almaeena, and try to humiliate him to the highest level. His removal has now become a matter of raging debate on Facebook and Twitter. This is not the way any company treats is senior most long serving top gun. No doubt, gross injustice has been done to Dr. Almaeena and the way he was ill treated is only a matter of shame.

The world by now knows that Dr. Almaeena was not sacked by the Saudi government, but this has to do with jealousy factor of some who wanted to settle score with him. We also know that several Princes and Princesses called Dr. Almaeena and offered solace. Condemning the action of the SRMG these Royal family members suggested to him to speak to the adorable King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz with whom Dr. Almaeena had excellent rapport and love.

Your Majesty,After Sayadity magazine, Arab News ranks as second in the popularity chart of the 15 SRPC group publications. Asharq Al Awsat sales have dipped drastically and the once prestigious newspaper is losing on the revenue front. Al Eqtesadiah sells no more than 3000-4000 copies officially in the Kingdom. One does not understand the logic of bringing in Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Faiz to 'save' Arab News, when the plain truth is that Mr. Al Faiz had not been able to save his own newspaper Eqtesadiah from sinking.

With due apologies to Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Faiz, bringing him in after Dr. Almaeena is like trying to bring in somebody to sing after the famous Umm Kulthum. Not only the Saudis but the entire world is laughing at your move to rope in Mr. Al Faiz, who is very poor in English langauge. We would have been happy and it would have been honorable for the SRMG to appoint someone like Ms. Somayya Jabarti, the managing editor of Arab News who has strong command and mastery over English language and whose personality exceeds far more than that of Mr. Al Faiz.

We do not dispute the decision of the company to the removal of Dr. Almaeena, but everyone objects to the way the disgraceful act had been executed. You just have to glance over the debate to know how bouquets are there for Dr. Almaeena and brickbats for the SRMG. We are sure that King Abdullah will take note of the debate and intervene immediately to settle the things right. Certainly, it is not in Dr. Almaeenas honor to work under crooks and unqualified people. And then the Saudis recollect Azzam Al Dakhil's rising to the CEO position from the level of a junior sub editor in Arriyadia newspaper.

It is rightly beleived that everybody has to go some day from their job and the world, but in a dignified way. What if similar thing takes place with the CEO Azzam Dakhil?. Business houses run newspapers for profit not for losses, Mr. Al Dakhil could and should know. And then the fact is also emerging now that several bankers in Riyadh are upset with the decision to sack Dr. Almaeena.

We feel that in the given circumstances, it is in the best interest of the SRMG to rescind its decesion and recall Dr. Almaeena back with honor. That would be a face saving both for the company.

May Allah prevail upon the SRMG management for better sense.

With utmost confidence in your Majesty, we are sure you would intervene and issue necessary instructions to the company. We look forward to hearing the good news from your Majesty and action.

With highest regards and respects

Ms. Abeer Khayat and millions others

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