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Over the last few years, the DVD industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. This growth has allowed for movies, television shows and specialty web-based content to be made available to the consumer for purchase in a high-quality video and audio-based format.

Universal/DreamWorks and Paramount, however, have been progressively worsening the quality of the format. Since late 2003, both companies have been integrating some level of forced coming attraction previews upon playback of their DVDs. Paramount usually includes an option to view them or go directly to the main menu, though some titles require the viewer to chapter-skip past them. Almost all Universal/DreamWorks releases have forced previews, which can only be fast forwarded (forward scanned). This is unacceptable; when you purchase a title, you should not be required to sit through advertisements. Im not happy that every time I wish to watch Shrek 2, I have to sit through 10 minutes of garbage about Madagascar and A Shark Tale. Buena Vista/Disney home video have tradionally had a menu at the start, similar to most Paramount titles, which allows you to press the menu button to bypass previews. This is an acceptable compromise.

Along with the previews nonsense, Universal/DreamWorks and Paramount have also been degrading the DVD experience during the last 18 months. Both have eliminated chapter insert slips, incorporated the useless and annoying locking clips in the packaging, and, in Universals case, have not been incorporating code in titles to allow switching of audio and subtitle tracks during playback, forcing the viewer to manually switch audio and subtitles at the main menu. Universal has been doing this for years, not just recently.

This petition is to show Universal/DreamWorks and Paramount that we, the DVD consumer, are not going to purchase their products until they address and rectify the aforementioned issues. With the success of the format directly coinciding with the decline in quality of these companies releases, one can only conclude that their opinion is that we will buy DVDs, no matter what. They are wrong. Sign today and take the stand.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 November 201550. Bradley B
    Purchasing the DVD should cover any "advertising."
  • 29 October 201549. Ken W
    We're all sick of this. Fix it.
  • 02 June 201548. Dan G
    I will not purchase any further Universal/DreamWorks or Paramoutn DVDs now that this issue has come to my attention.
  • 01 June 201547. Will J
  • 15 March 201546. Alan W
    Absolutely ridiculous that we have to see these previews, I JUST WANT THE MOVIE.
  • 26 October 201445. Scott C
    The viewing experience should be pleasurable, not frustrating.
  • 12 September 201444. Wtf Serverdownbluep
  • 03 May 201443. Are Youseriouosnopvpd
    I am very disappointed with this last release of info on the upcoming "Honor" system. To me having NO PvP situation which qualifies as dishonorable is in itself dishonorable. It basically turns this into a "Griefers Plus" system.
  • 04 April 201442. Jason B
    thanks for doing this
  • 08 December 201341. Jian B
    I am most firmly for this petition
  • 08 May 201340. Judith Ap
    You guys need to look to what we, the viewer want, not what your bottomline is our there will be a deficite in both!
  • 28 February 201339. Shawn Li
  • 05 September 201238. James R
    We should be able to watch our movies that we paid for the way we want to.
  • 25 August 201237. Poopty Peuptyp
    online petitions do jack $hit
  • 27 June 201236. Richard Stark
    Not what I pay for in a dvd. worse quality movies so they can get more ads on is a stupid idea.
  • 26 February 201235. Lost Goldgmscanthelpmep
    Ok , first of my name is Cube im playing on Archimonde im from Germany and my English is not that good :( Ok.. my Account expired on Friday the 02/25/05 then i had to wait 2-3 days to get an email back i had totally no money and was going to quit i was si
  • 21 October 201134. Lowtax Isaf
  • 19 April 201133. Tom H
    And you wonder why people pirate DVDs.
  • 07 March 201132. Jesse L
    I realy think that you should let people who buy your DVD the option to skip over previews.
  • 02 February 201131. Chris Chambers
    I hate you
  • 17 January 201130. Valerie O
    I have no problem with optional previews. I usually watch them the first time through in case I want to get one of the movies advertised. However, after another fifteen years, the preview for a movie that was released fifteen years ago that I am not able
  • 22 December 201029. Milk Thed
  • 20 September 201028. Robin L
  • 01 September 201027. Charliex Odonnell
    This is exactly why I hardly ever buy DVD's anymore and download them instead.
  • 21 June 201026. David G
    If this continues, I will cease to purchase your movies (I have already spent hundreds of dollars on them) and will start to obtain pirated copies instead. What's more, I will boycott your subsiduary companies and advertiser's products and encourage other
  • 29 May 201025. James H
    I dont pay to be advertised to.
  • 29 April 201024. Shannon L
    I hate those stupid locking clips on the DVD cases, really what purpose do they serve? and then having to fast forward through previews ARGH that is why I switched from VHS to DVD so I didn't have to deal with those stupid coming attractions!

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Universal/DreamWorks and Paramount home video


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