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Mulund is regarded as the Prince of the central suburbs of Mumbai. With its immaculate and eloquent planning, Mulund has risen in status and its development is currently at par with the western suburbs of Mumbai.

For the past year or so, the residents of Mulund are facing a severe power crisis. It all began with a half an hour daily load shedding. This increased to one hour and ended at two and a half hours of daily load shedding.

Since the advent of monsoon in 2006, the load shedding was stopped. The residents did have occasional power failure, which would usually be rectified by MSEDCL at its own leisure.

Now that the monsoons are at its end, MSEDCL is back to its old ways. Primary and arterial roads like Ram Ratan Trivedi Road are facing extremely erratic power supply and high voltage fluctuations. There are residents who have lost entire refrigerators, TV sets and home theater systems.

We, as the common tax-paying and law abiding citizens, are compelled to use this platform to regretfully inform you about the difficulties faced by us in the light of negligence on behalf MSEDC officials sitting in the office at M.G. Road, Mulund (W). The following are our list of complaints:

1. Very erratic power supply. Electricity seems to be cut just about every 15 minutes.

2. There is no fixed duration for the said breakdown in power supply. At times supply resumes within two minute, at times in half an hour and at time we are without electricity for two hours.

3. We are talking about machines here and are well aware that machines and technology can break down. However, we fail to understand the frequent breakdowns and moreover, we seriously doubt MSEDCLs competency in solving these frequent breakdowns once and for all.

4. During one of the frequent voltage fluctuation problems, I, personally have lost one fridge, four tubelights, one 21" color t.v. and one entire home theatre system. My neighbours have a charred 29" color t.v. as a gift from MSEDCL Someone else has lost fans. Someone saw smoke rise from electrical appliances

We can understand human errors but it has repeatedly been brought MSEDCL's notice that there is such an incident waiting to happen as their current equipments and cables are grossly overloaded.

MSEDCL has refused to do anything about it and see what has happened. Is MSEDCL going to reimburse the cost of the appliances?

5. A long standing complaint against MSEDCL is that it next to impossible to get through to the MSEDCL helpline no. 25686666. We may keep trying for hours at a go but we can assure you that the officials on duty there actually put the phone off the hook. This is something that we residents have seen first hand. Are the officials on duty our bosses that they dont deem it necessary to answer our calls?

6. There is rampant power theft by the hawkers sitting on Ram Ratan Trivedi Road. This issue has been repeatedly brought to your notice by the media and even by citizens and shop keepers of the locality in question. Despite this, we fail to understand the motive for lack of action on this and what is more disturbing is that MSEDCL is turning a complete Nelsons eye to this for reasons best known to them.

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. has been in the news and media for all the wrong reasons. We are sorry to state that although we expected things to improve and expected MSEDCL to win accolades like its counterparts like Tata, Reliance, etc., the popular opinion is that MSEDCL has completely let us down and we have lost complete faith in its competency and integrity.

We, as the citizens, despite paying our bills on time, are being subjected to this horrifying treatment from MSEDCL. We, the citizens of Mulund, through this online petition, approach the fair and just office of the highest concerned authority at MSEDCL, Mulund, to take cognizance of these matters on a priority basis. We DEMAND quality service with immediate effect, failing which we citizens may be compelled to give MSEDCL its place under the media spotlight and making it answerable under the consumer laws of Mumbai, Maharashtra and India.

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