Recently on Zynga's game "Yoville" people are having there accounts banned for discriminative, racist and personal reasons.

There is a staff member (Morgan aka White Gold Ninja) from Zynga who is using his administration position for personal gain. He is also known to be dating (which is against workplace code of conduct) a player of the game (OmgItzVannah aka Banana) who has hacked items in her accounts, and multiple Yoville accounts (which is against the Yoville rules).

Yet, this administrator hypercritically banns other players for, using WPE (which doesn't work), having multiple accounts (like Vannah does) and discriminating towards a group of people who have the same group name at the end of their names (even though, Yoville now encourages you to make groups within the game).

These personal attacks and hypercritical acts have damaged many. Some of which have done nothing wrong. Some players have lost real money on account where they have not broken Yoville rules.

My grandmothers account was banned today because she had Aussie after her name. She has never used WPE, reported anyone or accepted hacked items. Why was her account banned???

It is morally wrong for a number of reasons. This type of discrimination needs to be brought to the attention of the CEO of Zynga, as it is obviously that they do not investigate these issues seriously enough.

Might I add, a number of innocent players have also been banned, reports sent to Zynga for explanation, all of which get no reply. The friends of White Gold Ninja, have had their multiple accounts banned also, but have received them back in 24 hours after consulting White Gold Ninja. This seems corrupt and morally in-just.

If you are a victim of this personal attack, please support us in signing this petition to show Zynga your disappointment.

If you would like to report this website for misconduct, go to the following link and click report (on the bottom left of the screen) to register your disgust.


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Latest Signatures

  • 11 December 2015100. Xxx Txkccchriscobbmafial
    He banned a REAL vip hair and jacket acc of mine and he hates me everytime he sees my name even w/o me doin nutti he bans me
  • 25 October 201599. Lauren Shaw
    ilyouu bishhyy shortii
  • 16 October 201598. Karma Akaj
    pfft i agree white gold ninja is banning people for no reason, he banned my good friend FEE all because she had aussie on her name and was not convenient to him, i know you might sometimes see me with wg ninja but i assure you that i do not agree with his
  • 22 July 201597. Fu Ckwhitegoldb
    he can suk my dick, and so can vannah
  • 19 April 201596. Emily Ja
    they banning for stupid things its not liek we weree huriting anyone and we spent real money on the game
  • 03 April 201595. Whitegold N
    Someone caught me talking to Chris Aussie so I wrongfully banned myself. :(
  • 22 March 201594. Claire Parsons
    this needs sorting its ridiculous
  • 14 March 201593. Miguel D
    Hes a cheater and an unfiar player/employee
  • 02 February 201592. Sxydvil Rodgers
    yes, i've heard about lots of people having accounts banned for no apparent reason. what's the go with that???
  • 27 December 201491. David S
    Well I was banned around 5minutes after my wife below (comment 123) and why was i banned...??? I have no reason why I was banned and now I get no answer from support (I dont count a robot saying you broke TOS a reply). Never broke any TOS and if I did I n
  • 11 December 201490. Claire B
    I support this petition
  • 27 October 201489. Lisa P
    I support this petition
  • 24 October 201488. Andrew K
    whitegold banned me for no reason and i want my account back
  • 28 June 201487. Achref Esparza
    they are tottaly unfair
  • 08 June 201486. Carlos G
    I support this petition
  • 27 April 201485. Leticia Roberts
    I support this petition
  • 03 January 201484. Gaurav Duran
    i hav been scammed
  • 06 December 201383. Supernovalichldr Boyer
    I agree with this 100\%, ive been banned for no reason 4 times and im sick of this shyt. it seems like every ban i get is when i finally get the items i wanted back and i have alot of money like the last ban (i had 68383 coins)
  • 14 November 201382. Matthew Mcclure
    he has banned over 27 accounts of mine sum wich were not for hacked items or using wpe he needs to be stopped he is the upmost aragant person i know yours isncerly Jon3zy
  • 12 September 201381. Rick J
    I support this petition
  • 20 August 201380. Skyline Levine
    i only just joined up on yoville yesterday, i did not say much in the game my friend gave me a few items to start off with which was a recording booth, bat, patriotic man costume, irish lad costume, 20 000 coins, HE HAD NO REASON TO BAN ME! i am waiting p
  • 20 July 201379. Samuel Massey
    Fee and Chris are very good friends of mine. They have been targeted (along with others) by WG as he has a personal vandetta against them. I think Zynga should have a look at the people they are employing and see if they are trustworthy enough to have thi
  • 16 July 201378. Pauline S
    WTG :)
  • 08 April 201377. Jesse A
    I support this petition
  • 22 December 201276. Skater G
    I lost over 7mil worth of items this is bull yadda
  • 13 November 201275. Stevenjkpower Hendricks
    i total love whitegold ninjas cock... like OMG
  • 31 July 201274. John M
    I support this petition

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