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Peyton has been a long standing member of graal but has since not been able to enjoy graal to its fullest since her privacy was violated in the form of those pictures that were posted around of her.
She has been harassed to no end since then and has since been banned for a period of a shocking 30 days for, believe it or not, reacting to those who seek to bully her and plague her constantly. She was dogged endlessly by the GP Shimmy who had admitted to wanting her banned before. When being harassed by a player he said he had been spying on her and jailed her for a period of 7 hours before taking it to the manager of UN, Streety, and having her banned from the server for a whole month. It proves to me that after she was banned the whole thing was indeed a set up by Shimmy as I was shown a screenshot by Peyton of Shimmy on N-Pulse laughing at her afterwards and her telling him to leave her alone. Another one showed him going to the manager of N-Pulse and saying 'Peyton's harassing me! :(' She would've taken these screenshots to staff but what would they do to help her? Bearing in mind apparantly a screenshot is not a reliable form of evidence. This is a sick example of the sort of staff we have running UN at this very moment.
The reason she was banned it said was for harassment and multiple jailings. Lets discuss some of these jailings which included a jailing for having her hat stolen from her, then having the thief edit a pm history to make it look like she had thrown racist comments at him and taking a screenshot which she was released from jail for when the GP's realized she was telling the truth and another time where she had someone take an apparant screenshot of her calling the person that massed nude pictures of her a bitch.
Peyton has had too many screenshots to count of other players harassing her day by day but was told by the chief of the GP department Sting2Dope that a screenshot was not enough evidence to jail a player.
So how is it that on two accounts she has been jailed for exactly the thing that you cannot be jailed for? It is also stated in the rules and regulations of graal if you would like to look it up yourself that no one can be held responsible by a screenshot of another player.
Perhaps the most shocking and aggravating thing to me as a player is that Peyton was banned for a significantly longer period of time than the player that massed those pictures of her. That player broke the law and yet Peyton reacts to those who are bullying her and gets a month's ban? If this was the real world surely any bully who attempts to ridicule or hurt someone should expect reactions? They can't go crying to a member of staff and treating them like their mommy and be expected to have their 'parent' deal with the other child.
This to me is the result of lazy staff who really couldn't give a damn about this girl and believe that by getting rid of her it solves the problem.
She shouldn't have to put up with the harassment day to day.
Sign my petition to get her ban sentance lowered. If any of you believe in justice you will lend your support.
Thankyou and please support Peyton.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 August 201538. Switch Johns
    That's sickening.
  • 09 August 201537. Streety Rowe
  • 08 August 201536. J Alexander
    GP's have gone too far...
  • 14 May 201535. Baszle Ferrell
    I was harrassed by her daily it was getting to a point where I couldn't stand it. I'm so happy she's banned I feel as if I'm free like riding it Lion in the Eye of a Tornado. If anything you should extened the ban. I think it'd do everyone a favor so they
  • 21 April 201534. Latte Haley
    slut fk u
  • 06 June 201433. Shannon Wang
  • 26 May 201432. Stefan Chase
    Please make of the ban of Peyton longer. I have other petition for making ban extend for ignorance. http://www.petitiononline.com/lizzyban/petition.html Please make the sign we needing of your support.
  • 23 May 201431. Alex Dawson
    I support this petition
  • 23 April 201430. Jesuz Simpson
  • 27 January 201429. Hat S
    Peyton is a hat slut
  • 02 October 201328. Big D
    im horny
  • 05 July 201327. Peytons N
    Browse me plz!!!!!
  • 29 May 201326. Roadie Marquez
  • 22 February 201325. Xin West
    I support this petition
  • 09 July 201224. Madeleine Parks
    People keep harrassing her and nothing gets done when she reports it, how is she not supposed to fight back?
  • 12 October 201123. Okokokokok Nixon
  • 20 July 201122. Praydoh Boyd
    Maybe if Peyton didn't harass Baszle, Ferrow and I 24/7 she wouldn't be banned. I think you should extend the ban.
  • 23 May 201121. Desi Ali
    wow people are actually pretending to be latte lmao this is so sad. I feel really bad for Peyton I hope she is unbanned.
  • 29 April 201120. Streety Schneider
    u hoe whyd you steal my taco
  • 11 January 201119. Peyton Isu
  • 08 October 201018. Ranger R
    FAQ Admin Classic
  • 08 June 201017. Katie S
    I agree with you and i think that this is far against the rules of not only UN but graal to, and i feel your pain, so i will sign.
  • 23 April 201016. Shimmy Maddox
    She's banned for a reason. She needs to grow up, and so does whoever made this rediculous petition.
  • 07 February 201015. Fat A
    Free her!
  • 22 September 200914. Bell Mccann
    gimme nudes or your account will be disabled for life
  • 09 September 200913. Turtleman Sexton
    I support this petition
  • 01 March 200912. Latte Skinner
    does someone really need to pose as me? i know peytons not perfect but there has been times where she is just defending herself, i don't see why the ban needs to be extended anyways

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