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Various films about the sport of soccer or the rightful name, football, have been released over the years with much success. Bend it Like Beckham, The Big Green, Ladybugs, Victory, and The Cup; all of which have grossed over $1 million dollars at the box office, including the most recent Kicking and Screaming which took in $23 million during its opening weekend. Each of these films found a distributor that released these movies to the public. However, what each of these films lacks is the real, true nature of football in Europe through the eyes of an American and an insight into the way in which football hooliganism throughout Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, shapes an important aspect of the sport.

This brings us to the movie Hooligans. The film is a hard core and honest look at how football is perceived by a young American who is submerged in its appeal. It brings into focus just what football is all about in its native land. This film is not just about the game, but how one particular American is tested and becomes swept up into its dark culture. We feel the opportunity to see this film in America will shed light on the true meaning of friendship, brotherhood and loyalty. Here are some reviews from critics who have had the pleasure of experiencing this film:

"The movie works resoundingly well as a spotlight onto another country's sports-obsessed culture, plus it's just a damn well-made piece of storytelling, period." Scott Weinberg-EfilmCritic.com

"Lexi Alexander has written, directed and produced a powerful piece on how a tradition that embodies trust, friendship, and love can prevent a person from even considering that what they are doing is wrong. She has made a film both entertaining and enlighteninga rare treat in the Hollywood machine of cookie cutter scripts." Tim Basham-Moviehole

"There is something you take with you from this movie. The same thing Elijah [Wood] takes when you see him at the end of the film. The final step in leaving the childhood of life and becoming a man. A MAN. And whatever studio picks this winner up, if they sell it that way, as a story about youth to manhood theyll have a helluva film on their hands. Its easy to look at Elijah as a kid this film makes you see him as a man. Helluva good movie." Harry Knowles- Ain't it Cool News

Hooligans was shown at The South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas and at the Malibu Film Festival in Santa Monica, California where it won both the Audience and Jury awards for Best Film at each festival. It was also a showcase film at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Additionally the movie was the subject of an article in the May 2, 2005 issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Our disbelief centers on why Hooligans is still without any distribution in the US. Clearly the film's content is powerful and well told. The list of credible actors only brings more effective punch to the table. Elijah Wood has starred in the most successful movies that New Line Cinema has had to date, that being the $3 billion dollar Lord of the Rings Trilogy. During his 15-year career, Wood's films have grossed an average of over $1.5 billion dollars with an average of $81 million per film. Charlie Hunnam also has mighty weight under his belt having been in the films Cold Mountain, Nicholas Nickleby, and the noteworthy television series Queer as Folk.

Oscar nominated director, writer and producer Lexi Alexander (Johnny Flynton) may be an unknown at the moment, but as Scott Martinez of Comingsoon.net tells us; "I had to reassure myself that this woman not only has the skills to create such a visceral, true slice of English subculture on film but she has the ability to back every bit of it up. By the time that this film is in theaters, the world will know the name Lexi Alexander." Joe Leydon of Variety reiterates by saying; "Hooligans demonstrates that Alexander has the chops to bring a fresh take to on screen rough stuff. Hollywood will beckon."

We then have author Dougie Brimson, who has written books detailing the phenomenon of hooliganism and the co-writer of the movie. He has told of his concerns about the lack of distribution of his film. "Tribeca will provide America with yet more evidence that the movie is worthy of a decent distribution deal because there is sadly still no news of a release date for the US. Something which has been both disappointing and frustrating in equal measures." Edward Douglas of Comingsoon.net adds; "It's quite a shock that the movie still hasn't found a distributor, as it's sure to be a fan favorite and a commercial success for whomever picks it up."

We are fortunate enough to have testimonials from people who have seen Hooligans at the Tribeca Film Festival.

--"Hooligans is a gripping account of what the consequences are when people are faced with unnecessary violence. Because of its anti violent message brought about by graphic violence, it sends a great message to people in any country, be it America or Europe. People in America have embraced this sport with a vengeance. Therefore to bring this movie to theaters will only make a profit. The fact that soccer/football is the backdrop only adds to its flavor and will attract audiences."-- Jill O.-Long Island NY.

--"I was blown away by Hooligans. It was what I expected and more. It had plenty of funny moments, but this film was pure drama. Each fight scene is brilliantly filmed and choreographed, but necessary to drive home the message it was trying to convey -- one of anti-violence. Lexi Alexander was able to capture this in a truthful, realistic way and she succeeded. Elijah Wood is brilliant in this movie, putting in another wonderful performance. He is able to convey so well how his character, Matt, gets involved with these guys (hooligans) and how easy it is to get sucked into their world. The other gem of this movie was Charlie Hunnam. He was phenomenal. I highly recommend this film. I believe a US audience would enjoy this movie, as did all those in the theater when I screened it.--" Joanie M.-NYC.

All this being said, we would expect Hooligans to be picked up, distributed and shown throughout the US for the powerful independent film it is. It is far too acclaimed and potent to be ignored. You may contact the public relations representative for Hooligans.

Press Contact
Erik Bright
Insignia PR
9255 West Sunset Boulevard Ste 920
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Phone: (310) 777-1150
Fax: (310) 777- 1155
Email: [email protected]

For more information about Hooligans and the filmmakers, you can access their website:

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    We Need Hooligans! Don't deprive us!
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    I'd been looking forward to a local release. I had no idea there was no release planned. I've heard good things and would love to have the chance to see it.
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    I would like also to see that movie in french . thanks
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    its only a film let it be shown
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    Would love to see this film released. From what we've heard, it's great. And we support Charlie!!!
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    Please bring this movie here!
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    please bring it to utah
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    Yes!! New Yorkers want to see this movie!! Please give it a chance!
  • 10 September 2015367. Camila A
    From Canada
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    This film has 3 huge wins at film festivals. Clearly the American public likes it. Please distribute the film!
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  • 24 June 2015360. Jessica Barrera
    I saw the film at Tribeca in NYC. It is a gripping tale of family, friendship and loyalty...such universal themes. Others should have the opportunity to see this film, and feel it's impact.
  • 21 June 2015359. Nandy Glenn
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  • 15 May 2015358. Andrea N
    PLease please bring it to Australia.

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