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The purpose of this petition is to provide Turbine with a list of customers that support the current CoC and yet believe that Turbine should no longer allow players to report "suspected" Unattended Combat Macroers freely or without proof other than nonresponse to a non-Envoy. Given that the Current Turbine makes no distinction between using a third party program while at the keyboard and not using a 3rd party program, a small number of players are reporting others for not replying to tells or for having said players squelched. Since no player is required to reply to any other, the subsequent interruption to playtime for a test by an Envoy, which then shows the reported player at the keyboard, is an unnecessary interruption.
Many of these reports are apparently a part of a growing and STATED vendetta by a minority to force Turbine to chance the Code of Conduct to disallow attended play.

By signing this petition and emailing it to Ibn@turbinegames.com, and using your real name, character name, and main world server, you will show your support for this change.

if you have any questions concerning the petition, please email Syldegil@gmail.com. We would to extend our thanks to any and all that sign this petition. Thank you.


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Latest Signatures

  • 23 November 201040. Iamretarded
    You are so pathetic, im even against macroing and this is sad...
  • 23 November 201039. Nathan
    Amuk of Leafcull
  • 23 November 201038. Mark
  • 22 November 201037. nicejedi
    Sweet Mary on Wintersebb is abusing the report abuse by falsely reporting UCM'ing if people refuse to respond to her. As the #1 guild on WE, Order of the Jedi, over 7k members, none of my followers like her or her tactics and methods. All UCM reports fr
  • 17 November 201036. Michelle
    Players should be banned for falsly reporting a UCM test.
  • 17 November 201035. Derek
    Let me state first I do not agree with Sweet Mary and her antics. BUT, please do not give in to this petition. I play on Wintersebb. I know many players on both sides of the issue. Those that are for this petition are proven and even admit they UCM.
  • 15 November 201034. Chomsky
    The one who shall not be named should be parted with as if sands through the hourglass, annoying and chaffing sand, but sand nonetheless, let her be gone.
  • 15 November 201033. Raya
    ban sweet mary. stop the pollution of dereth
  • 14 November 201032. Zack
    The party in question is 100% out of line in her actions, and I believe it is time for Turbine to take action. This is not my AC subscribed email, if that one is needed you can email the email i have given.
  • 14 November 201031. Nick
    People reporting people "ucming" is very bad were some people are goning too the extreams of reporting people if there just logged on and sitting in mp or at there cottage/villa
  • 14 November 201030. Matthew
  • 14 November 201029. Marguerite
    I am Quaesa of WE and I don't mind stating for a fact that SM SUX big time! Like a flesh-eating disease SM needs to be wiped out from the face of Dereth forever!!!
  • 14 November 201028. Blackthantos
  • 14 November 201027. Mental
    100% agree.
  • 14 November 201026. Bryce
    Players shouldn't be reporting other players. The system itself needs to check for CoC-violating activities.
  • 13 November 201025. Jason
    This petition sums up the thoughts of hundreds of players for a fairer Dereth.
  • 13 November 201024. Jim
    Sweet Mary must stop!
  • 13 November 201023. kris
    i totally agree with this. i sit there and watch her but i get ucm checked for being one of the only people in a dungeon. its just not just.
  • 13 November 201022. Danny
    For the past 5 months Sweet Mary has harassed and griefed me on a daily basis, sending me strange Lifetank commands, dragging monsters on me and trying to kill me, pretending to be an ENVOY by saying HIHI repond to me or I will test you, calling me a Scum
  • 13 November 201021.
  • 13 November 201020. Elgar
    I've been hounded and harrassed by one individual in game and out for years now.
  • 13 November 201019.
  • 13 November 201018. Robert
    I am so sick and tired of players who think there $12.965 a month is worth more than my $12.95 a month. A self righteous crusade to rid the game of people you think is unworthy and using the CoC as a shield to hide behind is really begining to hinder the
  • 13 November 201017. Gene
    IGN: Toshiro Musashi - Wintersebb Server
  • 13 November 201016. Christine
    This has gotten way out of hand...
  • 13 November 201015. streach
  • 13 November 201014. Jason
    These reports are taking place while alot of us are taking place with no idea where our character is in the world...i have been reported while i was standing at my villa...that should not be allowed....oak bow...we is where i play

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