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TS-Specific Declaration of Independence

We are a community comprised of people who were born
in bodies that do not match our sense of gender and
who wish to correct this physical condition and get
on with life, with the opportunity to assimilate into
the mainstream and even hide the condition if we so
desire. We expect and even demand all the same
treatment, rights, expectations, and protections as
genetic born members of whatever gender we claim as
our own.

We assert the right to form a community comprised
of individuals who support the concept of two
genders despite having this condition. We do not
wish to be connected with individuals who support
more than two genders, individuals who don't
believe in gender, nor those who support infinite
shades of gender. Nor do we wish to be connected
with movements of individuals whose main purpose
is to change social and legal attitudes towards
sexual orientation. We maintain that we have a
medical condition that LGBT's and TG's do not have.
We maintain that our condition is medical and is not
anyway connected with any sexual practices, and it
hurts us when we are slandered in such a manner.

This declaration lends itself to support the
following rights:

1. The right to a name, label, or title that is
uniquely ours, and ours alone.

2. Freedom of association and dissassociation, and
the right to have our own community of only
fully transitioning TSs who have or want SRS.

3. The freedom to gain separation from the LGBT and
TG communities and to maintain such.

4. The right to fight for our rights alone, without
any outside interference or "help," and the
right to we to be the only ones speaking for us.

5. The right to privacy and secrecy if we so desire.

6. The right not to be compared to LGBT or
transgendered individuals.

7. The right to separate care, separate programs,
and separate research studies from transgendered
and/or homosexual persons.

8. The right to expect honesty and truth in
labeling from those who claim to be our allies.

9. The right for MtF TSs to marry males, and FtM
TSs to marry females, and for such marriages to
be considered heterosexual marriages and be
performed in accordance with existing laws.

10. The right to have all legal documents have the
gender which we believe ourselves to be, and for
the documents to be fully honored by all parts
of the government, medical establishment, legal
profession, employers, and the insurance field.

11. The right to do all things that those who are
members of the gender which we declare ourselves
to be are allowed to do, without double standards,
exceptions, or different expectations.

12. The right to hold any religious, political or
moral views, and to assemble with like-minded
persons. We shall have the right to practice our
beliefs without our gender or the the legitimacy
of our medical condition called into question.
Implied in this is the freedom from peer
pressure to attempt to force conformity in any
of these areas.

13. The right to be seen as members of our correct
gender who have/had a physical birth defect, not
as members of the wrong gender becoming members
of the right gender. Eg., MtFs are women born with
a physical birth defect, not men becoming women.

14. The right to not be seen as CD/TV/TG persons who
become TSs. TSs are that way from early in life
and never are CD/TV/TG. CDism is a chosen
behavior of those born with a male identity. MtF
TSs are women born with a birth defect who choose
to correct it. CD/TV/TG are labels for different
types of crossdressing men, and men can never
become women, ever. MtF TSs are born with a
female identity but forced to pretend to be
boys/men. MtF CD/TV/TG persons always have the
identity/soul of men dispite how they may dress or
pretend, and they can never jump categories to
TS. A TS who says they "used to be a crossdresser"
is either lying, confused, or not a TS. TSs are
born as TSs and CDing men remain CDing men. There
is no category jumping.

15. The right to reject pity. We are not inferior to
other women or men.

16. The right not to be connected with any sexual
practices, nor be lumped in with any group that
promotes such things.

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