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On July 21, 2007 a wreck occurred at a Texas motorcycle track day program that has raised safety issues.

It is important to note that while eyewitnesses alleged additional rule violations by the guilty party, these have been denied by the track organization. So for the purpose of this petition we will stick to what has been acknowledged. They are sufficient for making our case.

1. On the third lap of the first session of the day, a first time track day rider felt the beginner's group was too slow, but he did not follow the track program's policy which required him to ride with restraint and ask to be moved to the intermediate group in the next session.

2. Instead he ran too fast into a corner and t-boned another rider causing a wreck.

(The hit rider was sent to the hospital with a broken collar bone, chipped vertebrae, a severe foot injury and the motorcycle was totaled.)

3. The offending rider rode back onto the track and was identified in the pit area afterwards. He was not forthcoming with what he did until confronted. At that time he acknowledged that he did not ride with restraint and claimed he target fixated on the rider when he entered the corner too fast. He cried. He apologized (not to the injured rider). And the track organization moved him to a faster group.

4. He was followed and observed for two or three sessions by a seasoned instructor.

1. The guilty rider felt the beginning class was too slow yet he did not have enough discipline to ask to be moved or control his riding for that session. This shows a lack of maturity, development, and respect for his fellow riders.

2. Avoiding target fixation is a basic skill taught in Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training. This rider could NOT display this basic skill in a pinch situation in the beginner's group, yet he felt that he was qualified to run in a faster group? And the track organization agreed!?? His excuse for the collision and everything discussed previously in point 1 indicate that he was not responsible and mentally ready to ride in a faster group.

3. After sending someone to a hospital and causing a several thousand dollars worth of property damage and medical expenses, the rider is "rewarded" by being promoted to a faster group. There were NO consequences for his actions.

4. Even though an instructor followed him, at no time did they have control over him. At that point he was a proven risk and could have immediately caused another wreck.

Track days are schools, not races. To ensure the safety of the students, prevent problems with insurance, and protect track programs from negligence lawsuits, this petition is aimed at four simple safety measures.

1. Track programs should reserve the right to deal with incidents based upon their severity. For example: causing a wreck is worse than riding a wheelie. They do not have to be treated the same.

2. If a rider causes a wreck with a collision, especially one that sends someone to a hospital or puts them out for the day, then that rider is out for the day as well. Build in responsibility and accountability because we can't count on the track organization to do it.

3. To participate in a track day you must have ONE of the following:
a) A state Motorcycle endorsement OR
b) MSF Basic Rider's Course Completion card OR
c) A CMRA (or equivalent racing) license

The track is for learning to ride BETTER, not learning to ride the first time.

4. Unless you have a racing license, all first time track day participants should be required to take that program's school for the appropriate level. This is to ensure that everyone on the track has some basic level of orientation and skill.

We the undersigned ask the various Texas-based track day organizations to adopt these four simple safety measures (or similar ones) and at the same time we agree to abide by them in order to promote a safer learning and recreation environment. We also state that we will vote with our dollars by patronizing the track day organizations that adopt these rules over those that don't.

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