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Arnold Schwarzenegger makes Reagan seem intelligent, Bush seem articulate and Gore seem loose. He is fine for shallow, idiotic movies where his most complex line is "Hasta la vista," but not for governor of the largest state in the country.
In announcing that he was running for governor of California on the boob tube on Aug. 6, the only reason Schwarzenegger could give was because the Golden State had supposedly deteriorated." He showed no understanding of the complexities behind California's budget problems, which were mostly caused by the Republican-controlled federal government cutting funds to states and refusing to help in California's energy scam crisis.
Moreover, Schwarzenegger could not articulate what he would do as governor beyond pumping up Sacramento, whatever the hell that meant. His announcement on comedian Jay Leno's show would be funny, if there was not so much at stake.
Schwarzenegger is a Republicanazi, if there ever was one he even comes from Hitlers home country of Austria and his father WAS literally a Nazi in occupied Austria. He even burned one of his supposed closest allies, former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, who was stunned that Schwarzenegger announced on TV after giving Riordan indications he would not enter the race. Schwarzenegger claimed that he and Riordan agreed to maintain suspense, which a Riordan aide disputed in no uncertain terms [see,1,6506478.story]. "This idea that we have worked together, keeping people guessing and all this for the last few weeks is [ridiculous]," the Riordan advisor said.
Only one day on the campaign, and already even Republicans are calling Schwarzenegger a liar.
Schwarzenegger has no political record beyond organizing a proposition for after-school programs - boy, that's going out on a limb, huh? That's like Laura Bush speaking out for.....reading! Whew, these Republicans take my breath away with their courageous stands on the controversial issues of the day.
What does Schwarzenegger really know about running a state? His Planet Hollywood restaurants crashed and burned. What does he know about getting legislation passed or forging compromises with people of different views?
Schwarzenegger says he has all the money he needs and won't be beholden to "special interests," but what about his own interests? What are his own interests? Why should we trust this millionaire for an important political position when he has no political track record? Someone with all the money he needs can be a Perot-like dictator, not a politician who has to learn the fine art of compromise.
If Schwarzenegger wants to run for mayor of Brentwood, fine. But not governor of the largest state in the country, especially one that is clearly on the Democratic side. It just smells of more Republican dirty tricks.
Then there are the rumors about his extramarital affairs and marital problems. At least Schwarzenegger has owned up to his steroid and marijuana use - but he's still another hypocritical Republican who goes around telling kids to stay off drugs, something he didn't do.
The great mystery here is: How could a member of the Kennedy clan marry this dimwit?
Finally, there is a tape going around cyberspace [see] in which Schwarzeneggers voice is calling a Hooters waitress a son of a bitch and asking her if she likes discipline. Its probably digitally enhanced, but you never know. Schwarzenegger was known to play such weird pranks a lot against body-builders he competed against to gain a psychological edge.
Before we have to endure a political career that could be worse than Reagan or Bush, we need to put an end to these pranks and foolishness. We need to say, "Hasta la vista, baby," to Schwarzenegger.

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