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Tony Blair, up on high hopes and spirits, when he was elected the president on his party, by the people themselves, Tony, looked at a bright future ahead of him as a Prime Minister and promised to stay really careful while taking any decision of any kind.

A natural Phenomena, as one can see it. Tony Blair was moving on to a safe circuit, on his way to developing a Good UK. After some time of ruling, this country known as United Kingdom, alongwith the world heard the Blasts of World Trade CEntres of New York on 11th September 2001. The American President, which was seem to look as a needy peasant then, asking for support of all the nations from the world, got the eye of Tony, Tony vowed to help out America in the fight against the so-called "Terrorism". Not knowing what lied ahead in the future, in the mind of George Bush, and in the obvious wars coming up ahead. A sentimental Tony Blair, gave his support along with Army, Money and Moral to United States of America.

Tony, being rthe Prime Minister of a natural friend of America country, knew what he had to do, but somewhat, the situation slipped from his hands. Tony, in Afghanistan, sent his forces with a view to fight terrorism, the soldiers helped out AMerica in every possible way, the expenditure being on Tony and the Credit on George Bush, the American President, the resider of the White House. Tony did not feel any kind of hurt anywhere back then, but he remarked with Joy on the victory.

Now, Tony again began moving on a safe circuit, but he knew, from deep inside that this circuit was not too safe now, he knew that many British residents were already against him, and his support to the US was not going to fetch him support. Tony knew trhat, but being a good person he is, kept quiet, and silenced his consciene, kept moving on with George Bush.

Again, the fire was ignited, the wood was Burnt, Bush was angered and the time had come, for tony Blair to be called out again, this time, The Ameican President needed Blair for Iraqi Evasion, Tony, again gave his full support without the slightest outer hesitation, but, he knew that a whole battle of spirits had been going on from his Conscience's side. Still Tony, sent the troops to Iraq. Again, being the good boy Tony he is, this time, Tony drew out another bucketful of un-supporting people, which included the soldiers, But still, urging himself to do this one last time, Tony sent the troops to Iraq, again with the old rusty reason to fight Terrorism. This time too, US won, and Tony became joyous yet again. George Bush got the credit again, Tony got none, George Bush got Saddam, Tony got none, George got the Oil Wells, Tony got none, and George Bush got the full loot, Tony got none, still Tony was very happy for the victory and was going on good with it.

The War between tony's mind and Spirit had gone fiercer, just like the revolt of Many Brit OPrganizations and People, but Tony, again being the good good boy he is, said nothing, but kept quiet, expecting a wave of sympathy from the people, the eternal friendship of US and many other good good things, but deep within his soul, he knew that, this was not possible.

Once again, A fire broke out, a forest got burnt, a bell had rung, and the time had come, but this time it was the turn of Tony to call on Bush, the unexpected was about to happen and Tony knew it, deep inside his soul, deep under the blindfolds, he knew it, that expecting support was useless. The London Bomb blasts were nothing that had to do with the US definition of Terrorism. Still, Tony waited and saw, the turn of US on the whole matter, he waited for hours, days, and a full week, still, none. All the US official and unofficial was quiet on this issue. Tones was puzzled, with his force still fighting its heart out in Iraq, and some in Afghanistan, he knew nothing to do, the series of Bombs shattered him and his hopes for winning the upcoming election, if the US support on this had occured, Tony could have been on getting another War against terrorism, which he had eagerly waited for, which he had always dreamt of, which he could have lead, and which he could have fought his own way. But then, good old Tony still didnt say a word on the US and its quietness on the whole matter. And is still silent, hoping for a surprise utter from the US president on this issue.

Arriving on the conclusion, one can see how Poor old Tony had been t4ricked out of his goodness. How he was backstbbed by the US, how a miserable US President caught Tony on his Trap and then, after leeching everything out from him, threw him away like he had never known Tony. Tony, now is on his Turn to look Miserable, in the real sense, has nowhere to turn to, nowhere to go to, Tony is now down the lane, on the lane to the Opposition, on the lane to never get up on his feet, on his way to never expect any Bush support ever again, and on his Lane which ends on a really low level. Good Old Tony is still not realising the fact that his Iraq and Afghanistan troops are gfighting without purpose, for USA, for a backstabber, for George Bushy. Tony, is on the position where nothing goes back, Tony is now looking for another alternative which may lead him to a succes in elections, but in his sight, he sees none of them

Tony lost a series of things to the so called "War against Terrorism", money, soldiers, innocent lives, sympathy of people, and many other things he used to be once proud of, Now, Tony is left iwth the ruins, of the war, of the friendship and of his Prime Ministry, Tony now stares blankly down the lane from where he had came from, from where he had risen from, from where he had travelled his way to the Prime Minister. Poor old miserable Tony needs support at this point of time, but sees none possible from USA or George Bush. The only place he has now to turn to is the population of UK and the World Media, if they, can give him support, Tony has something to still live for, something to work on and something to lachieve, still.

Tony is in need of your support today, World, or there would be no time, until Tony Blair is back on his way again, Down the Lane

Dr. Rajesh Dubey

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