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We, customers of Time Warner cable internet services in Austin TX, have been very dis-satisfied with the performance and quality of your services over the past few days.
We are asking Time Warner Cable, which provides the infrastructure for RoadRunner and Earthlink ISPs in Austin, to take immediate actions to identify and fix the problem(s) as soon as possible.
The residents of Scofield Farms neighborhood, in particular, have been fed up with the run-around given to them by Time Warner concerning the poor preformance of their internet services for over a week and demand immediate action or else we will be forced to switch to other non-cable broadband services.
We also would like to be compensated in the form of an account credit for all the time when service was undependable.

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Latest Signatures

  • 22 June 201550. Jeff R
    Street Address 1404 Tamar Ln Zip Code 78727 Have been having systemic problems for last month. Am )( close to switching to SBC
  • 19 March 201549. Kevin R
    I support this petition
  • 09 September 201448. Mike H
    I support this petition
  • 16 July 201447. Nick L
    Street Address 4613 Cottonwood Zip Code 78744 overpriced, poor service, long wait time. Satellite is better!
  • 04 July 201446. Roland L
    I support this petition
  • 21 June 201445. Scott Gerryj
    Street Address 13027 Scofield Farms Drive Zip Code 78727 Last week, we switched over to a broadband telephone service. The problems with Road Runner have made it impossible to receive phone calls most of the time.
  • 22 April 201444. Jay O
    Street Address 501 E Stassney Lane # 1511 Zip Code 78745 I've had this service since Oct 15 and have had about 6 hours of decent television in two weeks. Everything else has been garbage.
  • 23 February 201443. Karen Mcpherson
    Street Address 275 E. Vista Ridge Mall Dr Zip Code 75067 Time Warner Sucked in NY and now they SUCK even more in TX. Please HELP!!!
  • 22 December 201342. Sandra D
    Street Address 13321 Kirkglen Dr. Zip Code 78727 too many outages & terrible service
  • 27 October 201341. Indira E
    Street Address 1923 dapplegrey ln, austin Zip Code 78727 I primarily need it to work from home, which is not serving my purpose.
  • 28 August 201340. Mark K
    I support this petition
  • 18 August 201339. Ruth E
    I support this petition
  • 08 June 201338. Camille S
    Street Address 13204 Kincaid Court Zip Code 78727 Stop setting up service calls and do something
  • 26 April 201337. David W
    Street Address 1102 Fairlawn Cove Zip Code 78664 Slow and your own site does not even come up
  • 26 January 201336. Jon Andmichelew
    Street Address 1505 Cutting Horse Ln. Zip Code 78727 we have already contacted SWB DSL
  • 18 August 201235. Dan A
    Street Address 1362 Braided Rope Dr. Zip Code 78727 Network has only been usable for about 2 days out of 14
  • 22 July 201234. Dimitri N
    I support this petition
  • 15 July 201233. Jerry M
    I support this petition
  • 02 July 201232. Asif E
    Street Address 1947 Dapplegrey Lane Zip Code 78727 I have a business account and it is equally bad.
  • 25 May 201231. Matthew S
    Street Address 4305 Steve Scarbrough Dr. Zip Code 78759 Road Runner service is abysmal and I am considering a move to AT&T DSL service (which is much less expensive for a minor hit in performance/speed).
  • 07 December 201130. Carolyn W
    I support this petition
  • 28 August 201129. Donna G
    Street Address 13301 Kirkglen Dr Zip Code 78727 В
  • 31 March 201128. Suzan A
    I support this petition
  • 22 March 201127. Jeff S
    Street Address 13208 Kincaid Ct Zip Code 78727 The last week has been slower than dialup
  • 07 March 201126. Ruth Vice
    Street Address 1922 Dapplegrey Ln Zip Code 78727 Disruption is very frustrating to planned on-line activities. Lack of information from Road Runner is doubly frustrating.
  • 15 December 201025. Craig K
    Street Address 1942 Dapplegrey Lane Zip Code 78727 Have had cable modem problems from 8/21 to 8/29 (Today). This is very poor service. DSL is looking pretty good now...
  • 03 October 201024. Stan S
    Street Address 136 Rei Tang Zip Code 78640 I'm in Klye but we have the same problem, poor service and no real response from Time Warner. They have a monopoly and don;t care about their customers.

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Time Warner Cable Austin


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