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Columbia Records,
We are through with it. Who are we, you ask? The Destiny's Child fans. We are through with the lack of promotion for Destiny's Child in 2005. This entire Destiny Fulfilled era could have been huge, but it wasn't. They did great, don't get me wrong...but the album could have sold 5 million or more, with the right promotion. The album was off to a GREAT start with "Lose My Breath" and "Soldier"...and sold amazingly, selling 2 million copies in under 2 months in 2004. But, come 2005...things slowed down. "Soldier" peaked at airplay, and started to fall. That fall caused Destiny Fulfilled to fall.
THEN the ultimate plummet for the album came with the release of the third single.."Girl." Now, don't get me wrong, "Girl" is a great song, a great album track, and has a beautiful video. Touching, really. BUT as a single, "Girl" was a bad choice. The public agreed, considering "Girl"'s lack of downloads, disappointing airplay in comparison to every Destiny's Child single since 2000 and the album's drastic sales decrease.
Had you, the label, insisted on a different third single choice - perhaps "Cater 2 U" or even "Bad Habit" the album would still be lingering in the Top 50, but it isn't. "Cater 2 U" would have been a terrific third single, it would have gone Top 5, just like it's predecessors, and even had a shot at #1. That shot, it seems, is long gone. Top 10 is definite for "Cater 2 U," but Top 5 seems far away...and #1 is miles away. Even with the bad choice to release "Girl" - it still could have done better, had their been more promotional push. I know the ladies were busy on tour, (putting on the most amazing show I have ever seen in my life) but cameras were invented over 100 years ago, and surely the stellar tour performances of "Girl" and "Cater 2 U" could have been filmed and broadcast on various USA morning shows, daytime talk shows, late night shows, TRL, and 106 & Park.
Surely the label could afford a front-page iTunes ad promoting the "Girl" and "Cater 2 U" remix EPS (there's still time for "Cater 2 U") to help with downloads, which helps on the Hot 100. Surely the label could have established a street team with contests to win prizes for downloading and requesting the songs (which I am about to run) and surely "Girl" could have peaked higher, and "Cater 2 U" would be Top 10 already.
But, "Girl" is in the past. "Cater 2 U" is the present, and much isn't happening to promote it aside from the tour, so we ask of you: one more single from Destiny Fulfilled. One more chance for the album to have a Top 5 hit, one more chance for the album to reenter the Top 50 and indefinitely shoot beyond the 3 million mark. One more video from Destiny Fulfilled, and one more song to add to the greatest hits.
We want "Through With Love," and I am sure the ladies agree. On the Destiny Fulfilled dual disc bonus interview, Kelly said she thinks it's their greatest song ever. Beyoncй told 94.1 Da Beat in Savannah, GA that if there would be a 5th single, they would want "Through With Love." And we want it released from Destiny Fulfilled, not the greatest hits. There should be a brandnew single from the greatest hits.
Every single review of the album I read, even if the reviewer didn't like the rest of the album, they praised "Through With Love." On fan message boards, and on the fan club, the fans unanimously agree "Through With Love" should be a single. Since the day the album was released, fans wanted "Through With Love" released. On the Destiny Fulfilled & Lovin' It tour, I attended Madison Square Garden and Nassau Coliseum and when the beat of "Through With Love" played the crowd went wild. Everyone in the Garden was singing the words to the song. The song is amazing. The song is powerful. The song is brilliance. The song is the perfect single choice. The song is Grammy Award winning material.
Yes, Grammy Award winning material. If "Through With Love" is released before the Grammy nomination deadline, I am sure it would be nominated, and I am sure it would win. If not, then the Grammy committee would be out of their minds. And surely, the label would want Destiny's Child to win a Grammy, because Grammy wins equate to a boost in record sales and record sales equate to money in the pocket of the label.
Not only is "Through With Love" Grammy material - it is #1 material. With the right promotion, a breathtakingly powerful video (which is inevitable with such a song) and the song itself, "Through With Love" can be #1. You can make it happen, Columbia Records...and the fans will do their part, if you do yours.
As you read this statement, we have already begun requesting "Through With Love" at the top radio markets, in an effort to make the song catch on with the general public, to help pursuade you to release it. If this really is Destiny's Child's final album together...they should go out with a bang. "Through With Love" could be that bang. If you release "Through With Love" everyone who signs this petition agrees to buy the greatest hits. If you don't, we agree NOT to buy. All you have to do is light the flame and keep on adding fuel to the fire, as will we. "Through With Love" deserves this. Destiny's Child deserve this. The fans deserve this.

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