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ATTN: Robert A. Iger, Roy E. Disney, and Board of directors for the Walt Disney Company,

We speak for the many old school Walt Disney fans out there who are tired of the lack of creativity and art that modern day Disney displays. Disney seems to be about projecting what will be popular and what will make the most money the next year instead of being about art, creativity, and family viewing. Where is the magic? In our opinion; Roy E. Disneys Save Disney for Future Generations Campaign was a failure for the most part. Roy won the battle; but, he lost the war. Save Disney should have never ended and should still be alive and going. Entertainment is an art form. By setting boundaries according to what you think will make the most money, youre setting limits on it. You can not put a limit on art; otherwise, its not longer an art form. Its merely a manufactured product off of a well organized assembly line made with cheap, thrown together, parts. If other companies used the same philosophy for their manufactured products the way that Disney thinks about its live action films; they would never survive. Where is the quality control?

We; the old school Disney fans, have noticed an unsettling and disturbing shift in Disneys endeavors. The Walt Disney Company has completely alienated young children, older teenagers, young adults, middle aged adults, and older adults with their new, hip, Disney Channel, preteen/young teen trends. That shift eliminates the family viewing concept entirely; because, the entire family is no longer the focus. The quality of writing for shows on the Disney Channel and many of Disneys modern live action films such as The Santa Claus 3, The Haunted Mansion and Underdog; is completely disgusting and lacks magic, creativity, verisimilitude, and over all artistic ability. Hannah Montana is just a marketing scheme gone the right way and; in reality, lacks any sort of writing or artistic qualities. Hannah Montana; like its predecessor air-headed blonde show, Lizzie McGuire only appeals to a certain age group and sex. Twelve to fourteen-year-old girls seem to be the only target audience Disney cares anything about. Like Lizzie McGuire; Hannah Montana is just a trend or fad. When it fades out; what will Disney do next? That sort of thinking is a dangerous pattern for a respected company like The Walt Disney Company to get into. Shows like Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana are NOT timeless shows with any sort of quality and will scarcely be mentioned or thought about twenty years from now. Just projecting trends, throwing shows together, and marketing them in such a way that they become hits is not a way to create the timeless entertainment that Disney became famous for in the past. In our opinion; The Disney Channel is nothing but a cheap, Nickelodeon knockoff with the same sort of fart humor and bad writing being clearly displayed.

There are Mickey Mouse cartoons all over YouTube and the Internet. The typical comments on those videos are positive and most people who leave comments are begging Disney to start showing those old cartoons again. Where are the 2-D animated feature films with epic storylines and beautiful animation quality? What happened to those films? Where is the high quality writing for live action shows and the fresh, artistic approach? Where are the old world styled musicals? A High School Musical doesnt even come close to touching films like Mary Poppins or Petes Dragon in quality or timeless value. Disney is supposed to focus on the ENTIRE family. Where is Mickey Mouse? As Walt said; It all started with a Mouse. Walt never wanted anyone to forget that either. A modern day Walt Disney Pictures HAS forgotten that fact and doesnt seem to care. Where are the family adventure films in the spirit of The Swiss Family Robinson, the family films in the spirit of Old Yeller, or the epic fairy tale animated films like Beauty and the Beast. In this petition; we DEMAND that the Walt Disney Company go back to its roots and give us something wonderful again! If the current Disney leadership will not even consider making these sorts of changes or believes that they cant; we recommend that the entire board step down and that the stockholders vote in some people who will do the job the right way. We; the alienated Walt Disney fans, beg you the board members to Bring Back the Magic!!!! Disney, PLEASE.. BRING BACK THE MAGIC!!!!!!

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