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I am the proud owner and operator of The Universal Awareness Site. The Universal Awareness Site is a blog that I maintained at MSN Spaces. For three years I posted articles, images, stories, reports and other content on my blog. Over the course of those three years I have made hundreds of postings on that blog and spent several hundred hours more doing very meticulous research, writing and typing and posting stories and reports on my blog. Sometimes it was hard and challenging work but often it was fun and I loved every second of it.

My blog was a little more than ordinary as I had used it to attack corruption and injustice. One of the main purposes that I had created my blog for was to target those online whom oppressed and violate others. My blog was meant to be a voice to the voiceless for those around the world. I engaged in activism and advocacy with my blog and I targeted and shamed everyone from creepy child molesters to corrupt police officers, corporations, governments (especially America and Israel), government policies and officials that allowed poverty, the War in Iraq, the Occupation of Palestine and numerous other social issues. But as I was bringing these issues to light it also seemed that I was developing a very long list and a dazzling and dizzying array of enemies. However, when I was not using my blog to target and humiliate corporations, government agencies and other individuals for criticism I posted topics on health, safe sex, suicide prevention, self-defense, Amber alerts for missing/abducted children and drunk driving among others. I had especially stressed the dangers of drunk driving on my blog as I had once had a friend that was killed while riding with a drunk driver. And I also shared personal things about myself on my blog like the time I rescued a cat stuck in a tree (not as easy as you think, lol) and my fondness for raccoons. I had also used my blog to cover little noticed news stories that were often overlooked by the mainstream news media. So, not everything on my blog was about war and violence and picking fights and annoying people, though I do admit that I occasionally did push the envelope and tried to be provocative when it came to going after adversaries. But I never used my blog to attack ordinary people, all of my targets online were very, very deviant individuals (ex. child molesters, corrupt police officers, Paris Hilton) or extremely powerful entities (private corporations and governments) that had intentionally misled and hurt others.

On Sunday, March 9, 2008, my blog was shut down by MSN. The very forces of brutality, corruption and injustice that I have been criticizing and slamming on my blog for three years finally succeeded in pressuring MSN into shutting down my blog because they objected to content on my blog that cast them in a bad light or exposed them in a unfavorable way. I believe strongly that 9/11 survivors whom objected to my views against America and the War on Terrorism might have played a lead role in having my blog shut down. My blog is anti-American and anti-establishment and I am unapologetic about that. I am an American by birth but I see no need to support a nation that can spend over $600 billion to engage in an illegal war and occupation of a foreign nation (Iraq) and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and turn that nation's civilians against each other and destroy the fabric and culture of that nation's society, while around the world people suffer in painful poverty. In fact, right here in the U.S. 12\% of the population or 37 million Americans live on or below the poverty line. If the U.S. can find $600 billion (and counting) to fund this hateful war against Muslims and other people globally then it definitely has the ability to stabilize the lives of every man, woman and child in this nation but the people who run this nation don't care about that because it doesn't benefit them where as wars put money in the pockets of the rich and elite. Yes, thats the type of content that I had on my blog when it was in full operation, the same type of content which led to it being shut down.

I am now without my main blog, something that I worked hard on and developed for the past three years and I have this very real and profound feeling and sense of lose.

Because I had largely dedicated my blog to fighting for the oppressed and giving a voice to the voiceless, the lose of my blog is one less instrument of justice and defense for the disadvantage.
Oh, and I suppose I should also let you know that I had never received a single warning or notice from MSN to remove offensive comment from my blog. It would had been nice if I had gotten a warning or a notice to remove offensive content. I may have chosen (or not) to remove a particular item on my blog that someone found offensive or perhaps I would have even switched my blog's status from public to private viewing. But MSN never said a word to me, they just went behind my back and shut down my blog. I sent a message to MSN demanding an explanation as to why they shut down my blog but MSN has not responded to me yet, they won't even give me the slightest of explanations and I get the impression that they are ignoring me.

In short, my freedom of speech, freedom of creativity and freedom of expression have been violated things that are supposedly among the most precious and defining hallmarks of Americas essence.
Though this is something that happened to me today it could happen to you tomorrow. This isn't just about me, it's ultimately about all of us. It's about or rights to freedom of speech, creativity and expression. The government and it's allies in the private sector are pushing to see how far they can go. Today they are shuting down blogs that challenge their views and beliefs, what will it be tomorrow and where and when will it finally stop?

I've created this petition with the main purpose of getting MSN/MIcrosoft to give me an explanation as to why my blog was shutdown and perhaps even an apology. By helping me get justice today, those of you whom still have blogs that are in operation are safeguarding your rights from being violated in the near future.

So, I'm asking you to please assist me in my pursuit for justice and to sign my petition. After a considerable number of signatures I will send it to MSN/Microsoft headquarters. I will keep you all apprized of any new and important updates and details.

Thank You.

If you want to contact me you can do so at my main e-mail addy: [email protected]

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