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The enjoyment of riding ATVs** and dirt bikes*** on public land is at risk. In some cases the poor decisions of a few individuals have reflected poorly on all recreational ATV and dirt bike riders. This is not right, nor is it fair, but it is the way it is. Some of our fellow Maritimers would have us lock up all public lands so that only those who are able to access public lands by foot would be allowed the privilege of doing so. This is a travesty of justice and freedoms to enjoy the great outdoors of beautiful Nova Scotia. As one activist put it "We are the public in public lands, it does not belong to the government, the land belongs to the people".

Unfortunately those who would stop ATV use on public lands are well funded and well organized. They are actively seeking to stop all efforts of regular citizens to access lands, which have been available to public access for centuries.

In one aspect we will agree our opponents have a point. The point is that no single citizen has the right to abuse or destroy public or private lands. On that we all agree. It is for this reason that we as responsible off-road riders should go out of our way to be extremely responsible in the way we use the opportunities "granted" to us by the managers of public and private lands and property.

Any and all support and participation that you can lend toward making our roads and trails open for ATV and/or dirt bike use known will be a great advantage. Do not sit back quietly and assume that someone somewhere will protect you from the aggressive activities of the motorized use closure advocates.

If you don't speak up, you may soon find yourself with a machine(s) that is no longer legal to ride anywhere in the Province. Your family will have lost opportunities to see things and places where they have not the physical stamina and prowess to hike to. Take the opportunity to sign this petition and inform local government of your desire to have access to the properties under their management, and specifically with the concern of allowing access with ATVs, dirt bikes, and other OHV's.

Please read the points below. If you agree with one or all of these points please sign this online petition so we can present a collective voice to the Nova Scotia Voluntary Task Force and the Nova Scotia Legislature to ensure our rights and freedoms are not taken away.

We, the undersigned, believe that ATVs and/or dirt bike are NOT inherently dangerous and that local government concerns about safety can be addressed through an increase in designated, as well as specially designed, off-road riding areas, and through the promotion of rider safety training and education.

We believe it is important for the youth of the Maritimes and Canada to be able to ride properly sized ATVs and/or dirt bike and to get optional safety training before they ride. Family participation in ATV and/or dirt bike riding is an important contributor to cultivating family closeness and respect in thousands of local families. Also, ATV and/or dirt bike riding by minors with adult supervision provides important learning opportunities for minors. We do not agree with an entire ban on all motorized OHVs to persons under the age of 14.

In addition, family ATV and dirt bike recreation provides essential income for recreational destinations and communities, and ATV and dirt bike sales provide jobs, business income and tax revenue for communities in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

WE do not support the approach of the blanket recommendations in the OUT OF CONTROL interim report . The recommendations herein do not take the competitive sports of motocross and cross-country racing into consideration. Competitive sports increase confidence and self-discipline in our youth. To legislate against one sport would require legislation against all sports.

WE do not support the approach in the OUT OF CONTROL interim report of property seizure, outrageous fines, and the auctioning off of private property of Nova Scotians to ensure compliance to over restrictive laws.

Finally, we do not support any performance restrictions on ATVs and/or dirt bikes. And we do not support restrictions on the sale of adult sized ATVs for use by children under 14 if the adult-sized machine is the appropriate size for the child.

**ATV - All Terrain Vehicle, includes primarily 4 wheelers and 3 wheelers. Dirt Bikes and Motocross Bikes are not included in this definition of ATV.

***Dirt Bikes - Any off-road or competition (motocross) size motorcycle from 50cc - 450cc.

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