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First off I would like to explain that this is not a petition to stop the belief in god. It is however a petition to ask that those of you who believe in him/her/it who for whatever reason dont feel as though the Christian religion is getting enough face time in the media or in our homes, realize that how deeply you feel for your god is how deeply that I do not feel for him/her/it. We have the freedom of religion in our country, and it seems that many of you feel that that gives total freedom to solicit your beliefs to anyone and everyone you meet. It however falls under the same rule as the freedom of speech. If it offends someone you have invaded their privacies. I do not attempt to push my beliefs on you or your children, nor do I wish for a TV show to be created that expresses my beliefs. I dont want people preaching my beliefs on a Sunday morning televangelism program. However it seems that when something comes up in mainstream society that prohibits the use of the word god or limitation of prayer in certain areas Christians feel that their freedom of religion is being oppressed. However take a look at it form the point of view of a person indifferent to the hatred felt between Christians and atheists on this issue. By putting those shows on network television and subjecting millions of peoples to its ideology and beliefs, you are infringing on those peoples right to religious freedom. If these shows were shown on a channel strictly for promoting Christian beliefs, this would not be an issue. Being as these shows and actions are taking place in open society it is offensive to some and therefore a violation of freedoms. If I were to say something as I passed you on the street that offends you, I would be in violation of the freedom of speech. I only want you to think about the actions you are taking when you say your right to religious freedom is being hindered. Keep this in mind before you say that when I was a child I should sit in class and listen to people pray to a god that I dont believe exists. Think again how offended you would be if I started druidic rites in the middle of central park at noon on Easter Sunday. Many Christians would be outraged that someone would do such a thing on a holy Christian day. It was sacred to the followers of my religion long before yours existed, but many of you dont know this. In fact nearly every holiday has been documented as being a sacred day to other religions predating Christianity, but for whatever reasons Christians either believe that these dates are lies and that only the Christian followers have a religious basis in them, or that we stole them from you. Keep in your minds as you read this, that I serve in the United States Armed Forces and protect your freedoms. I expect nothing but the same respect for my beliefs as I have for yours. I choose not to try and push others to believe as I do, I would expect the same courtesy from you. I do not pledge allegiance under god, I do not swear to god and I dont ask anyone to do the opposite if they are a believer. So please take a minute to think about the next time your about to whine about something, and consider all of the smaller religions that have truly devoted followers and not a bunch of mindless people doing as they are told. We dont want your spot-light, we just dont think you need so big of one.

This was created in response to an email a friend of mine sent to me concerning a petition to CBS. I felt that more senseless whining and complaining was on the way, so I drew this up to make sure that the other view was heard.

May all your journeys end in success

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