The Light of Freedom: An Appeal to the Nation sign now

The Light of Freedom
An Appeal to the Nation

Dedicated to General Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Paine; most humbly presented to the People of the United States of America.

The Ancient of Days has breath in which men can be revived, a holy fire that can flame the Light of Freedom where men can once again proclaim Liberty throughout the land.
With an appeal to Heaven and a whisper raised to a mighty roar the American People shall Rise again to the Destiny of which they were given, but only with eyes open and the Sword of the Spirit drawn shall the American Republic and the Constitution for which it stands remain; For unless Courage is found, and action, Peaceful Action, is taken, it shall soon enter into the realm of noble ideas that once stood as hallmarks of light, with its beacon of Liberty, once shining for all to see, dimmed, and its nobility lay as but dust in the hallways and corridors of history, a shadow and fleeting glimpse of what God bestowed upon every man of this Remarkable and Providential Nation.
Never before in history has such an exercise been taken and success result, a nation Where All Men Are Created Equal, where We The People form the Government; and Liberty, rather than any man or institution, reigns Supreme - The True American Dream that all men are Free and answer but to their Creator.
This Dream, though lucid throughout the last centuries, grows increasingly marred by the commercialism of the day and the increasing dependence upon a government that has neither soul, nor spirit, but instead holds only a vacant and listless eye that spies upon the people she was sworn to protect. Damn the eyes that hold her people in contempt and suspect! The very poor and down-trodden she welcomed with open arms and was sworn to Love.
Mistress Government has found a new love, and the name upon her forehead is greed. A contemptible and arrogant sort has this Mistress Government become, deceiving and manipulating her people her people by spinning a web of such magnitude that those caught see not that her fangs are poised and ready to strike. She is drunk, and she makes the people drink with her. In their glorified stupor they see her yet as rich, powerful, and mighty, but strip away the fallacy and see Mistress Government as she really is, fat and drunk on the wine of her own peoples poverty. No, not the poverty of her almighty god, the green and slithering slime that pervades her every street, but her children are impoverished and starving, impoverished and starving in Character, in Nobility, in Morals, and in Truth.
She no longer teaches her children to fear God, but instead mocks the very words in which the foundation of her house stands.
It is time for her Children to rise, to shake her from her throne, for It is the Right of the People to Abolish her Destructive Ends. We must now become One, We must now Unite. We must lift the Torch of Freedom High. We must Stand as a People upon the Word of God and the Document drawn from it, the Constitution of the United States of America.
We must, I repeat, we must hold these Truths in the Highest Esteem and place them Securely within Our Hearts. We must not let the fleeting wind of the day mock the very foundation upon which we stand, nor the People that stand with it, for it is Self-Evident that these are the Truths, The Foundation upon which this nation has Stood and by Providence will Stand Again. All other foundations are but clay will wash away leaving no more of it Sacred Precepts, not even the wind shall whisper her name if anything but that of Liberty Remains as its Foundational Truth. Only upon Liberty & Truth can the Light of Freedom burn. All others shall quickly be snuffed out.
This Nation was not found on capitalism, but upon Ideas. Ideas whose only source could be that of Waters Pure and Providentially Given, but the waters of the day are polluted, polluted with the indoctrination of television, a camera eye pervading every home. There are papers and documents that treat Liberty as a servant and Life as an unwelcome guest. No, Liberty is a Divine Grace and Life a Divine Miracle, but we have murdered Life in the name of Liberty only to shame her very name. We have overcome and repented the sin of slavery, now we must overcome the sin which atrocity itself would not utter, the mass infanticide that pervades the land and the blood that covers the hands of doctors sworn to heal. Repent we must and mourn the loss of those denied Life and Liberty.
America no longer holds privacy as a Sacred Right, nor Solitude as a God-given Gift. It holds not Rest as a Providential Command, but instead forces upon its People a scrutiny of which our fathers would never tolerate. Neither shall we tolerate the tyranny of eyes, cold and desolate, that no one may penetrate, but God Alone. The Eyes of Government must close, and Our Eyes Re-Open.
Whereas once this Free Nation held in its highest regard those Unalienable Rights that to have Privacy and Solitude does not make a terrorist be, but where Privacy and Solitude are held as Profound & Sacred Rights and Liberties necessary to the Sound Mind and Sound Heart of any State under Divine Care.
The time for complacency is through. The Roots of Independence must once again grow deep. It is not a time of Fear, but of Determination, determination not to allow propaganda into our homes. The canvas upon which propaganda paints its most illustrious lies must be thrown, trampled upon, and never again allowed to desensitize and hypnotize the Children of God and the Children of this Nation in whom was intended to Live Peace. The Passion of Liberty must be relit and the chains of this Mutation Government thrown off, and the mediums they use, destroyed. For there are Words that hold Life and there are images that hold death. Staring upon death, the life robbing image, has to long been a pastime of this Nation. It is time to Relight the Passion of which only the Good Book can foretell. We must turn the fountain off where only dysentery flows and instead read the Words in which all men are declared Free.
We must hold these Truths of General Washington True, not only nod, but Declare, and in Our Hearts Prepare, that it is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible.
Children once declared a random event must now be reminded of their divine inheritance, their purpose, their destiny, both to Love God and to Love their fellow man. Too long has Liberty been absent from our schools and We must proclaim Loudly that We are Indeed Children of Our Creator and under Him are We Endowed with Certain Unalienable Rights. Where it is important that the state not declare religion as her law, it must be written on the Hearts of Our Children that Gods Law is of Highest Good and that without it this Nation would not have been born. It must be reminded, told, and re-told, that it was not man alone in which this country was won and formed, but an Appeal to Heaven that was heard and in which Divine Providence not only aided, but shaped and formed.
In Peace and Civility We must Rise as a People intent on going Back to a Future, where God, Country, and Family are held in their Rightful Place, and where all men in all times strived, and We the People, by Providence, Achieve The Land of the Free.
In the Name of God, and in the Name of His Son, Jesus Christ, in which men are so often divided, may we now Stand True, and UNITED.

Written & Signed by,
Joshua Lake

Completed on the Eighth of March
Two Thousand and Ten, Anno Domini

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