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To all residents of the state of Virginia:

I am writing to appeal the laws regarding the piercing of minors in the state of Virginia. "Body-piercing salon" means any place in which a fee is charged for the act of penetrating the skin to make a hole, mark, or scar, generally permanent in nature; according to Virginia Code. Piercing is an invasive procedure with risks of blood borne diseases, allergic reactions, oral complications, skin infections, scars, and keloids. There are many risks associated with piercings, but the risks are the same for both adults and minors.

Is it really any safer to perform a piercing on an adult who just turned 18, as apposed to a minor who would have their 18th birthday the next day? Under these laws teens are more inclined to have a piercing done in an unsanitary and unsafe environment. Not to mention having them performed by friends, who have no experience at all, and no training. Punishment from parents is much harsher than anything the state could do, keeping one from their friends might propel a minor to not have a piercing performed. But making it illegal will only cause more hurt to younger customers lives.

About 50\% of states have laws prohibiting any piercing under the age of 18 without written parental consent in the presence of the artist, or employees at a body-piercing salon. Various states have no limits or age restrictions, while others will only pierce minors over the age of 14. This wide variety of approaches law makers have taken show that there really is no wrong or right solution to this issue. If it is legal in one state, and one drives to another state, why can it be considered wrong? This is something one can argue about many issues, but it all comes down to the opinions of the lawmakers in the state of Virginia, and what lobbyists have proposed.

My passion for this issue started out when I wanted a piercing, but everyone in America should stand for something, and this is what I have chosen. An artist who defies these laws can receive a charge of a Class Two Misdemeanor which could lead to up to $1000 in fines, and up to six months in jail. That is in Virginia, but in comparison, some other states would not consider it crime. Six Months of ones life taken away in one state is equal to total freedom.

"Most people who have piercings do not develop any problems." according to WebMD. Although problems do occur, prevention is key. If one doesn't take care of the pierced area properly, problems will occur. Despite many stereotypes, teenagers can be responsible. It is a conscious choice though, and giving that responsibility to any child can sound unreasonable. Though trust becomes a key factor, and only the state can decide whether teenagers should be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining and taking care of piercings.

The key argument in this appeal is safety. When it becomes a legal issue, young adults will rebel and find away to have what they want done. That is when real risks may occur. It would be safer to let young adults choose for themselves whether they want a non-permanent piercing performed.

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    I think it's stupid not to let people decide themselves if they want piercings. And they should be able to have them without parents around.
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    i agree with danielle!
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