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Please guard yourselves from believing the clamour accusing Dr Vivian Balakrishnann (VB) of using a smear campaign to run down his opponent. Dr VB's questions are legitimate - questioning SDP's agenda in fielding a gay candidate. Let us view the above-mentioned issue objectively, and not be swayed by the "politics".

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, a SDP candidate for Holland GRC, participated at a recent gay rights forum which sought to promote the gay cause - to "normalize" their lifestyles and discuss how to repeal section 377A. Mr M Ravi, a gay activist and the legal counsel of SDP, introduced Dr Vincent W. as from SDP at the forum and called him to be the "first gay MP" in Singapore. Mr Vincent W said at the forum, I think the gay community has to rally ourselves. Perhaps one outcome of todays forum would be, for those of us who are interested, to come together to further consider how we can address the 377 issue as well as further rights issues in relation to gays and lesbians.

Although Chee Soon Juan, the secretary-general of SDP declared on 25 Apr 2011 that SDP is "not pursuing the gay agenda and none of their MPs will", I found an article written by Mr M Ravi on 7 May 2007 which promoted the gay cause under the SDP banner. Click on the link below

Mr Ravi argued that since we do not criminalize heterosexuals for engaging in "unnatural sex", we should not criminalize homosexual sex. This argument holds no water at all because, firstly, if he is referring to "unnatural sex" as anal sex and includes other deviant sexual behaviour such as adultery, polygamy, bestiality; these are never promoted as normal behaviour by heterosexuals in society.

Secondly, as demonstrated in many countries, gays are not simply content with living quiet lives once societies do not criminalize their lifestyles. They activate to promote homosexuality in society and convert many others into their way of life. For example, in many countries, the age of consent of anal sex between boys has been lowered progressively. In certain countries, the age of consent for anal sex is now 14, and yet the gays are still activating to lower it to 11. The gay communities also insist that sex education to secondary students (primary schools in certain countries) must include sex between persons of the same gender as normal.

As parents, do we want to see homosexual unions held up as a norm in society? Do we want our children seduced by homosexuals to their way of life? Do we want our children to be exposed to higher risk of HIV infection? It is one thing to tolerate an individual's sexual orientation in their private lives and still accord them the respect as a fellow human being, it is another issue altogether, to allow gays to actively promote their values and lifestyles as normal to our children.

Let us not give gays positions of influence and power which they can use to carry out their agenda more effectively. Once section 377A is repealed, our lawyers cannot protect society from the floodgate of homosexual activities - e.g. promoting their lifestyles on TVs, movies, magazines, in schools, adopting children and demanding tax reliefs accorded to heterosexuals, and suing people for "discriminating" against them (e.g. suing religious leaders for preaching that homosexuality is a sin). All they need now is a foothold - to elect a gay MP. Then the whole leg gets through the door. Then soon, the whole body comes in. It would be harder to stop them then. So let us, the majority of parents, not be silent about this matter anymore as it concerns our children and the moral fabric of our nation. Let us speak up as the majority who do not wish to give any gay activist or sympathizer the opportunity to repeal section 377A by adding your name to this petition.

This petition has no expiry date and will be directed to the attention of leading media and to the government as soon as a sizeable number of people sign up. Please help to circulate this email to like-minded friends and relatives. By signing this petition, you are helping to build the foundation and walls of our society to protect our children and preserve the sanctity of the man-woman union against unhealthy values and practices that can undermine the future of our society.

Note: When we refer to "homosexuals", we exclude the very small percentage of the population who were born genetically of one sex but have reproductive organs of the opposite sex. By "homosexuals", I am referring to those who do not have any physical abnormalities but have chosen a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle or who developed unnatural psychological & sexual preferences for those of the same gender.

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