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The Dutchess County Legislature deliberates upon and votes on important issues every single month-- yet this occurs at the undemocratic hour of 4 pm (when the vast majority of county residents are unable to come to them).

Plain common sense dictates that the light of public scrutiny should be allowed to shine in on our county government for once and all.

All of the following county legislatures hold monthly meetings in the evenings-- why not ours?

Albany (6:30 pm)
Cayuga (6:30 pm)
Chautauqua (6:30 pm)
Chemung (7 pm)
Clinton (7 pm)
Columbia (7:30 pm)
Cortland (6 pm)
Genesee (7 pm)
Greene (7 pm)
Jefferson (7 pm)
Montgomery (7 pm)
Niagara (7 pm)
Putnam (7 pm)
Rensselaer (6 pm)
Rockland (8 pm)
Schenectady (7 pm)
Schuyler (6:30 pm)
Seneca (6 pm)
St. Lawrence (7 pm)
Ulster (7 pm)

Hopefully the Dutchess County Legislature will finally agree and step into the 21st century this year-- to hold monthly meetings in the evenings instead of at 4 pm, so that taxpayers who work 9 to 5 (paying for legislators' salaries, by the way) can actually attend and have some input into how their tax dollars are spent.

Call the Dutchess County Legislature at 486-2100-- tell them it's time for democracy here in our county.

Your emails to them count, too-- at [email protected]

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Latest Signatures

  • 17 December 201550. James Hm
    Opose Patriot Act Address; Zip Code 86 Marple Rd.ExtnPoughkeepsioe,NY12603
  • 15 November 201549. Victoria F
    Citizens should be encouraged to participate in our democracy. Address; Zip Code 379 Liberty St. Beacon, NY 12508
  • 09 November 201548. Sarita Mg
    This is so important and greatly affects individuals and families in our county; please take that into consideration and meet at time that allows working individuals to be heard! Address; Zip Code Wappingers Falls; 12590
  • 05 September 201547. Jessica S
    Another disappointing proposition to allocate our already dwindling county funds. Address; Zip Code 143 Cannon St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 31 August 201546. Rmcapowski Morris
    I am a lifelong resident of Dutchess County, yet as a 1st shift worker, I am not able to attend the County legislative meetings. Address; Zip Code 2 Willard Road, Red Hook 12571
  • 21 July 201545. Charles K
    It only makes sense to have your meetings at a time when the public can attend. They are open to the public, aren't they? Address; Zip Code 4536 Albany Post Road, Hyde Park, NY 12538
  • 30 June 201544. Peter Sc
    why is this so hard to understand. Public meetings have to be after 5 Address; Zip Code 8 Circle Dr Hyde Park NY 12538
  • 18 June 201543. Sarita Mg
    i strongly urge the legislature to thoroughly look into alternative methods to address the problem of overcrowding at the jail. people are in need of housing, education, healthcare, food and so many other basic needs, how can this county afford to create
  • 27 May 201542. Mark S
    and no jail expansion either Address; Zip Code 12601
  • 07 May 201541. Bridget B
    Let our voice be heard! Address; Zip Code 303 Main St., #3W, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 25 April 201540. Jadeharper Harrison
    x Address; Zip Code 12572
  • 18 April 201539. Cary K
    Of course meeting should take place when working people can attend them, that is what democracy is all about. Address; Zip Code 12507
  • 05 April 201538. Bill S
    I want Dutchess County Legislature meetings held in the evenings Address; Zip Code 65 Gifford Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 31 March 201537. Ryan S
    Please help make this process accessible for all! Help create possibilites for the public to have a voice in local decision making. Address; Zip Code Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
  • 10 March 201536. Steven Aam
    Get with the program, dudes!!! Address; Zip Code 82 Sandalwood Lane, 12572
  • 19 February 201535. Randi M
    Holding meetings at a time that the majority of people cannot attend seems ludicrous to me. I urge you to hold the meetings at a viable time for the residents of this county. Keeping in mind too that we are now a bedroom community for NYC, I would suggest
  • 03 February 201534. Doreen T
    Please join other counties and hold evening meetings. Address; Zip Code 12603
  • 14 January 201533. Moira D
    let those of us who have to work be heard Address; Zip Code 12601
  • 10 January 201532. V B
    Early evening meetings would be conducive to more public input - perhaps then the Legislature can hear in person from a larger cross section of Dutchess County Citizens and Taxpayers. Address; Zip Code 12601
  • 05 December 201431. Doris K
    There is a need for more citizen participation on every level of government. Meetings should be held at a time when residents can attend. Address; Zip Code 7 Susan Court, Hyde Park, NY 12538
  • 21 November 201430. Patricia Gl
    I understand it may be inconvenient for the legislators, but they're being paid to represent the people. They can't do it effectively if they don't make themselves accessible. Address; Zip Code 27 Meyer Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
  • 20 November 201429. Bruce L
    Fairer meeting time for workers Address; Zip Code 112 Lamoree, Rhinebeck 12572
  • 09 November 201428. Daniel T
    Please conduct these sessions in the evening so that more people can observe and participate. Address; Zip Code 4 Geering Way Fishkill, NY 12524
  • 04 November 201427. Ward Ms
    yes, please! Address; Zip Code 97 cardinal rd. hyde park, ny 12538
  • 29 October 201426. Douglas Cs
    An evening meeting makes sense; a 4:00 meeting does not. Address; Zip Code 12580
  • 16 October 201425. Adam B
    Once again the Dutchess Legistlature should be ashamed of its failure to promote effective democracy Address; Zip Code 12604
  • 10 October 201424. Maggie Vonv
    This is crucial! Address; Zip Code 143 Cannon St. Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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Dutchess County Legislature


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