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Many communities are slowly or quickly becoming disgusted with the OSV tradition, website, bibles, ways and veils. They are the group commanded by Father Todd / Fraud, Sebastian Von Houten, Th'elf, Father Sebastian etc.

Namely because Sebastian in his newest veil aka the strigoi vi version of the Black veil, has declared that blood drinking is sick, disgusting and cannibalism.

I am here creating a post in my forum to go with an active petition to declare the OSV tradition, and Father Todd, creator of endless night festival, vampyre almanac, the ordo strigoi vi website (now a myspace like network)
clan sabretooth, House sahjza and other enterprises as a Fraud before the vampire Community as a whole, OVC and other spiritual unions and communities, and to ask for a Public Sin Nomine of his sites, person and those who associate themselves with him and his sites and vices and to permanantly ban his writings as valid teachings within our vast communities.

I believe his writings and teachings may actually do more harm than help, for those who are not truly one of us.

Sin Nomine is a latin term which means one is without name or honor.

There are several reasons why OSV and Todd should be SN'ed and some is listed below for these are their charges:

1. Copyright infringement: Veil edition one was taken from the role playing game vampire: the masquerade

2. Copyright Infringement: Stating they created pranic vampirism and it is by nature a purely sexual act, when it is not.

3. Copyright infringement: Has stolen work from other authors and fashioned it to his own likings.

4. Stating in his new veil blood drinking is to be outlawed if you are an OSV-ist.

5. Forbidding any user of their forum (within the past year) to list what they will on their own home pages, if they linked the resource in their signature. Especially if it carried a disclaimer about blood drinking, cutting or syringing saying that the site did not condone it, and if you did not remove your link, they removed it for you, and you lost your right to even create a signature.

6. Commanding you buy their book Libera Jahira and other OSV books if you are to be a member of their network or come to their gatherings.

7. Allowing vampire fans and groupies and normal goths who are not really vampires or of the nature or true blood into the order or tradition as a student. (when the veil states you will not talk of your nature outside of those who are not like yourselves)

8. Teaching that vampires come to be when they are "Embraced" as swans (donors) and then are taught by a mentor or sire within OSV - even if you are a highly awakened vampyre already and if you come into their tradition, you are given a "parent or sire" and you are treated like a child, like Vampire: the masquerade role player "progeny".

9. Commanding fellow osv-ists in a CULT like manner to obey the law of the elders, such as if one member is outcast or sin nomined from the order, all members MUST follow suit and cut this person out from their lives, must not email or im them, must take them off their myspace, must not call or text them, if found out to disobey, these members are cast out as well. This actually happened when one of the elders impersonated Todd himself In Paris and they commanded everyone by email forum msg to ignore the party who wronged "Todd".

10. Sin nomine-ing others outside the OSV Community who are disgusted with the OSV themselves.

11. Lying: Father todd posted a "retirement" message early last year to retire from the vampire communities when he did nothing of the sort.
He only furthered the progress of OSV, its books and vampyre-almanac. He is also still a fangsmith for clan sabretooth, even if these are life style publications how is that retiring?

These are some of the charges brought to bear upon them, and for a long time many respected leaders of COVICA and the various vampire community has disliked Todd for one reason or another.

These include Sanguinarius, VampireKitten, Myself, TempleUVUP, and many other leaders of forums, communities and personal websites and other networks.

If you'd like to voice your opinion (and not a flame for or againest) you may do so, and if you'd like to help organize this global front you may also join us in distributing the petition for a united front against them.

I am not here to say "Vampire lifestyling" is a bad thing, and that those who life style as a vampire are morally bent or anything of the sort. I am not attacking these people, or real modern day latent vampyres who do not lifestyle.

However, I think Todd's group, which is now a myspace like network, may indeed promote more harm than good. The books, meetings and teachings encourage the ritual to summon "Elorath" A supposed "vampire god". I have seen proof of this ritual, because I was a member of Bloodlines Georgia International. I've been on the inside, I do know how this stuff works. He gives modern day vampyrism a bad name, and a vampyre is a vampyre regardless if they follow a diety or not, for there are no vampyre gods in mysterious traditions, from this realm or not. His teachings confuse others who do not know anything about vampires other than that they are a romantic stereotype, or a powerful one, they do not conceive the truth because they are not true to the spirituality, or vampyrism as a way of being of life. There is indeed a spirituality to being one and Todd's projects make it something it is not, for prestige and for empty glory. Most of us do not even take him seriously anymore, but this petition is for the cause and concern for those who do.

There is a big difference between vamp life styling, and Goths and Vamp Spiritualities.

Not to mention Todd invites those who are minors and also under-age.
I do not think that all members of OSV are ages 18 and over.
Nor do I think such events require a valid ID, just the Liber Jahira Book.

Another interesting tidbit is that OSV is recognized by the Satanic Church In
Ansterdam, but I have heard from an OSV member that they are not a Satanic network or group, however, "Liber" Is a latin word used in many Choate and Satanic Book Titles. I had a look on, which is the online publisher that sells the OSV Books. Either they are not clear about what religion they practice or they are hiding something.

Not here to protest that Satanism or Chaote magick is not valid traditions for those who are serious about it and know what they are getting themselves into, but for those who do not, it could present problems, and harm to their soul, mind, body and spirit and Karma.

One of the greatest things about vampyre spirituality is the free will, the free will to be as you are for you and no other thing, being or place.
Todd seeks to corrupt this notion and use it for personal gains.
Maybe you like being someone's sheep, but I don't.

I ask if you are involved within our various communities to please -- do the research for yourself as I have, see what OSV is and what their books have to say, and then form your own conclusions about what it is or is not. Look with an honest sight as well, learn to seeperate the coolness factor of vampyres from the OSV tradition and teachings, and see them for the frauds they are.

If you're not involved with the paranormal communities and do not believe vampyres to be real, please pass this petition by.

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  • 01 April 20155. Amy Lynnb
    Truth should be known for all City/State: Gadsden, Alabama Username: Star_Sapphire030390
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  • 07 August 20133. Sanguinarius Eaton
    I support this petition
  • 18 September 20102. Stefan R
    Well done and long overdue. I've been railing about this for 15 years. Let the charlatan be thrown down. You have the support of House Resurrectus and it's chapters and the International Council of Elders (ICE). If I, or my associates can be of assistance
  • 09 March 20041. Damian N
    I support this petition


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