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Temples are our places of worship where a devotees are educated on the ultimate moral and spiritual principles of life based on bhagavad gita, puranas, itihasas, upanishads and other works of devotional import. They are also places where all the people of the society - Intellectuals, Administrators, Business People and Workers - comes together in an unified manner as children of God. These are also centers of art, architecture and entertainment.

It is realizing this that the great kings of India built temples for Vishnu, Siva, Ganesha, Subrahmanya, Sakti, Buddha etc. They also provided for land and gold so that the maintainence of the temple can go on without interruption for generations. It did go on as they planned until India faced defeat under attack of islamic terrorists, christian fundamentalists and corrupt politicians. The temples which should be places of worship and unlimited glory have been neglected and desecreted. The temple gold and jewelty have been systematically swindled. The lands that belonged to the temples nd the devotees have been taken over by rich and powerful politicians.

Millions of devotees have lost their livelihood and honour in the process. Each temple hired hundreds of artisans, musicians, cleaners, sthapathis to make sculptures, gold smiths to make jewelries, iron smiths, carpenters, potters, cooks and so on. They have been driven out of their profession that depended on well being of the temples. The business community which sold flowers, sandal wood, scents, puja items, books and other artifacts have lost their business because the temples have become almost dysfunctional. The traditional administrators who organized festivals all around the year and daily poojas have been rendered jobless. Their places have been usurped by atheists and politicians whose single objective is to gobble up the propery by taking temple land on lease at one thousandth the market value. The astrologers, ayurveda doctors, pujaris, vedic chanters, musicians, dancers, those who enquire in to truth and preachers of eternal truths have all been plunged in to abject poverty.

Annadhanam or distribution of prasadam to hungry so that no in the entire city, town or village where the temple stands has healthy people has been stopped. Nama Sankirtan which is the most effective process for this age has been abandoned as there is no funding for people who dedicate their lives for singing the glories of the lord. Temples, which were once centers of prosperity have been reduced to places of poverty. There is not enough money to light the lamps. There is no money to employ hundreds of people with different skills required to run each temple properly. There is not enough money to promote anna dhanam and nama sankirtan.

This situation has to change. We have to employ and provide housing quarters for at least 1000 families from all communities around each temple. We have to ensure that the vedic chanting, vedic yajnas and performance of poojas in line with agama, tantra and pancaratra sastras are fully resumed. We have to provide free education, health care and food to at least 10000 poor people livingg around each temple. We have to protect at least 100 cows in each temple. We have to clear at least 100 meter circumference around the temple from encroachment and build gardens, fountains etc. so that devotee families and tourists can experience peace and tranquility. This is not only required for few prominent temples but for all the major temples in the country numbering over 100000.

Those who dont have knowledge of our history and potential for future will say it is not possible. Nothing is impossible if devotees work together to revive our temple based economy. We have the plan in place to revitalize the temples so that these goals can be achieved. All that is required is political will and we have to influence that. Please sign this petition to urge the state governments and central government in India to take the steps to revitalize the temple and create society that thrives on temple based economy - not only materially but more importantly morally and devotionally.

Please sign this if and only if you are willing to share your contact information and work to revitalize the temples.

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