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We have all been awarned that Teen Titans will only have 52 episodes in it with four seasons.Many people are very sad about this and are whining and whininh,wanting a fifth season.In case you didn't already know Teen TItans is one of the highest rated shows on your channel and we would all be very disappointed if there isn't a fifth Season.Please look at this petition and consider renewing Teen Titans for a Fifth Season.You won't beleive how glad you'll make everyone.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 201536. Alanna Melendez
    why stop at a fifth season, I'm seeing season 9,10...
  • 02 October 201535. Tt F
    TT is awesome! I watch it all the time. Bring more!
  • 11 September 201534. Nick Harrington
    please make another one!
  • 31 August 201533. You K
    you know they have a petition just like this somewhere else on online petition
  • 31 August 201532. Bridget Shepherd
    teen titans rock and i want it to last a very long time i hope robin and starfire hook up in the fifth season.
  • 12 August 201531. Allen M
    Please keep teen titans on the air! I know that if you do this you will make yourself a lot of money and millions of kids happy (including me: yes I am a kid) (not to mention give your company a better reputation from all of the happy children: again incl
  • 15 July 201530. Kelly W
    love teen titans you absolutely have to have a fifth season
  • 05 July 201529. Michelle Powers
    TEEN TITANS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 31 May 201528. Freddy Kruegernonotmyrealnamebutohw
    they gave powerpuff a what?! WTF?!
  • 25 May 201527. Aaron S
    I have another Teen Titans related petition regarding a possible Teen Titans Plushie line!
  • 29 April 201526. Thomas R
    Hey Dudes I Was Thinking I Want A Fifth Season in 2007 with 26 New Season 5 Episodes Ordered So Please Do Not Have 4 Seasons (52 Episodes) Of Teen Titans Alright! -- Tommy
  • 07 April 201525. X Eaton
    [email protected] /* */
  • 30 January 201524. Rose Mccoy
    Please oh please don't discontinue Teen Titans after season four! Its the best show ever! You shouldn't stop after season five either...this show is a total hit! You should continue at LEAST up to season 8! C'mon, whats your problem? I mean powerpuff girl
  • 09 January 201523. Ray Vaughan
    bring it back!!
  • 10 November 201422. Jacob Adkins
  • 27 October 201421. Jeff Torres
    I want Teen Titans back. The show is so heroic and dangerous. Showing love can be hard or being alone and just a hero is hard.Please bring the show back!
  • 11 October 201420. Andrew Hicks
    good show. should run really long..
  • 02 September 201419. Melissa Quinn
    teen titans rock
  • 31 August 201418. Trevor L
    Please save the Teen Titans! I can't live without it!
  • 17 August 201417. Nathan Lucero
    Please reconsider renewing Teen Titans for a fifth season. A great show with so much of everything should not be cut off; don't be likeDisney (only with good shows).
  • 29 July 201416. Lashay Houston
    i really want a six season but w/e
  • 28 July 201415. Natalie P
    PLEASE don't have season four be the last season! What about capturing Slade, and reviving Terra, and hooking Star and Robin up and all the other cool things that still need to happen! I absolutely LOVE this show! I can't live without it! You can't just q
  • 16 June 201414. Kaye B
    roc on
  • 03 June 201413. Jessica L
    I love Teeen Titans and they should show the fifth season soon!!!!!
  • 03 May 201412. Niall H
    Please reconsider, the series is popular and is certain to continue popularity pass the fourth series.
  • 29 April 201411. Molly Middleton
    woot! Teen Titans RULE!!!!!!
  • 16 April 201410. Matthew F
    i love the show don't cancel it

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Turner(the owner of Cartoonnetwork) and Cartoonnetwork Studios


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