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I am here in the midst of the England vs Germany world cup last 16 game and yet again there has been a poor decision simply because of no technology and bad refereeing. I will easily admit Germany have been the better side and finished their chances although that may well be down to poor defending from usually very good defenders yet that matters not.
In so many sports and specific competitions since technological advances have been made available the sports have adapted these into their games to provide a fairer system for the competitors. In tennis if you feel there was a bad call in certain competitions on certain courts they give the option of asking to use the technology to see whether the decision was correct or not.
In a sport such as rugby they often stop the game and wait to take the decision to a video referee to decide whether it was a try or a bad tackle for example. Yet the world governing body in Football, FIFA have decided they wont use the brilliant goal line technology available to them nor any of the other possible options to help make decisions that are often troublesome and career threatening for referees.So many matches have been decided because of an unlucky decision this way or that, the most recent example of France being allowed a goal even though it was quite clearly a handball by Thierry Henry. Now i personally sit here wondering why did the player simply not just own up but i know they are playing for their club or their country so they wouldn't do so. I don't think that makes them bad people just human and it is a situation that i simply don't understand as ive never been in their position. I do however think if the captain of the team who queries the decision goes up to the referee, the ref can take a few moments to find out the correct decision from a man on the touchline who can play back the action at any angle or speed to make sure the decision is correct. In the game currently of England vs Germany they have a huge screen in the stadium that showed a replay of the disallowed goal and it is ludicrous that the referee isn't allowed to use that information to make a correct decision.
I scoff at anyone who says this will undermine the referee or take away the human aspect of the sport. In all the sports that use this technology the players all respect the fact that they have the chance to make sure they get the fair decision even if it isn't the decision they want. This definitely doesn't mean the players don't listen to the referee or respect him, they all know the correct decision most of the time in their heads unless you are complete cheat who would harass the referee no matter what the situation with decisions.
So here is my petition to finally have technology, replays,being brought in for the referees and anyone who wishes to use them to make FIFA truly fair. Then we can all play happily and fairly. I wish to get as many signatures as possible from as many people as possible from around the world. We can really show the fact that this is a world wide game that is loved by so many that is spoiled and ruined at times by the stubborn behavior of FIFA and in particular their president Sepp Blatter.
This is why with the petition once the signatures have died down i will take to him personally in his Swiss village home. I shall be making a documentary on this and hopefully arrange an interview with him that i would release for the world to see. So the world can finally hear his reasoning for why he has rejected all the options so many have called for. So everyone who believes in this cause please sign up, get all your family and friends to sign and send it to as many people as you know for them to sign as well. All comments will be searched through and the best may be presented to the FIFA President.

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