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Property taxes are making cities, counties and investors rich at the expense of home owners, why are we letting it happen?

Every year thousands of Americans are thrown out of their homes because they have missed a payment to the tax collector. When that happens the home owner loses all of their hard earned equity in that house and it goes to the investors who bought their house for pennies on the dollar---in many instance that equity is all these people have for retirement, every cent that they put into the house is gone in an instant---is foreclosure for property taxes the American way?

How did we get to this point of insanity? Property taxes continue to increase every year by ten and upwards of fifty percent in some cities---pushing many people on fixed incomes out of their ability to pay them. Incomes dont increase by those percentages for people with jobs yet taxes go up regardless of ability to pay. Talk to a county or city tax collector about the heavy burden of property taxes and they will tell you that its your problem, and if you cant pay the taxes then move out of your house.

Property values are up everywhere so selling and moving to another house is not an option for lowering taxes. Yet, counties and cities are laboring to find new projects and programs to shove surplus tax dollars into, rather than give back the money to the home owners. Those scenarios only create bigger monsters. With each new program created by the city and county comes added cost, which in turn requires more money to fund them every year. Therefore counties and cities continue increasing property taxes to pay for the unnecessary pork they create in order to keep the surplus taxes.

City and county services do not increase exponentially as do the taxes that fund them, yet taxes continue to increase.

The prosperity of governments should never exceed that of its citizens, especially those citizens that are the source of that prosperity.

While we sheep have slept those we voted into office to protect our interest have instead connived against us by allowing this travesty to continue---losing our homes over taxes is repugnant, and should never be tolerated in a free society.

Our homes, once sacred ground, are increasingly looked upon by the taxing authorities as their personal piggybanks. How can that be? Home owners put their blood, sweat, tears and most of the money they earn during a lifetime into their home---and some government bureaucrat can take it away anytime they want---what is wrong with this picture?

We believe our homes to be ours but as I write this letter there are government employees all over the country assessing private property, taking pictures, and measurements of each of our homes as if they were government assets rather than private property. In fact our homes in the eyes of bureaucrats are government assets, assets that they can squeeze money out of every fall. But as the taxes increase every year some counties are looking at ways of collecting monthly or quarterly payments---like a never ending mortgage that increases every year.

Perhaps taxpayers should get second jobs to pay for the privilege of remaining in their homes-----and to keep up with the elected officials who are working overtime to find new ways to spend taxpayer dollars.

America is kicking the elderly and others on tight budgets to the curb, and some of them end up living in public housing----while rewarding real estate investors with huge profits from buying homes for pennies on the dollar---is that insane or what?

There is a solution.

Property taxes fund schools, fire departments, police, libraries, street repairs etc. Who will pay for those services if property taxes are eliminated? How about everyone pay for them equally rather than only home owners and business owners in the community?

Everyone in the community use the same services yet thousands of people get a free ride because they dont own property. Some need the free ride because of their circumstances, and they will continue to receive it, but most that are getting the free ride are capable of carrying their own weight, after all, they receive the same services as property owners.

The equitable solution:

Some housing subdivisions have association fees to help maintain common areas and other amenities for the home owners---everyone living in the subdivision pays the same fee because they all share in the same amenities and privileges provided by that community.

Similarly, counties and cities should implement a yearly fee for those residing in and using city and county services---the same fee for everyone able to pay, as it should be.

Homes should remain the property of the home owners; they should not be treated as property of the state, county or cities that can and will confiscate them----millions of properties across the country get confiscated every year for taxes.

The French invented the guillotine to put an end to insufferable taxes from bureaucrats; all we need is signatures and the vote.

Lets tell our representatives in Missouri to keep their paws off our homes!

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