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The purpose of this petition is to inform the administration about the state of our science classes. Unfortunately, we are facing some problems with the teacher, Ms. Loniece Ningo. She is a great teacher that has experience. However, as she stated previously, she cant handle so many classes with different schedules at the same time. Therefore, much confusion occurred and is still occurring. Some confusion is like informing us with contradicting information. For example, in the beginning of the year, she told us that in scientific notation, if you have positive exponents, then the number is less than zero. Nevertheless, we were taught differently in the previous math classes of the previous years. When we proved to her the right way according to what we know about scientific notation, she agreed and changed what was said. Later, she goes back and tells us the opposite. Now how can any student gather correct information in that way? The same thing happened with oxidation numbers. In the beginning she tells us that a certain element would lose and never share and later tell us that it shares and never loses. In the same lesson she told us that elements can only have one oxidation number and later she tells us that it can have many depending on the state. This confuses us and takes up valuable time.

Another instance had to do with the homework board. In the beginning she used to write the homework assignments on the whiteboard. Then after a time, she changed the place without informing us. Then she tells us that she doesnt accept late assignments.

Ms. Ningos usual way of teaching us a section is giving us the reading to do and some questions for homework. Then if we dont understand something, she explains it to us. We have no problem with that. However, on a day of a test, we had one of those read and answer homeworks to do on a section that we were going to be tested on that day. It was a difficult section. So we asked for her explanation. She explained part of it and told us that there is no time for more questions and that we have to take the test. How can we take a test without knowing part of the information? Even if we considered tests useless and that we go to school for knowledge, that important part of the section wasnt well-explained.

A teacher is the most important and effective part of the learning process. Teaching has rules, recommendations, and ways to enhance the process. According to many studies, experiments, and researches done all over the world from Turkey to England to the USA to Japan, eye contact is one of the most important elements of teaching. Ms. Ningo usually looks either at the back of the room or to the ceiling. Seldom does she look at us. According to the British Council, some information cannot be meant unless eye contact is established. The teacher then knows the feedback and the demands of the students, whether they understand or not or whether they get the right meaning of what the teacher is saying.

Sometimes, Ms. Ningo comments about students in class with things that convey inappropriate ideas of these students. This does not only annoy these students, but takes away the learning privileges of others; and we paid money and came to this school not to hear comments about people but to learn.
With grades we go into college, and with college we get our qualifications to go on in the world and improve it instead of ruin it. So everything builds up. Just like the problems we have with Ms. Ningo. Therefore, we are requesting investigation into this matter and taking the appropriate action according to administrations judgment and the schools reputation since this would affect our high school grades and our knowledge.

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