Children with Autism are being denied an opportunity to develop basic skills that are necessary for daily life; life skills which the average person may take for granted everyday. Children with autism in Ontario have a multi level system where the province will only provide funding until the child reaches the age of six. Once they are in the School System, it fails to adequately provide IBI and the support that these children desperately need. They are forced to participate in a totally new system with an unfamiliar integrated setting and teaching assistance with little or no training. To further complicate matters, the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) and their ongoing budget issues have cut back the number of teaching assistance. Also, with unionized workers, there can be no guarantees on a consistent teaching assistant that can remain with the child throughout their public school years. With no guidance in life, social skills, recreation and education among peers, children with Autism have a very challenging start to the public school system and to their future.

It is in my opinion that IBI costs should be covered by the government; not only should all the costs be covered, but no child that would benefit from IBI treatment should be denied due to financial boundaries, severity of the autism, nor age. There should be no discrimination as far as the treatment of autism is concerned. The McGuinty Liberals promised to fund IBI therapy for all children with Autism and this promise should be kept.

The City of Toronto has pledged their support to include all children in enjoying their programs, but how effective is it? City recreation employees are not given specific information about children with Autism, and are told to call the support office for guidance. Families who wish to participate in City programs are often left on their own to figure out if their child can participate to a level that they can enjoy. City employees have not been given additional staff and are often of High School age and do not fully understand the importance of inclusion.

IBI therapy focuses on teaching children the skills they need to develop independence, and the participate more fully in their school and the community. Using Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), these techniques improve behaviour associated with impairments in the areas of socialization and communication skills.

Research has shown that autistic children who develop some language and communicative skills before school age have a better prognosis than those who do not. ( Suddenly taking away IBI therapy can negatively affect the childs continuous development and socialization skills and the way that people view them. Parents of children with Autism argue that ceasing IBI has caused regression in their children. If the province will only pay up to a certain age, are they helping or harming the childs development?! If the government will only pay until the child reaches school age, what happens then? IBI therapy costs are heavy and not everyone has the financial ability to afford it alone.

I believe that Ontario holds limitless opportunities for people and prosperity that can be shared and enjoyed by all citizens, because everyone matters. Working with children with not only Autism, but special needs in general, has made me strive to be an advocate for them. Why is something so crucial to a childs overall development taken away?

I believe that we, as a society, must advocate for our childrens futures and for their utmost growth and development. Petitions like these should be signed and advocated to the government on a consistent basis, and advocating for funding and assistance should never stop until something is done about it! Consistent advocating can result in change by making these issues political and force politicians to support and advocate for these children with Autism who do not have the voice to do it on their own or for themselves. Our children are our future, and we must take every step necessary to ensure that they live to their full potential.

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