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Change The Child Support Laws on Self Employed Dead Beat Parents

Dear Representative and Senator:

This is a push to make the Federal Government meets the needs of the children. Federal and local governments need to come up with better Child Support laws. Mainly for Dead Beat Parents who are Self - Employed, Hiding their money.

Each state should consider non - payment of Child Support to be a Felony. Each Self - Employed Dead Beat Parents needs to be listed with the state and Federal government listing there were bouts . Making it a Federal violation if the Dead Beat Parent is $5,000 and/or more then 28 day late in back child Support A FELONY. All States still consider non-payment of Child Support a civil action. We as Moms mainly should not have to wait up to three months as it is require in some states. For child support payments. Giving them a chance to pay, three months is three months to long with out food or shelter, getting behind in bills. A court judge should not accept and IRS Return unless it is for the last years FILE TAX RETURN. Not something dating back three or four years. If he/she is married then both accounts should be add together as income not just the Ex husband/wife. Saying that you only make $24,000 a year when the new partner is making $30,000 together thats $54,000 If they marry the ex then they have to pay as well. Having to force a child to call someone else MOTHER other than the BLOODMOTHER then her/his income should be added.

The Individual State needs to put the Dead Beat Dad/Mom in Jail after they have missed over 30 days for one week. If your having to stay a week in jail your going to get tired of it and the money you will be losing. The states should Force Dead Beat Parents to get legal jobs if after three to five years and they DO- NOT have a turn over from their Self_ Employed Job. If Self-employed that person needs to be Audited by the IRS every three to five years. You should be aloud 30 to 60 days to find a legal job. In that time frame you should be able to pay half of the child support owned. The Dead Beat Parent should have Insurance Both Medical and Auto provided in the Ex Parents Name ONLY. Not hiding behind the new spouse name.

Make each Child Support Agencies accountable for publishing In local Newspapers in that state : The name, addresses, last seen location of the person and their Place of Business. Each Dead Beat Parent SELF- Employed should have to register with the State and put on there website as they move out of state.

This has to change for the good of the children This would be the only way to help keep children off of welfare and costing you more in Taxes.

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Latest Signatures

  • 08 December 201550. Deadbeats Mustp
    To the ones who sign just to speak badly about someone signing this petiton just know your givin us more signatures. You have to be one of the deadbeats to dissagree.
  • 06 October 201549. Nicole Carr
    I agree, my ex is $10,000 behind and still has his rights to see and be with his children. I think this is unfair I support my children 365 days a year and they should too. Or be denied rights!!
  • 24 July 201548. Arletha R
    who is available to talk to so that we can get a warrant issued
  • 11 June 201547. Vourneen M
    I am a single mother and my ex does not pay child support even though he is ordered to do so. He now works off the books.
  • 10 June 201546. Lori G
  • 13 May 201545. Risa M
    I have been using the Federal Law passed in 1998 called the "Deadbeat Parent's Punishment Act of 1998" signed into Law by President Clinton. How can it be that this Law does not work? My ex-husband owes my children over $100,000.00 and is "Free" to never
  • 03 April 201544. Robert F
    I support this petition
  • 15 February 201543. Laura M
    It's unfortunate we must rely on the government to force parents into taking responsibility for these innocent children. As a proud mother I would do whatever it took to make sure my daughter had the world even if I was not the custodial parent. My daught
  • 26 November 201442. Katlin B
    i have 2 children i take care of everyday for a women who is to busy with her drug habit and running from the law problem she owes over 12,000 dollars in child support and because she snitches out drug issues in the neighbor hood she keeps getting away wi
  • 20 October 201441. Shirley D
    I have not received a dime in 7 years for 2 daughters, because self-employment has allowed him to hide his income.
  • 16 August 201440. Louise F
    I support this petition
  • 14 August 201439. Andrea H
    Go For It!!!
  • 05 May 201438. Pelin S
    My Ex lives 5 min. from us with his new wife, they have 3 cars and a house but he is not paying any support anymore for his two kids. He was paying $300 per child a month but says that he can't pay anymore child support 'cause he is not rich and has bills
  • 23 February 201437. Jennifer R
    I support this petition
  • 24 January 201436. Tammie F
    This is how mothers/fathers get away without paying child support by being self-employed
  • 03 January 201435. Natalie E
    I support this petition
  • 19 December 201334. Jonghee P
    I am totally on board with this petition. It should be accepted in all states.
  • 19 November 201333. Kenyatta K
    It's time to put a stop to all dead beat dads regardless of how much they are behind! and I do agree with the fact that these woman who marry or choose these dead beat dads should be held accountable as well, because it is a choice for that woman to be wi
  • 14 August 201332. Melissa F
    I support this petition
  • 31 May 201331. You Ani
    Sorry but your insane, throwing people in jail, because they cannot pay child support via, loss of job, or health. Wow, this is why child support enforcement is so screwed up and needs reform!! It is the low lifes that grew up with welfare that will conti
  • 23 May 201330. Ashley P
    The child support laws are a never ending cycle of destruction! The incarceration of a non- custodial parent for child support is not a sufficent way to collect payment! These laws re tearing families and lives apart.
  • 28 April 201329. Tonisha J
    I am a single mother of a soon to be 2 yr old and i haven't even recievd an order for child support because of how many chances the courts give dead beat parents my out look on the whole situation is "WHEN DOES IT REALLY BECOME ABOUT THE CHILDREN" ? my ch
  • 04 March 201328. Raquel J
    I support this petition
  • 25 December 201227. Reality C
    You people should be ashamed of yourselves, now i realize that not paying child support is not a good thing, but throwing the person in jail for it is not the proper way of dealing with it, and if your ex's are drug dealers i think you have more to worry
  • 05 December 201226. Tara G
    I am a single parent who is also facing the negligence of a non-custodial parent who refuses to comply with court-ordered child support. The local Human Resources office has not been very supportive toward following up on my request to file a contempt. It
  • 30 November 201225. Veronica C
  • 01 September 201224. Laura Mayo
    My Daughters Father has not ever really payed any support since she was born 11 yrs ago. He is about 25,000 dollars in arears including interest. Yet even though we go to court every couple of months he is still not paying and nothing is being done . This

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