Super smash bros brawl DX: director's cut sign now

i would like to point out that this petition is about a verson of brawl that got the features that is listed:

1. the melee fighters dr.mario, roy, pichu, mewtwo, and young link in the game, along with the rest of the brawl roster.

2. the melee, brawl, and retro (nintendo 64 verson) action stages are in there. thats right. all 65 action stages from the game.

3. a newcomer charater that has mario's old control scheme (like the mario tornado down+b move),paper mario. yeah i know, but i disire to try that control scheme in brawl.

4. melee's adventure mode (do not replace the subspace emissnary adventure mode!)

5. fight either fighting wireframes or fighting alloys teams in muti-man brawl. or both at once.

6. the ability to add in miis and customise their moves. (they can mimic ablitys from other smashers. just like Emerl from sonic battle.)

7. option to use n64 models or defult models (i wonder what sonic looked like if he was in a nintendo 64 game.)

8. more special brawl options, such as screw attacks in the special brawl.

and thats about all. the title for the verson of brawl is Super smash bros brawl DX: director's cut. if you wish to sign the petition, it would be very grateful. thank you.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 November 201550. Joshua S
    BEST. IDEA. EVER. Hey, if it makes more money, why not. Your most desired feature MEWTWO.
  • 28 November 201549. John Pace
    YEAH Your most desired feature MORE NEW CHARS
  • 09 September 201548. Dark D
    I support this petition
  • 08 February 201547. Joe Welch
    hey Your most desired feature more characters
  • 19 October 201446. David Oh
    I disagree with some of the features listed in this petition. Petition author, you need to reconsider. The low resolution character model feature is nonsense, so cancel it. Your most desired feature Lyndis and Little Mac as playable characters
  • 10 August 201445. Rrr Blankenship
    yesss please mewtwo and roy! Your most desired feature yesss please mewtwo and roy!
  • 13 July 201444. Poop Walter
    I support this petition
  • 06 April 201443. Shadow Henry
    This will be the best collectors edition of SSB series! Your most desired feature Bring back the awesome Fighting Polygon Team from the 1st SSB!
  • 30 January 201442. Ailurus White
    great idea. Your most desired feature mewtwo and roy plz.
  • 18 August 201341. Dan S
    For great justice. Your most desired feature SHY GUY. IN SSB4.
  • 08 July 201340. Max Strong
    I support this petition
  • 12 May 201339. Db Charles
    I support this petition
  • 04 April 201338. Reyj Atkins
    Enhance online play. I keep losing because all my timing is off. Your most desired feature NO MORE TRIPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 27 March 201337. Wyatt Carpenter
  • 14 March 201336. Masf Crane
    I signed because it would be cool if they had a director's cut, or another version of the game. Kind like Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It's another version of the same game.
  • 16 October 201235. Joosh Lambert
    Yay. :P Your most desired feature MEWTWO.
  • 12 December 201134. Yella F
    Needs moar Guilmon Your most desired feature GUILMON
  • 01 September 201133. Anthony Dodson
    I support this petition
  • 09 June 201132. Ryan Casey
    They should keep the hitstun, nerf metaknights speed and snakes dmg and bring back L canceling Your most desired feature ^
  • 02 April 201131. Thewildalk Coffey
    This sounds awesome, I really hope nintendo makes this. Your most desired feature putting Miis in the game and customizing their moveset.
  • 05 August 201030. Ty H
    Would be awesome. Your most desired feature To allow the Forbidden Seven and maybe a few new fighters in.
  • 10 April 201029. Brad Hawkins
    Awesome idea, But i'd doubt they do it too much stuff.
  • 05 April 201028. Tona V
    Yeah, but NO MIIS, more trophies, Isaac & Shadow are PLAYABLE CHARACTERS, and MORE CHARACTERS!!! (Bomberman, Geno, Louie, another Earthbound character, Regi__ (at least some trophies), etc.) Plus, actually MATCH songs to stages where they'd FIT, not j
  • 05 April 201027. Luis Gentry
    I support this petition
  • 21 November 200926. Thomas
    Why not? As soon as the Wii gets their memory problems out of the way, I'm sure this will be good! Your most desired feature Custom characters
  • 20 November 200925. Shadwolf Harrison
    The awesome Brawl! Your most desired feature Have the option to fight Classic SSB Master Hand and Brawl version.
  • 25 September 200924. Bodie L
    I support this petition

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