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To: The president of the USA Mr. Obama.
From: People of Sudan
Re: Election
Date: April 19, 2010

Dear Mr. President,

Best wishes,

The Sudanese government is lacking legitimacy and running after it to the east and west corners of this planet, finally they came to a conclusion that they will be legal through fake election. The story started back in 2000 when they decided to start the disturbance in Darfur then use that as an excuse to exclude Darfur from the election which in turn means excluding certain strong party out of the competition.
The continued their plan and they failed to control it, a volcano erupted in Darfur that might coast the Sudanese President a lot including his life if he is before international justice.

Mr. President,

The Sudanese election is full of discrepancies and the government managed to make dead people vote for the president, managed to exclude parties from the election and sadly it appears that they managed to divide the whole country as well into two.
The Sudanese government sent representatives here in the USA including Texas and the Dallas Fort worth metroplex for election registration and when they realized that they dont have any chance to win here they amended the election rules and regulation and banned everyone from voting at their places, they stated that they will have the election at certain place in New York and Washington only.
So If I attempt to vote I have to take couple of days off, fly to Washington or New York to vote.

Mr. President,

Sudan is the biggest country in Africa, the Middle East and the tenth worldwide. We inherited it like that and want our grandsons to inherit it the same way, one strong united country.
Please, dont accept the result of the fake election and exert all possible pressure on this government until they leave, collapse and face justice.
The age of the elected government falsely and that our work will not be long in the opposition will not stop, but we will start the sound of this oppressed people, and call upon the political forces that does not stop mobility.
The age of this government is only eight months and then will hold new general elections, the proportion of the secession of the south, which has become certain and inevitable, and for us to stress that nothing has changed that necessitates change our attitudes, the vote illegal and false and forged with the blessing of currents in the international community will benefit from the results of these elections in this way guarantee through separation of the south and the continuation of the war in Darfur and the fragmentation of Sudan, and putting Sudan under pressure and sanctions using international crimes accusation as a reason. All of this government that will emerge from these elections is an illegitimate government, but we will deal with it as a fait accompli (the de facto government) as we dealt with the Government rescue throughout these past years, I do not think that there is a difference between the two governments.
Say that the elected government falsely illegal because the law is the codification of the rule of the people of the output of a bond voters to support this government and this did not happen in this election, what happened is a forgery of the will of the people as well as to boycott a major political power in this election.

Finally, whatever the outcome of this election, the presence of people in power are pursued by the International Criminal Court will continue, which would cripple the movement and paralyzing the Sudanese state.

Mr. President,

Please take a minute to read what Mr. Veronique de Keyser said: "It's always sad to leave this region which is such a poor region, but I really knew when I came to observe elections here, it's impossible in a credible way," the head of the EU mission in Darfur, Veronique de Keyser, told AFP news agency.

Mr. President,

It is 2010 and it is a sham and a stigma to let the so called elected government in Sudan to rule the biggest country in Africa with hands full of full, we love the freedom Sir and we love our rights and we want to live where the sun warms the sky.

Thanks and regards.

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    it is a criminal jobe this election to be accepted
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    no for this election, againts its results

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