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TO: Department of Corrections
Office of Correctional Operations
South West Regional Office
c/o Prison Administrator Mr. Ruben Cedeno
637 Woodland Square Loop - 41120
Olympia Washington 98504-1120

Ronald Henderson #729397
Washington State Penitentiary
1313 North 13th Ave. Unit 1-A-5
Walla Walla Washington 99362

November18, 2005

Prison Administrator Mr. Ruben Cedeno,

I am in receipt of your response letter date October 31, 2005, in regard to my complaint of discrimination, deliberate indifference, bias, and on-going confinement. I find very disconcerting and disappointing your response to my factual complaint in which I have used every avenue of administrative protocal and chain of command to have my and other inmates' issues heard. My initial complaint was not investigated thoroughly. Neither I nor other inmates housed in Intensive Supervision Units (ISU) one and four for longer than 90 days have been personally interviewed.

Your statement that CUS (Custody Unit Supervisor) Weaver investigated my complaint, is akin to a felon prosecuting their OWN case. Is it normal DOC (Department of Corrections) procedure to let an accused entity of authority investigate ITSELF?

Every response I have received from the different administrative protocal levels has made a reference to my disciplinary behavior, or behavior history. This is not a forum to dispute my record. If it were, why are you not bringing up my record of credibility in regard to complaint issues? What has my disciplinary behavior to do with my complaint of biased treatment and discriminatory confinement conditions in violation of DOC policies?


1. There are inmates that have been housed in ISU for six months and longer waiting to be transferred to an IMU (intensive management unit). We prisoners that are housed here on Ad-Seg (Administrative Segregation), or IMS status are not receiving the same access and privileges that prisoners in IMU facilities are afforded to receive. Confinement in ISU #1 and #4 is contributing to delay in the release of inmates off of max-custody IMS status.

2. Yes, ISU records do indicate that I received a hair-cut on Oct 7, 2005; but policy states Ad-seg or maximum custody inmates can and shall receive one hair-cut per month. I had been waiting since 6/2/05! We are not allowed to shave our heads or other areas with razors. Ironically WSP (Washington state Peneitentiary) sponsors the vocational barber class.

3. In your letter you state that I "have continued to engage in negative behavior and have been infracted." Yes, a minor infraction.Yet other inmates housed on Ad-seg have been infracted, found guilty, then released from Ad-Seg, AND EITHER TRANSFERRED OR RELEASED TO GENERAL POPULATION.
For instance: A Hispanic inmate was placed two cells away from me on full modification ("strip dry cell"), after having a use of force cell extraction with O.C. gas used on him and five others housed in ISU 1-Seg. This prisoner along with twenty others were placed on Ad-Seg the same day I was, 6/2/05, due to a racial melee between Hispanic and Black prisoners. This prisoner was RECOMMENDED FOR RELEASE the same day I was referred for IMS max-custody status. He went to his hearing right after me. He was released back to general population one week later!

4. I was infracted Ad-seg and placed on IMS-max-custody status for causing a work stoppage that 45 other prisoners participated in. I was the only one infracted and confined for speaking out, standing up and addressing an issue that the WSP administration refused and neglected to even hear. This is the same type of contempt and disregard for prisoners' legitimate grievances that sparked incidents such as Attica, Lucasville Ohio, New Mexico, Marion Ill, ADX, and Cuban prisoners held in federal detention facilities. Prisoners rebeled after their complaints were exhausted and not heard by prison administrators and other authorities.

Mr. Cedeno, can you honestly state in your professional correctional administrative capacity, that prisoners confined to these units 1 and 4 Seg longer than 120 days is not unusual, that there is not discrimination and favoritism being shown when it comes to the criteria judging prisoners' classification assignments? If prisoners can't find administrative relief to their complaints through appropriate administrative channels, where then can they find relief?

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington, that my foregoing statements are true and correct.

Mr. Cedeno, will you be able to state the same about your statements under oath?

"I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong." --Leo Rosten

Ronald Henderson

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